Top 10 Most Comfortable Sofas Reviews

I think the first feature you look for in a sofa is comfort and you are right! But there are plenty of sofas and finding the most comfortable by yourself isn't simple.

The Most Comfortable


Stone&Beam Lauren Down-Filled Sofa

This oversized couch is ranked by expert as the most comfortable couch for a heavy individual and I totally agree with them. It support 250lbs per seat, because it is down-filled. The filling is one of the best and you can't go wrong buying this sofa.


Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa

The best comfortable sectional sofa without doubt is both comfortable and inexpensive (under $1000). Add the stylish design and it is the best of both worlds. Remember that it is available also as a loveseat or a 3-seater sofa.


Homelegance Pecos Double Reclining Sofa

If you love reclining sofas like me you will find this couch the most comfortable on this list. Moreover, it is a power reclining. It comes in different sizes and you can choose the best for your living room. But, the best feature of this couch is the no-sag design, it improves the comfort by a lot.


Modway Engage Mid-Century Loveseat

This is the couch on this list with the best design without doubt. Moreover, the blue color is beautiful. The wooden frame is very resistant, so it can support 1300 lbs. The back cushions are well padded and they are very good for lumbar support. Last but not least, it is extremely inexpensive, making it the best choice for small apartments.


Futon Sofa Bed Memory Foam

A futon sofa bed that is both comfortable and very affordable. For less than $400, you have all what you need. A good faux leather upholstery, adjustable armrests and a resistant metal frame. However it is not padded very well for heavy people or for people with back problems. 


Rivet Midtown Contemporary Upholstered Sofa

A great contemporary sofa at a good price. Moreover this couch has a good back support and firm cushions. To keep it more clean choose the charcoal version, but the creme one is perfect for modern living rooms.


HONBAY Convertible Sofa

Rated from a lot of people as the best cheap sectional couch, this extremely inexpensive sectional has a linen upholstery combined with a solid wood frame. Under $300 dollars it comes with some downsides like the firm cushions, but the price is unbeatable.


Signature Design by Ashley Sleeper

A stylish sleeper sofa in faux leather manufactured by one of the top brands: Ashley Furniture. Buying this 3-seater sleeper sofa it's an excellent choice because of its innerpsring mattress, the coziness and the rustic design.


Zinus Ricardo Sofa

A sofa that is very easy to assemble. However it also gives good back support, because it is netiher too firm neither too soft. But wear and tear could happen after intense use. 


Homelegance Rubin Bonded Leather Sofa

One of the best bonded leather sofas with back cushions upholstered in faux leather. It is comfortable and more important the frame is very sturdy. But the bonded leather after years of intense use is prone to peeling.


Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

It is not the most comfortable sofa. But under $300 it is difficult to find better options! With a stylish linen upholstery and a cherry wood frame this sofa is rather comfortable and sturdy. However the cushions are rather firm and some people really don't like them

This article will review in-depth some of the most comfortable couches that are available in the market based on a few factors. We understand that comfort may not be the only thing you will be looking for because no one wants an eyesore for a couch in the living room.

The few factors that will play an important role in our verdict are the frame, upholstery fabric, storage space, price, but the most important factor is comfort. Also reading a guide about improving comfort is a good choice. I hope the most comfortable sofas reviews will help you.

most comfortable sofa reviews

Stone & Beam Lauren Oversized Couch


  • Performance fabric
  • Down-filled cushions
  • Very comfortable 


  • Rustic design

Our first sofa review. Stone & Beam is the king in the oversized comfortable sofas market. Thanks to its casual design and its deep comfortable cushions this couch can support up to 250lbs per seat. But, the best aspect of this sofa is comfort, the seat cushions are soft and plush.

Instead, the back is quite firm to give you the right back support. All the cushions are down-filled, my favorite method of filling and the best anyway. The performance fabric is very easy to clean, resistant and comfortable.

As a matter of fact, if you have kids or pets, you won't have problems anymore, thanks to its sturdy construction. It comes in two different sizes, 74'' and 89''. Moreover, you can choose from plenty of neutral colors to match the design of your living room.

Last but not least it requires no assembly. Some people don't like the rustic design of this couch, but I always say: "Comfort and sturdiness come first".

