Top ​7 Best Sofas for Home Cinema

Cinema and sofas go together like movies and popcorns. We all love to binge-watch our favorite TV shows and movies while nestling in our preferred couch, recliner, or sofa. And now that the world is officially under lockdown due to COVID-19, this activity has been observed excessively, worldwide. Even before the worldwide lockdown situation, watching movies together was a family thing for certain people, but most people opted to watch movies in the cinema. However, things have taken an unpredictable turn now and cinemas have been shut down, temporarily.

Now, the only source of entertainment can be a home theatre, for movie lovers. But for that to happen, you need to get your hands on the best sofa. The question arises, what should you look for in the best sofas for home cinema?  

Your home cinema requires the best seating arrangement, where you can spend hours being entertained. So even if you do not have set the best projector, screen, special lights or recliner, you need a sofa. When opting for the best sofas for home cinema, you need to consider certain aspects of your space. These include the size of your room, preferred positioning of the sofa, supportive floor covering, and the size and layout of the space. It’s better to plot all these requirements on paper to get a good idea. Also, you can research before going on your sofa buying adventure, here there ​is a selection with some reviews.


  • ​Top grain leather upholstery
  • ​Good for heavy and tall people
  • ​Amazing addi​tional features


  • ​​Expensive​

Warranty:​ Not specified

​We all know that when you speak about a home theater sofa, the most important things are comfort and amazing additional features, this sofa satisfies both, because it is the perfect best home theater seating. It comes in all the possible different sizes to accommodate all your family members and you can opt between three colors: red, brown and black.

Let's begin with the high-quality top-grain leather, it is Nappa 11000 leather, it is very resistant against all of the types of wear and tear and it is extremely comfortable with an amazing feeling. Instead the reclining feature is powered by a battery and it has both adjustable headrests and footrests in conjunction with amazing lumbar support. When I wrote previously about the additional features I intended the extra storage, the cup holders and the USB ports, in a media room they are all a must-have.

After all, I would recommend this sofa to heavy and tall people, but also to people who suffer from serious back problems, because they need the top quality when we speak about sofas. Thanks to its sturdy frame made by hardwood and all this amazing specification, it comes a high price point, but if the budget is not your main concern ​you should buy this couch.


  • ​Top quality leather
  • ​Adjustable headrests and footrests
  • ​Top choice for back problems


  • ​Quite expensive

Warranty:​ ​5 years and free returns for 30 days.

Seatcraft is one of the top leaders in leather sofas for home theater. This 3 seater couch is my top pick for the best sofa for back support and the top home theater seating, first of all, the top quality leather, it is hand-selected and it is top-grain, a good compromise between comfort and price, it will add a touch of luxury. Next, the cushions are very comfortable, indeed they have the right firmness, because they are made of high-quality foam. If you have problems like cervical and lordosis it is one of the best options thanks to the adjustable footrests and headrests, they are powered thanks to side buttons, that are extremely easy to use. 

Moreover, if you don't need all the three seats, you can easily transform the central one in a table for your meal and your drinks. But this recliner offers amazing additional features, the cup holders for your drinks, the side tables for your pop-corn, the USB charging and the wireless one and the overhead lights. To recap all I said in this mini-review, it is a great recliner that is suitable for people who don't mind about price, but only about quality and comfort, especially for the ones that have serious back problems, but if you are on a tight budget, it might not be the best choice after all and you should read the next review.


  • ​Massage function
  • ​Adjustable headrests and ​Good for pregnant women
  • ​​Great value for the money


  • ​​Not sturdy frame

Warranty:​ ​1 year and free returns for 30 days.

​Sometimes you won't even need a sofa, but a simple recliner chair could fulfill your needs at a reasonable price. But this sofa offers another amazing feature, it is a massage recliner! Because it is under $500, the upholstery fabric is faux leather, but it doesn't mean you need to compromise in comfort, because the high-density foam and the comfortable feeling of the faux leather will certainly satisfy you.

Thanks to the adjustable footrests and for its resistance to overweight people, it could be a great choice for overweight people and also a pregnant could benefit from the massage function that can be turned on also with remote control. Last but not least the cleaning process will be a piece of cake, because this type of leather is waterproof and very resistant.

The frame is in high-quality iron, I would rather prefer a mix of iron and hardwood, because I don't know how many years it could last being made of only iron.


  • ​Massage function
  • ​Adjustable headrests and ​Good for pregant women
  • ​​Great value for the money


  • ​​Not sturdy frame

Warranty:​ ​5 years and free returns for 30 days.

​​Seatcraft is the undisputed leather in the home theater couches, but the price point is always high, except for this sofa that is relatively affordable without compromising a lot. Let's begin with the upholstery, there is a big surprise, gel leather, this is a mix of a gel medium with leather that will assure you a good temperature also in Summer when watching a film.

Instead speaking about all the features a home theater sofa needs, it has all of them: a power reclining mechanism, cup holders and table included, without forgetting the overhead lights and the wireless charging. But it comes with some downsides, too. The first one is the stark design, it couldn't be everyone's taste, the second one is the durability, gel leather is comfortable but is not resistant as top grain leather.

