Top 7 Best Sofas for Basement

Maintaining the basement of the house or building is tricky as there are many constraints to be checked to fully utilize the space. Your basement can be either a small room or a complete floor and based on that you can choose how to make it functional. Most of the people use their basement for storing purposes and some like to make it more operational to accommodate some leisure activities.

Whatever you plan to do with the basement, it is always good to have a comfortable and soft sofa there to have a relaxing experience to enjoy alone or with your friends and family. There are plenty of things to plan in the basement, it can be converted to form a playful movie theatre, kids playroom or a comfortable guest suite as well.  There are a plethora of ideas available to make your basement a lively place and understanding the basement is the first thing to make it happen. 


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HONBAY Reversible Sectional Sofa


Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa

Soft Suede

Zinus Josh Traditional Loveseat

Performance Fabric

Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa


Zinus Benton Mid-Century Loveseat


Best Choice Products Linen Futon


Sofa Sorrento Mid-Century Retro

Faux Leather

Getting a cheap yet the best sofa for basement requires you to understand the layout of the basement and how it has to be used. Sofas are used to multiple purposes and convenience and comfort are two important things to check before you place that new sofa there. A sofa for the basement has to qualify on different parameters depending on the space availability, shape and size of the basement and the purpose of the use of basement.

Check my reviews about the best sofas for basement and the below tips to take a sneak peek into the basement parameters you should check before buying.

HONBAY Reversible Sectional Sofa


  • Great value for the money
  • L-shaped sectional
  • Chaise with storage


  • Not suitable for tall people

Warranty: Not specified

Do you want to furnish your basement with a sectional l-shaped sofa? This product might be the best choice for you. First of all, it is an l-shaped sectional, an ideal type of couch for a basement where you want to maximize the utility of the space for your family. Like I said previously, you need to worry for the most part about the space available in your basement and for this purpose, this sectional sofa comes with a chaise with a storage included, it can be used for all sorts of things, ranging from your son's toys to your blankets.

It has a great value for the money (under $600 you won't find better sectionals), but it doesn't mean it's cheap quality, instead thanks to its hardwood frame and its chenille fabric, the construction it's very sturdy and it is not a bad choice for a damp basement and overall, it is quite comfortable.

What this sofa lacks are two things, the first one is the height, I wouldn't suggest this sofa for people who are more than 6ft tall, because it is low profile and the other thing is the head and shoulder support, it means if you have problems like cervical, this sofa isn't suitable to you.

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa


  • Under $300
  • Good from 28'' doorway
  • Good choice for pet owners


  • Thin material

Warranty: 1 year

If you are really on a super tight budget, well, this stylish sofa under $300 could be your best buy, like the previous one it is an l-shaped sectional, a great space-saving and it comes in three boxes, so it is extremely easy to assemble. It is a convertible sofa, you can use the ottoman to complete the chaise or as an ottoman for your legs, don't worry about the width of the doorway, it is ok also for a 28'' width.

Another advantage you should keep in mind is the brown color, in theory, you can also choose the grey option, but I would go with the brown, because it will hide pets hair, if you have pets at home it can be the best choice. Speaking about comfort, the seat cushions are firm and comfortable, instead the back ones are soft and comfortable.

Obviously, for this price it comes with some cons, the big one is the thin material, the soft suede in this case, but with the right maintenance, this sofa could easily last for 5 years.

Zinus Josh Traditional Loveseat


  • Beige color is fantastic
  • Recognized and trusted bardn
  • Good back support


  • Seat cushions are a bit too firm

Warranty: 1 year

After two l-shaped sectionals, finally we review a loveseat manufactured by Zinus. Maybe you have heard about this brand before, indeed it is one of the leaders in online furniture, ranging from mattresses to sofas, well, buying a piece of furniture from a trusted and recognized brand is always a thing to keep in mind.

From the photos, you could think it is grey, instead it is more beige, most of the customers love this color and they appreciate this sofa especially for this factor. Its sturdy construction is another thing to keep in mind, too. Indeed thanks to the sturdy wood frame and the polyester performance fabric, you won't need to worry about wear and tear, you can always read the customers reviews on Amazon if you want to know more about this couch.

