Maybe your weight is well over 200 lbs and you want to watch the tv comfortably without being in strange positions. I had the same problem, so I want to help you. A big man needs a different sofa.

My Top Picks


Stone&Beam Lauren Oversized Sofa

This oversized and wide couch is ranked by expert as one of the best sofas for a heavy individual and I totally agree with them. This sofa has a weight capacity of 250lbs per seat because it is down-filled. The filling is one of the best and you can't go wrong buying this couch.

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Stone&Beam Kristin Sectional

A good alternative to the previous couch, a 5-seater sectional sofa that costs less than $2000. Designed specifically for intensive use and for big guys in general the Kristin is the perfect choice for families.

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Modway Engage Mid-Century Sofa

This is the couch on this list with the best design without doubt. Moreover, the blue color is beautiful. The wooden frame is very resistant, so it has a weight capacity of 1300 lbs. The back cushions are well padded and they are very good for lumbar support. Last but not least, this couch is extremely inexpensive, making it the best choice for small apartments.

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Coaster Home Furnishings Weissman Sofa

The most comfortable reclining sofa for heavy is manufactured by Coaster Home Furnishings. It is good also for pregnant women thanks to the super easy reclining mechanism and to the ergonomic properties. This couch has a weight support of 275 lbs and the polyester upholstery makes it even more resistant.

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Zinus Benton Mid-Century Sofa

Another good sofa for large person for small apartments. This sofa has a great design thanks to the tufted back cushions and the grey color. Moreover, the assembly requires only 5 minutes and it has a weight capacity 750 lbs in total. In my opinion, it is a great couch, but not very good for tall people, because the height is only 30.71.

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Nirvana Futons Westfield

A good futon bed at a good price point. The hardwood bench is very resistant, and the 4 layers of high-density foam make it comfortable also for people with back problems. With a 5-year warranty on the bench and a 4-year one on the 'mattress', it's definitely a couch to consider. 

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Homelegance Manual Reclining Sofa

A manual heavy duty reclining sofa with a gel leather upholstery. With an easy mechanism and a good comfort it is a sofa to consider if you are interested in a reclining sofa for big and tall.

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These are the best products. You cannot avoid such ordeals out in public places or at someone’s place; however, the risk can be minimized by considering certain features of sofas that can support your weight.

You may not find a variety of sofas to select from; however, there is a selection of the best sofa for heavy person you can go for. Here we review some of them and we discuss some aspects of such sofas to make the purchasing process easier for you. 

Best Sofa for Heavy Individual 2020

Stone & Beam Lauren Oversized Couch


  • Performance fabric
  • Down-filled cushions
  • Very comfortable 


  • Rustic design

Stone & Beam is the king in the oversized sofas market. Thanks to its casual design and its deep cushions this couch has a weight capacity 250lbs per seat. But, the best aspect of this couch is comfort, the seat cushions are soft and plush.

Instead, the sofa back is quite firm to give you the right back support. All the cushions are down-filled, my favorite method of filling and the best anyway. The performance fabric is very easy to clean, resistant and comfortable.

As a matter of fact, if you have kids or pets, you won't have problems anymore, thanks to its sturdy construction. This couch comes in two different sizes, 74'' and 89''. Moreover, you can choose from plenty of neutral colors to match the design of your living room.

Last but not least this sofa requires no assembly. Some people don't like the rustic design of this couch, but I always say: "Comfort and sturdiness come first when choosing a couch".

Stone & Beam Kristin Sectional


  • Great choice for large families
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Frame made from solid hardwood and laminated wood


  • None

It is a 5 seater sectional designed to accommodate all the members of your family. Performance fabric is an easy to clean, resistant, and comfortable sofa upholstery fabric. But the sofa fabric is not the only resistant part of this sofa, the frame and the legs are very resistant, too. The first one because of the mix of solid hardwood and laminated wood.

It has been designed specifically for intensive use and to give the right back support to heavy people. Stone&Beam has hit the target.

At first, the sofa cushions may seem a bit stiff, but after a while, they will become so comfortable, that you won't stand up from this sectional when you need to. Also, the armrests are designed to provide you top comfort. The assembly will require you only 10 minutes. Last but not least, it is right-priced, it costs less than $2000 and it's a medium budget option for most families.