After all, if you mind about quality, but keeping in mind budget, too, this sofa might be the best buy.


  • Easy power mechanism
  • Good back support
  • Fantastic additional features


  • Metal frame

Warranty: 1 year and free returns for 30 days

This article is incomplete without this particular item manufactured by Delange and it is one of the best powered reclining sofas products for tall man on the market nowadays. One customer weighs 260lbs and is 6"4 tall and loves this couch, so your height and your weight won't be a problem. You should pay a lot of attention to the other feature too, the cup holders, the overhead lights, and the USB charging are great features you won't complain about, also if it is used in a living room.

Speaking about comfort, the faux leather feels nice and it's very comfortable, you can adjust the inclination of the headrests, so if you have problems like cervical you won't have any troubles anymore. But the fantastic part about this couch is the power mechanism, it is extremely easy to use and you won't have problems, thanks to its quality. But it comes with some cons, the metal frame couldn't be the best choice and the assembly process isn't so easy.



Comfort is the first aspect that you need to keep in mind when looking for the best sofas for home cinema. Focus on the sofas that are adept in comfort, sturdiness, and provide peace of mind. Go for a sectional home theater sofa if you want to cozy up with your loved ones. Or if you have kids, who don’t know how to stay put during a movie, then it would be a better option. The modern manufacturers are providing all sorts of dynamics and variants when it comes to choosing sofas. You can opt for recliners or loveseats as well, that do not come with a central armrest. What we mean here, is that everyone’s definition of comfort varies, so you may opt for a sofa without central armrest or a cup holder, which usually comes with a recliner.

​Why Leather Sofas Stand Out

​When looking for the best sofa for home cinema, remember that leather home theater seats sectional sofas can be a smart choice. Leather sofas are not only comfortable but are also strong against pressure and stains, so if your kids spill something during the movie, you can leave it clean later. So along with comfort, leather sofas also bring you peace of mind and you can enjoy the show without any disturbance.

best sofa for home cinema

Size of Home Cinema

The size of the room is another aspect that must not be overlooked during the shopping of the best sofa for home theater. It is important to get the right measurements of the space before you decide on the sofas or sectionals you want to buy. An estimation of the size is not enough, every inch should be measured to perfection.

​​When to Choose 3 Seater and 4 Seater

​​The size of the sofa can also impact the overall home the​atre seating experience. You may get a sofa too large for your space, ending up too close to the screen and sullying the complete view. So the layout of the home theater is also dependent on your sofa choice. Also, keep in mind the seats of the sofa. For a family of 2 – 3 people, a 3 seater sofa would be enough, but for a larger family, 4 seater or even a sofa bed could suffice. Recliner sofas are the best choice for home theatres owing to the comfort they bring.



While researching you must have gotten an idea of the high prices of the best sofas for home cinema. Also, you may come across a variety of sofas with multiple impressive features, so you better make a budget and stick to it, lest you go stray and get something that may cost you an arm and leg. You can get durable and comfortable sofas under $500. Recliners are even more costly. You can also search for several available finance options online if you are on a tight budget. If you still want to go for a sofa regardless of the budget than check out the sectional sofas. Not only are they worth purchasing but also a good investment. These sofas are durable and of high quality.



Depending upon the theme and style of your home cinema, you will have to decide about the style of the sofa. Consider questions like, what color of the sofa would go with the ambiance? Can the space accommodate a recliner? Can you add 2 rows of seating? If you can recreate the complete look by penning it down on a paper or by picturing, then you can predict the final look. Then you need to consider the available brands near you that can help you get the best sofa for home cinema.

​Why you Should Consider Online Marketplaces

​Many brands have introduced quality fabric and even handmade stitching that gives a fine look to your sofa. You may not find such premium quality in the local market; however, the online market is always open to serve you. The good news is that manufacturers of home cinema seating offer extended lifetime warranties so you can purchase the sofa without any doubts. Such an offer is tempting enough to get you searching for your required sofa online.


Some Features Worth Considering

Some modern features are also worth considering including, power headrest and lumber. So instead of buying the best sofa for your home cinema, you can get yourself a recliner that can adjust the headrest automatically and regulate the lumber positioning. These features have gained fame lately because the sofas only accommodate a standard type of body. However, with this feature in hand, a person of any size and weight can relax and adjust the headrest by changing the lumber and that by just pushing a button.

They do not cease to amaze with these 2 features only, they also come with fully factory-installed recessed ambient lighting or standalone accessory reading lights. Then there is the lighted cup holder. This cup holder will not only be the source of ease but also emits certain types of light to fix your mood or adjust it as per the ambiance.

There is another feature very much in demand, and that is the built-in riser. This one is attached at the base of the recliner and can rise to provide a better view. With this, you don’t have to provide a riser platform for the back row seats. 