Most of the people worry especially about comfort and they are right, indeed this sofa has a good back with fluffy cushions, but with good back support, instead the seat cushions are a bit too firm and it is something you should keep in mind, because firm seat cushions are not everyone's taste.

Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa


  • Under $150
  • Four different colors to choose from
  • Good for guests


  • Not comfortable at all
  • Metal frame

Warranty: 1 year

On the market, you won't find a couch cheaper than this and for your basement, it is more than ok, sometimes you can buy this convertible sofa under $150. It obviously means it is not the most comfortable sofa and neither so comfortable, but for its price, this sofa does its job.

The assembly will require you literally no time, you only have to screw the legs and voilà! In my opinion, this super cheap couch, could least also for 3 years, indeed the upholstery fabric is decent and it seems to be pretty resistant. You can use this convertible sofa as a bed for your guests, as a sleeper sofa with a 3-inches memory foam mattress topper you can literally save a lot of money and have a versatile item in your house.

The cons are two, the first is the comfort, it is not a sofa where you can sit 3 hours in a row reading a book or watching a film, or sleeping for a night, the second one is the metal frame, I'm not a big fan of them, because wood is always better.

Best Choice Products Linen Futon


  • Good quality at a right price
  • Linen upholstery
  • You can choose from 4 colors


  • Bad mechanism
  • Metal frame

Warranty: Not specified.

If you want a quality modern futon without spending a fortune, this might be your best choice. It comes in four colors (but not textured), so it will surely match your interior design and moreover, they are all under $300.

Speaking about comfort, it is quite comfortable but I wouldn't use it to binge-watch, because after 5 hours straight you could begin feeling back pain or something else. You should take note of the linen upholstery, together with polyester it is one of the best fabric, the only downside is that it tends to wrinkle.

Like the previous one in my top sofas for basement, it is a convertible one, but some customers complain about the bad mechanism and the metal bar in the center of the futon, so you will need a mattress topper to boost the comfort by many folds.


Basement Size

The space and size of the basement is the most crucial parameter to consider. You would not want to put a lot of money to buy the sofa which does not fit into the basement. If you have limited floor space, then going for a small sofa would be the best option for you. So the first thing is to measure the size of the basement with the tape and check where it would be best to place the sofa. There can be multiple entrances to the basement and it is good to have a measurement of the entrances as well to know to check if the sofa would easily move through them. Packed with the dimensions you can then visit the physical stores or online stores to check the sofas that would fit in your basement. You should come up with a solution easily.

What Are the Most Important Measurements

The important sofa measurements that you should check are, the height of the sofa from the floor to the highest point on the back, the depth from the front to the back and the length from one arm to the other. Check these dimensions with the measurements of the basement you took earlier. The sofa would move through the entrance if there is enough space on both sides of the doorway and there won't be any problem getting it down the stairs. Finding one of the best sofas for basement is tricky business.  

sofa measurements

Placement of Sofa

When you are done with taking down the dimensions of the basement, it is time to check where the sofa should be placed to have enough space for movement and to aesthetically design the interiors, the placement area is very important. People usually keep the sofa adjacent to the biggest wall of the room as it gives good space to complement it with other items. The staircases usually have a narrow space under them and might not be the best place to keep your sofa, however, if you are planning to get a small sofa or you have good space under the staircase then you can utilize the space as well.

You can complement your new soft sofa with nice wooden flooring, a small center table to keep your things and a bookshelf to have some reading material. It is usually tricky to decide the placement of the sofa but if you have thought about the design and placement of other items then you can find the best place for keeping the sofa.

basement size

Purpose of Basement

Have you thought about the purpose you want the basement to fulfill? There is no doubt that basements are highly versatile space of the house which you can manage to give some creative bend to your living environment and not as an unused space. Rather than keeping it as a dark cellar, you can convert it into a beautiful place for fun and enjoyment and even convert it into a guest room to accommodate more people for a party. Your purpose of having a basement is an important factor to change it as per your needs. Some people would like to change their basement to a lavish relaxing place where they can spend some quality time by themselves and ponder upon the important matters.