Modway Engage Mid-Century Sofa


  • Great value for the money
  • Attractive color
  • Firm Foam


  • Foam might wear away

This loveseat is very inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. Many people do not consider a loveseat to be an adequate sofa. But if you have a small studio apartment, this couch will be the perfect thing to add.

The blue brings the right color to your room, but there are plenty of colors to choose from. The solid wooden frame gives it a sturdy feel, so it has a weight capacity of 1300 pounds, also called a 1000 pounds capacity sofa.

The exposed wooden legs also make for a statement. The fabric is polyester and the foam is firm so that this couch doesn’t lack in comfort. The cushions will give you the right lumbar support because they are well padded.

This mid century themed article has a stylish look and according to some reviews, this couch might be the best buy if you care about design. But the foam might wear away with time if you have pets and kids at home.

Homelegance Manual Reclining Sofa


  • Gel leather upholstery
  • Great value for the money
  • Good reclining mechanism


  • You will need to take care of leather

This reclining sofa has a weight capacity of 300 pounds per seat, moreover it is a good couch for tall people, too. You can choose from three different options: sectional, sofa or loveseat. Instead, your choice of colors is restricted to black and brown.

The gel leather upholstery is a mix of leather and gel medium. The sofa is not resistant as top-grain or full-grain leather. But this couch has a big advantage for people who live in hot countries, the gel will keep them cool and they won't sweat.

The recliner sofa mechanism is manual and the sofa is neither too easy neither too difficult to recline back. In my opinion this couch is not good for intensive use, because the frame is not very resistant. Instead for the price point is rather comfortable.

Last but not least, there two extra cup holders included. This sofa has a great value for the money. But you need to take some precautions like to use a leather conditioner once a month to avoid it peeling.

Nirvana Futons Westfield


  • Very versatile
  • Great value for the money
  • Comfortable and very resistant


  • Difficult assembly

The Nirvana futon is a convertible futon that can be easily unfolded and voilà: a sofa bed! Firstly, this couch is very versatile and for a small apartment, it is a good buy. Moreover, the sofa is also a good choice from an environmental point of view. This couch is made of 4 layers of high-density foam, to provide you a good back support when you sit on the futon and the utmost relaxation when you transform it into a mattress.

Some people don't like the firmness of this sofa, but heavy individuals need a firm sofa. This couch is very sturdy thanks to the hardwood bench and the soft suede fabric, so this sofa can handle a very heavy individual. Last but not least there is a huge collection of colors to choose from and two sizes for this futon: queen and king.

The sofa comes with some cons, too. The first one is the assembly: you will need another person and to assemble this futon will take around 90 minutes. If you plan to sleep on the couch every day I suggest adding a 3-inch memory foam mattress topper to boost the comfort of the futon. One thing to note: this sofa is entirely manufactured in the USA. Moreover, this couch has a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 4-year on the futon mattress. This sofa also comes in different futon styles.


High Weight Capacity

You purchase the best couch for obese not only for being attractive but also for being accommodating and large and to make your home more comfortable. Look for the feature of weight-support. High weight capacity sofas should have sturdy legs, unique and nice design; suitable for your requirement.

You can find such sofas in several hues, to go with any interior. The neutral tones will also bring a sophisticated look to your living room, even if the theme is modern. The couch fabric has to be nylon/polyester, which is durable and long-lasting.

Compared to other couch fabrics, these 2 are more defensive against dullness and wear-and-tear. Furthermore, sitting on these sofas should bring a very comfortable feel. Short people that are heavy will need specific sofas.

Consider Cushions and Armrests

You can go for a piece of furniture that has a good value for your money. The couch cushions should be soft and armrests nicely molded around the structure, minimizing the exposure of your body as you sit.

Another of its good aspect could be that it requires minimal assembly and has a 1 piece design since furniture for large people that comes in pieces does not prove to be very durable.

All in all, a strong sofa set with these qualities could be part of the best couches for heavy person. So, if you are looking for long-term investment for the money fro your home, then you may have to expand your horizon of choices.

best sofa for heavy person

Extremely Comfortable and Space Friendly

When looking for the best couches for heavy weight it is not necessary to spend a fortune. A less expensive large oversized couch can be a smart choice if you are on a budget and still on the lookout for heavy duty couches to support your weight.

An added feature could be the ability of the couch to fit in the even smaller drawing room because of taking less space. So, if you get the couch, you won’t have to worry about shifting your heavy duty furniture in your home.

