Top 5 Sofas With Folding Backrest

Are you interested in a sofa with a folding backrest? These sofas are not very common and they need to be comfortable. Thanks to my expertise, I've found them.

Choosing the perfect sofa is a rather difficult decision to make, you have to make a lot of choices in order to get the best pick. It starts from the style you want to the fabric that is durable and comes down to the minutest details like which cushion to place on the sofa. The decision also differs based on who are you buying the sofa for and where will the couch be placed.

If you have a large room, like a living room, you can go ahead and placed a large sectional to maximize the sitting space. But if you live in a condo or a studio apartment, space-saving is a very big issue for you. Thanks to multifunctional and fusion furniture, you now have the option to select furniture pieces that can work in small spaces without comprising comfort.


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Merax Floor Sofa Bed Adjustable Futon


Harper&Bright Adjustable Floor Couch

Soft Suede

Giantex 5-Position Adjustable Flip Chair

Gel Memory Foam

Giantex Floor Sofa PU Leather

Faux Leather

HOMCOM Convertible 5-Position Futon


A folding backrest sofa is also one such solution that can be perfect in spaces where you want to maximize the available floor space. You can even place it in your bedroom. In simple words for your better understanding, this sofa has a foldable backrest that can be folded to form a sofa and when unfolded it will form a bed, a flat platform, or a lounger. Since these furniture pieces are to be moved around as well, they are made very lightweight and this is another advantage of such a sofa set. Below there are reviews of the best products.

Merax Floor Sofa Bed Adjustable Futon


  • Inner regenerated sponge
  • Right softness
  • 180 lbs weight capacity


  • None

Merax is one of the top brands in foldable sofas. It is by far, the best sofa with foldable backrest I have ever seen online, a 5 stars product. It is sold on Amazon, too. This foldable sofa stands out in different aspects that you should consider when buying a sofa.

First of all, the easy mechanism. The internal metal adjustment buckle is resistant but easy to use. It is extremely easy to fold. Most people agree with me that this sofa is better than a mattress. Because it is padded with regenerated sponge. Together with the SLUB-Polyester, they give the right softness.

It is also spacious enough. It is for 2 adults or 3 kids, but when unfolded for 1 adult or 2 kids. It is a folding sofa with 5 reclining positions, so it can become a floor couch, a chaise lounge, and a sleeper sofa, it includes also a pillow. The upholstery material is resistant and it is good for pets. It is a good alternative to a recliner sofa.

When we review foldable couches, we pay attention to the weight capacity. This sofa has an outstanding weight capacity of 180lbs. Under $200 is difficult to find a better option. Last but not least the shipping is fast (2 days).

Harper&Bright Adjustable Floor Couch


  • Suede soft fabric
  • Good for playing videogames
  • Good back support


  • Static electricity

It is another good option when you are looking for a sofa with foldable backrest. The main difference between this and the previous one is the upholstery material. In this floor couch, it is suede.

It has 5 adjustable positions to improve the back support. The thick cushions will improve your seating experience. It is a good substitute for a mattress, thanks to the foldable properties and the price. Thanks to the comfort level and the 2 pillows it is perfect for taking a nap in the afternoon.

It is also comfortable for playing video games. About the design, you can choose between blue and brown. The last one is a neutral color, so it would be a better choice. Some people complain about the static electricity of the suede fabric. I won't suggest to wear something made of fleece material of other synthetic materials.

Giantex 5-Position Adjustable Flip Chair


  • Ergonomic
  • Great value for the money


  • Foam might wear away

It is an ergonomic sofa/bed for a modern nomadic life and it has a great value for the money. Because it is cheap, you could think it is not comfortable at all. Instead, it is one of the most comfortable on this list. It is a versatile item, that is very lightweight. It is a great bed and sofa for camping, but also for daily gaming. It is an adjustable chair and it supports 5 different positions. It is a good substitute for beds.

Speaking about comfort and durability, it is a bit firm (for back support). With the addition of a memory foam mattress topper, you can reduce the firmness and increase comfort. The thick fabric material has a nice feeling and is excellent for pets. Some people complain about the fact of the wear and tear of the foam. Indeed the middle part could become indented.

In my opinion, it should be used only by a single person.


Why Sofa With Folding Backrest Stands Out

When choosing a sofa, it is not uncommon to gravitate towards the most attractive color or stylish sofa that matches your interior décor. However, choosing the best sofa with backrest based on these criteria is not a good option for all people as each person’s comfort requirements are different.