Now that we have a better idea about buying the best sofas for home cinema, below we discuss some other aspects that your home cinema requires for a complete look.

drink holder
usb charging

The Best Furniture for Home Theater

When you are setting up the home theater, you ought to buy the best furniture for it. You’ll come across a number of varieties of sofas and recliners online and in the local market. But to get the best furniture for home theater, you’ll have to be discreet. For couples, we can suggest the reclining sofa for tall man with a storage console. Easily available on Amazon and Walmart, this recliner comes with cup holders and a storage area in the middle to keep your stuff. It’s made with thick leather padding for extra comfort, so you can lean back while kicking your feet up. But the downside is that it has only 3 reclining positions. Then you can always get a single seat recliner for your personal usage too, which is durable and comes with plush foam padding.

​​Consider ​Customizable Features

​​You can always opt for a theater-style couch due to its customizable features. You can move or break it down as per requirement. There are chase styles sofas which you can personalize with vivid upholstery covers and a great range of colors. Families with a great number of members can get their hands on it to accommodate everyone. You can mix and match different styles and colors for pleasing impact and these are also low on your budget.

Sectional Sofa for Home Theater

When searching for a sectional sofa for home theater, always consider ones offered by Wayfair because they are the best. Their transitional reclining sectional sofa comes with linen-like fabric with plush backrests and pillow- top armrests. The best thing is that it can bear up to 500 pounds per seat. It is made of microfiber so it’s easy to clean. An L shaped sectional could be another of your choices. This sectional can provide space and bring comfort to your home theatre. These sofas by Wayfair are crafted with foam-filled cushions and faux leather upholstery. The best thing about this sofa is that its back can be folded down into a sofa bed too.

​​Consider ​Also Small Sectionals

​​​You do not always have to go for a larger than life sectional sofa for your home theater; you can always get a small sectional sofa to complete the look of it. A small, yet comfortable sectional sofa is all that your movie night needs for your guests. You get to choose from a variety of sizes and shapes. Also, many manufacturers give you the option to customize your sectional sofa with your chosen configuration, upholstery, and color.


Sofa Bed for Home Theater

Sofa bed for home theater can be a great replacement for a recliner. A recliner may offer you long hours of movie watching without ending up with pained back, but a sofa bed offers a smooth sleeping experience if you dose off while watching the show. Macy's and Ikea offer you a vast range of sofa beds for home theater.

The ones offered by Ikea comprise of the springy seat and resilient foam so every time you lay on them you get that soft nestling feel. Their sofas can easily be converted into spacious sleeping beds, so every time you feel sleepy while submerged into your favorite movie you don’t need to go to your bedroom. Their ottoman can also work as an extension to the bed. Also, it can be easily detached from the sofa. The best part of these sofa beds is they provide extra space for blankets and storing stuff under the seat, so just have to move a bit to grab hold of them. You can always get the sofa beds that come with a corner sectional and corner sleeper sofa. Moreover, these sofas are space-efficient so you can easily carry them anywhere in the home. 

sofa bed

Does a Home Cinema Add Value?

The latest home cinema can have a valuable impact on your budget. Once you’re done renovating it, your friends and family will prefer to watch movies at your home rather than going out to cinemas and buying expensive tickets. With a booming sound system, mesmerizing lighting, and comfortable seating, you’ll attract your guests more often. But does a home cinema add value to your home? A home cinema with customized projector, subwoofer, comfortable recliners, and a huge screen can be the start of the show in your ​furnishings and a great investment. It could provide you and your family with a corner where you can relax, enjoy music and get entertained without leaving the house. 

Considering all these aspects, will the future buyer of your home be impressed? The answer is yes. People love a home with technology that is smartly installed in it. A home theater with automatic recliner chairs or home theater sofas, a modern sound system, a projector, and a 3D screen ​is definitely going to be desired by many. An investment today can help you get a good buyer for your home in the future. You can upgrade your tech game by adding security cameras, lighting control, and music system. Since the competition is high you have to consider upgrading your home cinema often.


How Much Does Home Cinema Cost?

The starting cost could be near $500 for a small home cinema set up. But as the saying, ‘the more the merrier’ goes, you can spend an infinite amount of money on it. But for a good home cinema set up, you can estimate between $500 and $50,000. Certain aspects can add to your budget. Here we mention some basic items that your home cinema requires, as the prices are going up nowadays, so you can expect a spark in them.

​​​All the Accessories you Need

​You need to get a viewing device. It can either be a 50” TV or a screen with a front-facing projector. A screen is preferable as it brings out the true essence of the cinema experience. Then you require a media device that can be a Blu-Ray player, or game console, a streaming device, or even a DVD player. The device would need the support of surround sound speakers. This can range from 5 to all the way up to 9 speakers for a cinema-like experience. Last but not the least you require an AV receiver that connects all these devices and will provide you with the master control.



Now you have all the basic info you require to establish a home cinema, you can check the market for rates and availability of the furniture and devices. A well-established home cinema can prove to be a long-term investment for you. Also, your friends and family can get to spend more quality time together rather than go out and spend money on movie tickets and snacks.