Rivet Revolve Modern Reversible Sectional


  • Comfortable cushions
  • Under $1000
  • Various colors to choose from


  • None

You can choose to buy the Rivet Revolve as a loveseat, a 3-seater sofa or a sectional. But I suggest the last option.

It is the top comfortable sectional in this products list and other websites agree with me. It is an Amazon's choice for 'reversible sectional couch'. It is rather inexpensive, it costs under 1000$. The difference between this sectional and the HONBAY is the comfort level.

This sectional is very comfortable, but you can't sink into it. In case you have back problems, it is a good choice. It has a medium firmness, so it's easy to get back up and out of it. If you have problems like fibromyalgia, it is the best choice. The comfort is not only due to the cushions, but to the upholstery, too. It is made of cotton and it has a nice soft sensation.

Some people take some 2 hours naps on this couch without problems, as if it was a sleeper sofa. The delivery process is excellent. In most of the cases, the delivery person will assemble it for you.

But this sectional doesn't include an ottoman, instead it comes with a chaise. If you want an ottoman to stretch your legs while reading a book, you will need to sit on the chaise.

Modway Engage Mid-Century Sofa


  • Great value for the money
  • Attractive color
  • Firm Foam


  • Foam might wear away

This loveseat is very inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. Many people do not consider a loveseat to be an adequate option. But if you have a small studio apartment, this will be the perfect thing to add.

The blue brings the right color to your room, but there are plenty of colors to choose from. The solid wooden frame gives it a sturdy feel, so it can support up to 1300lbs.

The exposed wooden legs also make for a statement. The fabric is polyester and the foam is firm so that it doesn’t lack in comfort. The cushions will give you the right lumbar support because they are well padded.

This mid century themed article has a stylish look and according to some reviews, it might be the best buy if you care about design. But the foam might wear away with time if you have pets and kids at home.

Homelegance Pecos Double Reclining Sofa


  • Recliner couch
  • High-quality gel leather
  • Adjustable footrests


  • Only available in three colors.

If you visit online stores, customers will be gushing over the power reclining sectionals. This is an oversized couch that will be perfect in large living rooms. If you don’t have the space to put this 3-seater in your room don't worry! There are a lot of sizes available.

The gel leather is not actually leather, but has similar looks and feels. The sofa reclines back and the footrest pops from the below to complete the experience. It also has a no-sag design, which means that it will not sink under your weight.

If you don’t want a power recliner, you can always choose a manual. It comes in two colors, black and brown. Many customers complain that it is available in only three colors (black, brown and red) and that limits the choice. A tip shared via me is to always get the power of the sofa.

Futon Sofa Bed Memory Foam


  • Great value for the money
  • Very lightweight
  • Good faux leather upholstery


  • Back cushions are not padded very weel

It is a budget futon at a great price ($300) of good quality. It can easily be transformed into a sofa bed thanks to the split back mechanism. But the top pros of this couch is the adjustable armrests.

They give to every single arm the right angle they needs and they also save a good amount of space. Moreover if you need to move this futon to another room, it will be a piece of cake.

A friend of mine bought this couch two years ago for her daughter's birthday. He finds this futon comfortable with a very good leather upholstery.

Indeed it remembers the feeling of real leather. My friend is a bit clumsy at doing manual things, but he didn't have problems assembling it.

Rivet Midtown Contemporary Upholstered Sofa


  • Great contemporary design
  • Good back support
  • Good cushions firmness


  • Seat cushions are not washable

Rivet is a highly recognized brand for their quality couches. This sofa in my opinion has all what you need. A good back support thanks to the good firmness of the back cushions. You can't sink into this sofa, it means maybe less comfort for some of you.

However a good firm cushion last more and won't lose its shape. You can even take a nap on this sofa if you remove the side cushions. Unfortunately the seat cushions are attached, so you can't clean them in a washing machine.

You should opt for the charcoal color, because the cream will become dirty soon. Last but not least, this sofa has a great contemporary design.

HONBAY Convertible Sectional


  • Linen upholstery
  • Under $300
  • Extremely easy to clean


  • Rather Firm cushions

HONBAY is one of the leaders in inexpensive, but quality furniture. In my opinion with this l-shaped sectional, they hit the target. It is the cheapest comfortable sectional on the market. Under $300 you won't find other options with more than 1000 good reviews. Apart from the price, that alone is a reason to buy this couch, it stands out from other aspects.