For older people, finding a sofa with backrest having the right height and depth is important or their health problems can worsen, while for children it might be the complete opposite. This guide will help you understand why is a sofa with folding backrest the best option for people who prioritize comfort. This type of sofas comes also at good prices.

sofa with folding backrest

Provides The Best Support

Generally, people who spend prolonged time on the sofa watching television, knitting, or reading, which makes them more tired and hence, likely to develop back pains. A folding backrest on a sofa will allow them to recline every now and then. Adjusting the backrest occasionally can help cater to stiffness in the body, especially in the mornings. Buying an adjustable backrest sofa is a great option to be included in your space.

Foldable Reclining Convertible Sleeper 49_ Wide Sofa Bed Chaise Lounge Couch 1-10 screenshot

Adapts to Lazy Routine

Today, generally we are lazier as compared to people before us. We tend to sit for long times to read books, play video games, etc. All of these activities require a place where one can easily sit and relax. A sofa with folding backrest will enable you to go about their activities in a very comfortable and cozy manner. You can make small adjustments to their backrest, kick up their feet and take a nap for however long they want to.




A folding backrest will have the added benefit of being adjustable to different heights and lengths without a problem. This will allow effective support for the neck, upper, and lower back. As a folding backrest will cater to the biggest and most common issue: back pain. People will be more than happy to invest in something sturdier and effective at handling their pain. On such a sofa, their back issues will be more manageable and they will enjoy their everyday activities more effectively.

You Can Choose From a Variety of Colors and Styles

Moreover, a sofa with folding backrest does not have to be a boring piece of furniture. You can choose from a variety of colors and materials to buy the one that fits your style and needs the most. A folding backrest can fit quite well in one’s living room and make your time enjoyable for you and your family. 

various colors

Customization Options For Your Back Problems

A sofa with folding backrest is best for all people because buying it requires consideration of some important factors such as seat height and depth as well as the armrest height. When you consider buying a sofa, you must consider everything from its purpose to its life duration. When you buy a sofa, it will stay with you for a very long time and that is why you must consider that after some time it will be used by children and aged people as well. For example, a higher seat will make it easier for a senior to get in and out of the chair, but it will be difficult and dangerous for children to use. A folding backrest, when folded, will allow shortening of the seat and provide necessary cushioning to the back when seated or reclined without causing you to sink in the sofa. Similarly, when the backrest is unfolded then it can serve as a comfortable headrest.


Armrests Are Important!

The presence of armrests will help you place your arms correctly and in a restful manner without dropping or raising of shoulders, which can cause a lot of strain to your neck and upper back area. Other factors such as the user’s body shape, height, and weight also come into play when buying a sofa for daily use.

Why is a Sofa With Folding Backrest Best for All People?

Why are sofas with folding backrest best for all people is an important question for anyone looking to buy a stylish and multipurpose sofa that blends in with their décor? Folding backrest sofas are available in a variety of types like 2-fold or 3-fold; different mechanisms or actions such as lever or motor; different latches that allow the sofa to rock, swivel, or recline.

Paddings of varying thicknesses are also available and can be chosen based on personal preferences. The frame of the sofa is mostly thick and sturdy to better support different weights and prevent future falls that can cause further back problems. The sofas are usually designed to include non-slip features for better safety when getting up. These general characteristics of a sofa coupled with a folding backrest are the ultimate gift for the aged as they guarantee optimum back support and rest. 

If you have pets and children in your home, you can go ahead and add slipcovers and cushions to the sofa for better protection and comfort. The following are a few features that will help you make up your mind whether you want to buy sofas with folding backrest or not.

old people

What is the Most Comfortable Backrest Angle

The backrest is fundamental to comfort for the elderly. The shape and the angle of the backrest are some of the most crucial features of the best sofa for the aged people. For example, the shape of the backrest should be curved matching the natural curves of the spine for good support to the head and the back. As the elderly have a “C” or rounded shaped back and shoulders, finding the backrest angle most comfortable for them is vital for optimal support.