The seating area and the fabric should be comfortable and provide extended sitting. The couch cushions ought to be firm and provide smooth support to your physique. This ensures that the seat doesn’t sink under your weight and the body fits in properly.

Colors, Weight Capacity and Upholstery

You can look for 2 neutral colors; grey and coffee/brown; both these tones can easily merge with any living room. As mentioned above, such a heavy duty sofa should consume less space and thus leave actual space for visuals.

Although it has to be small in size, yet able to fit 4 people on it. It should bear a minimum of 600 lbs to fall in the category of the best heavy duty sofas. The best couch for big people with linen upholstery could also be a smart choice; this fabric has robust air permeability and is super simple to clean.

Your skin won’t sweat out, even if you sit on it for a longer period since the upholstered fabric allows the air to pass. On the other hand, the structure is composed of resilient hardwood and is long-lasting.


Sophistication and Style

In search of the best couch for heavy people, you can consider the sophisticated, heavy-duty modern design. If you are a fan of antique and unique plus size furniture, then go for an oversized plush sofa that has an air of mid-century sophistication to it that your grandparents would certainly appreciate your home design.

Such a sofa with high quality, polyester upholstered fabric is much easier to be washed, which looks smooth and has finesse. You can opt for a variety of colors ranging from teal, granite, expectation grey, to citrus, beige, atomic red, and azure.

This feature could be a good choice for an over-weight family with modern and stylish design. The legs could appear to be tapered, curved, and splayed, but they have to be solid in build and bear weight.

Moving on to its lumbar support, the cushions have to be well-padded for comfort and you can lean against them without the constraint of time. Since it‘d be heavy-duty, it must bear over 1300 pounds easily. If you are not a fan of cleaning and consistent maintenance now and then, such a design can be a pain in your neck.



High Density and Plus Size

If you still think that your search for the best sofas for heavy people is going south, then let us tell you about another option. An upholstered plus size sofa for your home would surely bring you comfort like none other.

The upholstered fabric should be made of 100% polyester fabric, which is durable, stress-free, and very simple to clean. This means that the sitting should provide a smooth feel. Since it would be specially constructed for plus-sized people, it could support a heavy-duty frame, made of wood that can bear a lot of pressure and weight.

Pay Attention to the Foam Quality

The foam used in the filling of the backrest and seat cushion must be of high quality. So that it is cozy and can adjust around your body with ease and still retains its original shape.

Go for a sofa that provides amazing back support to people that are overweight and have developed back pain. If you are a family of more than 2 overweight people, then you have to consider a 3 seats or 4 seats furniture for fat people for your home. 


Weight Support and Elegance

Go for a piece of big and tall drawing room furniture that provides each seat support of up to at least 300 pounds. Unlike the regular sofa, this one should provide maximum support and recline.

You don’t have to worry about the seats getting sagged because they must be capable of adjusting to the weight. Not only it should deliver comfort but also flaunt stylish looks for your home.

You can go for a big and tall reclining sofa whose reclining mechanism must be flexible and robust, which means that the big and tall sofa extends without force. Like other weight supporting quality sofas, it should be made with 100% polyester, which is easy to manage, clean, and protects against wear and tear.

Consider a Storage Controle

If it’s for overweight people, it doesn’t mean it should be simple. You can always go for a recliner that has a storage console, with USB charging ports and AC power outlets to make your home looks better.

All these are usually tucked inside the unit and you won’t have to get up again and again if you want to charge your phone or plug in the X-Box. Go for a recliner that is strongly constructed with full padding and internal constructions.

The seats must support 300 pounds, so if your whole family is overweight, this one could be perfect for you. Your search for the best sofa for heavy person must end here.


Some additional helpful tips are mentioned below:

Best Sofas Brands for Heavy Person

When you’re looking for sofas to support your weight, you can always consider a few known brands, to cut the hassle of deep researching, so you need to know the best couch brand for heavy person.

Brands like Ikea, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, Joybird, and Macy’s manufacture sofas specially made for plus-sized people. These brands are reliable and their heavy duty furniture sofas have been in the use of the general public for decades. Wayfair, for instance, produces couches for big and tall that have been in demand since the early 18th century.

They specialize in chesterfield couches for large guys with lasting designs. The iconic and signature style and design of their big tall couches always exhibit button-tufted details and rolled arms.