First and foremost the versatility this sectional provides. You can assemble it in 15 minutes and for a small apartment, it is a perfect fit. It can fit through a 30'' doorway without problems. There are two major concerns people worry about when buying a couch: the sturdiness and the comfort level.

In the first one this sectional stands out, it is made of solid wood and linen. Linen is a well-known material for its easiness to clean. You can eliminate pets' fur without vacuuming it. You could encounter some problems with comfort if you are a heavy person. But your height is not a problem, a 6'6 tall person doesn't have problems with this sectional.

Ashley Furniture Larkinhurst Sleeper Sofa


  • Mattress included
  • Very comfortable
  • Reversible cushions


  • None

In my opinion, it is the best sleeper sofa available online at an affordable price. It arrives already assembled, so you can save a lot of hard work.

One of its pros is the frame, it is made of high-quality hardwood, so it could last for a lifetime. This couch isn't made of real leather, but it remembers the feeling of it and the aspect, too. It is good for back problems, because it is firm enough, without sacrificing comfort.

It can accommodate up to 2 persons. Because there is no bar feeling at all and the innerspring mattress is high-quality it is good for everyday use.

Last but not least the classic design, I love it, but it may be a problem if you like a contemporary design or a contemporary living room. There are two colors available: steel and earth. There is not a lot of color variety.

Zinus Ricardo Sleeper Sofa


  • 5 minutest assembly
  • Comfortable
  • Easy pull-out mechanism


  • Cushions are not very resistant

If you are clumsy and your main concern is the assembly, this sofa is the best option for you. You can easily assemble this in 5 minutes without problems. It is neither too firm, neither too soft, giving good back support. It comes in 5 different colors and as a loveseat and as a sofa.

The downside of this sofa is the cushions. Some people complain about wear and tear of them after 1 year. So I won't suggest this sofa to pet owners, but also to families with children, because the lifespan of this couch would be reduced significantly.

Homelegance Rubin Bonded Leather Sofa


  • Bonded leather upholstery
  • Easy to clean
  • Very resistant frame


  • Prone to peeling

Homelegance is a well known brand for their leather couches at a great price, this is one of them. It comes in two colors: dark brown and black and you can opt between a 3-seater sofa or a loveseat.

If you are on a tight budget and want to give your home that stylish look only leather can give, go for this sofa. You won't have to worry about the kids or the pets who could damage it.

Obviously it is made for the seating area of bonded leather and for the back area of faux leather (vinyl). It has a really comfortable feeling and this fabric is very easy to clean.

A tips shared via me is to take care particularly of the seating area, because the leather could peel very easily and you will get disappointed soon.

Novogratz Brittany Sofa 


  • Great value for the money
  • Mid-century design


  • Not the most comfortable

Novogratz Brittany is manufactured by DHP, the best manufacturer of futons. This multi-position futon is one of the best choices if you want a great design at a low price.

If you have a money to spend, I wouldn't choose this sofa, but for a very low budget, it offers great features. The linen upholstery gives to the seating area that soft natural feeling and the wood frame makes the sofa sturdier.

If you need a versatile couch that supports multi-position for taking a little nap in the afternoon, it is a sofa to consider. Last but not least, it has a great design that will add to your living room a touch of luxury.

Because it comes at a low price, you have to compromise on something. It is quite firm, but it is the most comfortable sofa at this price and you can choose from multiple colors, too.

Conclusion of the reviews

Ten of the most comfortable sofas reviews have been listed above according to the reviews of multiple customers and they also have been reviewed by me. One thing to remember here is that each sofa will have something that will stand out and the preference shifts according to each person’s requirements. While we are at it, let us consider a few of the most received queries and see if we can answer them for you.

Comfortable Gaming Sofa


Gaming is something that has evolved over the years; now everyone has play stations and x-box at home that they can utilize for the best gaming experience at home. Gaming involves sitting in one place for hours and that can be really uncomfortable if you don’t have the right sofa. Other than that, if you like to socialize and host gaming nights at home, then you need to invest in sofas that are perfect for the gaming experience.