The ideal angle between the seat and the backrest is recommended to be between 100 to 110 degrees. For older people, the backrest angle most comfortable would be around 105 degrees because if it’s too upright, then a lot of energy is wasted in trying not to lean forward. For aged people who are on the heavier side, a reclined angle is preferable as it does not put too much weight on their stomach or thighs.

backrest angle

Cons of Pushing the Backrest Too Far

However, pushing the backrest too far can force the person to slide forward on the sofa seat. Moreover, as the head is tilted towards the ceiling rather than in a normal functional position to watch TV or even engage in a conversation, the risk of pressure sores increases.

Backrest Adjustment Bar

Every sofa or a chair would need adjustments as one gets older and more comfort is needed by the body. Backrest adjustment bars can help make minor or major adjustments to your sofas with folding backrest. When the backrest is folded to a lower position, it can support the back properly, and when raised higher than, it can act as a headrest and allow elders to recline more comfortably without leaning too far back and end up staring at the ceiling. The backrest adjustment bar is present in most sofas and is a crucial element to look when buying a sofa for the aged people. These adjustment bars can be manual or motor-powered.

backrest adjustament bar

Benefits of Motor-Powered Adjustment Bars

The latter is useful for aged people living alone and who have upper-body mobility issues. The adjustment bars allow the sofa to be tilted and sometimes swiveled to help the elderly engage in various activities without feeling like they are stuck to the sofa. Moreover, the backrest adjustment bar allows the sofa to be reclined to sleep during the night, as some old people like to do, especially those with breathing difficulties or those who find it difficult to climb the stairs. The feet are also elevated in this position which can benefit someone with poor circulation. 

Backrest Extender

Sometimes even the best sofas need sprucing up and it is not uncommon to buy additional supporting accessories to improve the comfort and outlook of the sofa. Extenders on a sofa may include additional padding, a cushion, a headrest, or even a higher backrest for better support to the neck and back. Backrest extender is especially useful to heightened individuals or those who prefer more head control.

As some aged people may experience problems with head control, which impacts their ability to eat or breathe properly, the backrest extender could offer much ease and comfort to such individuals. The good thing about the backrest extender is that it can be removed easily with minimal fuss when a person does not need additional support.

A sofa with a backrest extender is usually designed to cater to the specific needs of the aged people but can also be the centerpiece in your living space and greatly improve the quality of life of the older generation in your house. 

Backrest Upholstery

Choosing quality backrest upholstery is another important feature of buying a sofa with a folding backrest. As upholstery is often overlooked so buying the right material can ensure greater comfort for your beloved elders. The backrest upholstery needs to be kept in an optimum condition which means buying a material that would be easy to clean. For seniors with poor balance, it is best not to buy vinyl as it can be difficult to maintain.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Choosing Backrest Upholstery?

The backrest upholstery should be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. As elderly are expected to spend long hours sitting or resting on the sofa, so nylon mesh is more breathable and comfortable as it helps avoid skin breakdown due to sweat. However, compared to vinyl, the nylon mesh is more difficult to clean as the porous surface absorbs body fluids and spills quicker. As incontinence and food spillage are common occurrences for senior citizens, a nylon upholstery would require frequent replacement compared to vinyl.

So, backrest upholstery should be chosen depending on the medical conditions and preferences of the aged. Some materials also come with more durability, antibacterial properties, and moisture resistance while others are merely decorative. However, you can always combine backrest upholstery with light fabric to add a little pop to your sofa. 

backrest upholstery

Backrest With Armrest

A sofa having backrest with armrest is one of the best sofas for older people. The armrests should offer support to the forearms without causing the shoulders to elevate. Ideally, armrests should be 7" to 9" above the seat of the sofa. Raising the shoulder above the sofa causes muscle strain and makes movements awkward and uncomfortable for older people. Similarly, the shoulders should not be drooping either, as it could cause bad posture and strain on the shoulders and neck.

Pressure ulcers may develop due to long hours spent resting on the sofa, which is why choosing backrest with armrest is a good option for the elderly. Having a backrest with armrest provides two-fold support: the back is in alignment with the chair, and the arms are resting, thus allowing a comfortable time on the sofa. The older people, who have weakness in their arms, can easily hold a book or a cup of coffee with the help of sturdy armrests. This helps ease off the pressure from the back, the knees, and the hips while improving posture. 


There is nothing like spending some relaxing time at home but for that, you need some relaxing and comfortable furniture as well. Today while considering comfort, you also are required to keep a number of other things in mind like space, functionality, durability and that is why sofas with folding backrest might just be the perfect pick for you. You can buy them from the online shop Wayfair