Wayfair Could be a Good Choice

Every drawing room that hosts a traditional or modern look can place these sofas without disrupting the theme. The wood used is solid and the frame provides minimum seating of up to 3 people.

Wayfair uses linen or polyester upholstery because these are the most durable ones. Moreover, their quality sofas are simple to wash without the use of liquid cleaners, while the covers can be washed in the machine.

Not to mention that these couches for fat people can bear a lot of weight. So, if you have an overweight family and are in search of the best brands, living room furniture by Wayfair is good to go to your drawing room.

Best Sectional Sofa for Heavy Person

You may find a great variety of sectional sofas in the market and online stores, but the only drawback of the high weight capacity sectional is that they don’t come with weight capacity tags. You can always seek help from the salesperson in the store to guide you through such details.

But if they are unable to answer the inquired question, then you have to go with your own assessment. Measure the depth of seats of sectionals for heavy people, are they deep enough? Can they support the weight? Is the frame sturdy enough to last long under the heavyweight of 2 to 3 people? Is the sofa cover easy to wash or wash? Then you can choose the best sectional sofa for heavy person.

Lay Down on the Sofa

Considering these questions, coupled with online research can help you find the best sectional. If you are in your local market, you can always sit on the sofa and analyze the following factors: does the sectional creak under your weight?

Does it shift a bit as you sit on the seat with a little force? Does the seat sink in under your weight? These are a few questions that can help you get the best couch. Moreover, check for the best heavy couches that can support over 1500 lbs. 


Sleeper Sofa for a Heavy Person

Sleeper sofas can serve as a great bed for plus-sized people. At times they may not be comfortable enough but with the addition of a mattress topper, the comfort level can be increased. These are portable and temporary beds that are used less frequently compared to the usual bed.

The one good aspect of the sleeper sofa for fat people is that such sofas may appear very appealing in the drawing room. If you can’t find a suitable plus size living furniture to go with your weight, you can always look for a sleeping chair or recliner. There is a huge variety of weight-friendly sleeping chairs and recliners. Not only they are comfortable sofas but long-lasting.

When buying a heavy duty sofa bed do consider certain features. You can always assess the comfort level of the foam used. Then there is the design, a sofa bed for heavy people must have a sturdy design and while they may not last long, the frame ought to be strong enough to provide support for a certain duration.

Do check the leg design of the best sofa bed for heavy person; legs should be made with hardwood and the pull-out system of the sofa bed must not be squeaky.


Recliner Sofa for a Heavy Person

Just like sofas, you will be surprised that most recliners also don’t come with weight-specific details. So, if the recliner does not specify weight capacity, you can check other things.

Look for the space defined between the center console and the arm in a two seats or 3 seats sofa. The minimum recommended distance is 22 inches, so do measure it. The next thing to check is whether it is a manual or power recliner?

You must go with the powered one because manual recliners can be hard to handle. Their pulling and locking system can be difficult when heavyweight people are sitting on them. 

Recliner as a Sofa Bed

Consider the frame of the chair, whether it is made of thin pine or heavy-duty steel. You need to opt for the heavy-steel because it can bear weight. Oversized recliners can be good for heavyweight people too.

People have been using recliners as temporary sleeping beds and there is no harm in it too. If you lack space for a bed, you can always go for an oversized comfy couch recliner. Not only does it look stylish but it also is light on your pocket.


Strong Sofa for a Heavy Person

All said and done, the sturdiness of a couch for a fat person matters a lot for people with a heavyweight. In this respect, always consider the sturdiness of the framework.

The hardwood used in the manufacturing ought to be solid to hold the unit. If you are going for a furniture for fat guys that can support 3 positions; lounge, bed, and a quality sofa, then never overlook the frame structure, the pull out the mechanism, and the material of legs.

Comfort comes next to strength. A supportive big man sofa may have multiple layers of foam to save the seat from drooping under the weight.

The Frame is Important!

Mid-century themes sofas use are usually made with high-end material and can be your choice. Also, high quality wood structure is resilient to other factors like moisture so they last long so as you look for a strong sofa for a heavy person always do your research. A sturdy furniture for plus size people will have the ability to withhold weight and will not wear out even after excessive use.



In general, look for durability, comfort, material, and most importantly, the strength of the frame, when buying a sofa good for heavyweight people. The overly expensive strong sturdy couches are not always the best ones, with some research you can always find yourself a budget-friendly furniture for obese that goes with your needs too.