My Top Picks

There a few sofa sets that are built for gaming and a few of them are:

  • Octane Turbo XL700
  • Merax Pil Sofa Lounger Bed
  • Best Choice Products Sofa Gaming Chair 
  • Seatcraft Omega Leather Seating

These are only a few options that you will find in the market and they are also the best sofas for home cinema. Comfort should always be the very first thing on your list, for you and for your guests, but the height of the chair or sofa will also be crucial. The height of the sofa and the gaming console should be in line so that the controls work perfectly.

Comfortable Sofa for Back Pain

back pain

Back pain is something that many people suffer from. It can be due to an injury that you suffered from in the past or due to a tiring day but there is nothing a comfortable sofa can’t heal. When you buy a sofa, you need to ensure that it gives you perfect comfort. If the sofa is too hard or too soft, both can harm your back and your posture. The perfect sofa is the right blend of both sturdiness as well as softness.

Types of Sofas for Back Support

There are a few options that provide the best back support and these are the best sofas for back support:

If you have elderly people in your house or a woman who is expecting, a comfortable sofa is what you need, indeed you should avoid unattached cushions. Investing in a sofa that provides you comfort over a long period of time is a wise decision.

Is Chesterfield Sofa Uncomfortable


Chesterfield sofas are special sofas that are now being made by different brands, but the quality would come down to the brand that is manufacturing it. If you have been searching the internet by typing, is Chesterfield sofa uncomfortable, then the answer to this would be no, they are comfortable. But it depends on the brand you are going for. Many customers have bought these chesterfield sofas and used them for decades, but for them, you will have to put in some good amount of money. These sofas do not come cheap; they are made of leather, indeed they are the best leather sofas, which also ensures that they are very easy to clean.

Recognize an Original Chesterfield Sofa

If you are worried that you will end up choosing an imitation and not the real thing, then there are a few things you need to consider. The height of the back and the arms are to be the same size. Original chesterfield has a triple layer of horse padding, which makes it extremely comfortable and also sturdy. If you invest in a high-quality chesterfield sofa, you won't have to worry about replacing it for years to come.

Uncomfortable Sofa Solutions


There is nothing more disappointing than buying a sofa that you were very excited about and finding it extremely uncomfortable. At the store, you may find an article very eye-catching and it gets so overwhelming that you end up buying it. But that is not a good practice. You need to do your research before you make a decision because a sofa will be there with you for a long period. But at times, we tend to make wrong decisions and regret them later.

Uncomfortable sofa solutions will help you fix such a sofa so that you no longer have to regret your buying decision. Following are some hacks, which can improve the comfort of your sofa:

Some Hacks to Improve the Comfort

Following are some hacks, which can improve the comfort of your sofa:

  • Insert foam to re-plump your couch cushions, foam vs down sofa
  • Recover your sofa with a thick sofa cover
  • Use wood support to firm up the springs
  • Add a soft throw blanket to make it cozier
  • Add an ottoman to stretch your legs on

These are easy hacks through which you can increase the comfort of your couch.

Uncomfortable Sofa Bed Solutions

sofa bed

Sofa beds can get very uncomfortable over time. When you buy them, they are fluffy and very comfortable, but as time passes by, the mattress starts to sag and sink under your weight. There are a number of uncomfortable sofa bed solutions that you can employ to make your purchase worthwhile. There are several types of sofa beds; few come with wooden frames, while others can be placed on the floor as they are.

Hacks to Make your Sofa Bed Comfortable

Few easy hacks to make the sofa bed more comfortable are:

  • Add a topper mattress.
  • Consider replacing the mattress.
  • Change your bedding with more comfortable ones or even thicker 
  • Add more pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable.

If none of this works, you might have to consider getting a new sofa bed, but that should be the last thing on the list. There will always be one thing that works for you, but that wouldn’t necessarily work for the other person. Take your time before you come to a decision. Sort for other ways; go for other options if one doesn’t suit you. There are myriads of uncomfortable sofa bed solutions available on the internet too.



Comfort is paramount when it comes to home furniture and especially if the article under consideration is a soffa set. Convertible sofa sets are all the rage these days, but make sure that you are not compromising on the quality to get multi-functionality. This article presents 10 of the best and most comfortable sofas that you can choose for your space. We hope that this makes your decision-making process a little easy.