You can Improve Your Basement

It can also be converted into a colorful and vibrant place where you can enjoy games with your kids, teach them how to create their school projects and give them their own space as well. In any case, having the best sofa in basement is a wise choice as you would need space to settle down and relax. How does it sound to have a movie theatre down in the basement where you can binge watch your favorite series and movies with your friends or with your partner? The cozy and comfortable sofa will add more than just a sitting arrangement in your basement and you can plan your basement aesthetics to accommodate more items of decoration. When you have finished this process you can begin researching the type of sofa.



Type of Basement

There are different types of basements in every house and your perfect sofa will complement the interiors depending upon it. You can decorate the basement to make it a part of your living space or keep it as a peaceful place where you can think about important matters, indeed decorating basements has become a trend nowadays. Your basement shape depends upon the construction of the house and you can choose the best placement of the sofa as per the shape. A small house will have a smaller basement and using the space will be tricky as you need to look out for the right size sofa to fit in the entrance of the basement. You can take a high back single seater or a recliner sofa, also known as reclining sofa, if the space in your apartment is limited and use it for multiple purposes as required.

Best Sofa Types for Basement

Alternatively, if you have a multi storey house then the basement will be large and can accommodate 3 seater or 4 seater sofa. An L- shaped sofa will be suitable if you have limited space as it will fit in the corner providing ample space in the room for movement. The sectional sofa is suitable for a basement with wide space and it can be adjusted across the wall. You can also change the shape of the basement using the fittings to utilize the space properly and use the sofa as per your needs.

best sofa for basement

Interiors of the Basement

Interior of the basement is useful in deciding which sofa will fulfill your purpose. Some people like their basement to be flashy, full of vibrant colors and there are people who like soft and classy finish in their basements. Your sofa should complement the wall colors, flooring and other wooden decorative items in the room. Brown Leather sofas will add more luster if you have wooden furnishing and bright colors in the basement. You can choose either black or brown color with high back frame and wide base sofas. Proper lighting will be an add-on as it will give the basement a better finish and quality.  

With these parameters in place, you can understand your basement first and then lookout for the best basement couch that will add more comfort and convenience to your living space. Let's move on to how to select the sofa type for your basement.

Best Sofa Material from Basement

 A sofa is made up of frame, fabric and filling. The frame decides the strength and durability of the material, the fabric is used for aesthetics and covering while the filling brings comfort to the best couch for heavy person. The best sofas for basement will tick all the three boxes. A sofa should have a sturdy and tough frame to handle the weight and wear and tear with time. 

To select the right frame please check the below discussed types and materials frame are made up from:

Particle Board 

A particle board frame is made of composite wood material and is inexpensive. The frame is quite fragile and won't last for long as it misses out in strength. You can choose this frame only if you have budget constraints.


Hardwood construction frame is made up of oak, cherry, walnut and beech material. The frame is tough as it is made from the solid wood and can last for many years. 

Kiln Dried Hardwood is the hardest and strongest sofa frame material available in the market. The wood used in the construction is dried in big ovens which makes it stronger and more durable. The wood is time tested and doesn't lose its luster even after years of use.


Steel Frames are decent. There have been great designs introduced in the market in metal frames and people like to buy them because of their aesthetics and ease to maintain, but they lack in durability.

The best sofa material for basement will ultimately depend upon your use of the space.

Furniture for Damp Basement

A damp basement is difficult to furnish as water can cause your furniture to rot and make it useless. Even after several waterproofing measures, there are chances that you will find mold on your furniture and soggy cushions with a damp smell. If you have water leakage issues in the basement, then selecting all weather or mold resistant furniture is the only option. All weather sofas are tested to survive in outdoor conditions and can sustain water penetration to flooding. The furniture varies from cheap to expensive depending upon the type of material you select. The waterproof material is specifically engineered to resist mold and water and suitable for long time use.

Some Good Material

Teak wood, wicker, rattan, cast aluminum and bamboo are naturally mold resistant and are used in making the damp proof furniture. Cleaning and maintaining the damp proof sofa is easy as you can clean it with water and place it outdoors to dry. The frame and upholstery used in the construction are sturdy and durable. Furniture for damp basement comes in limited variety. 


Small Sofa for Basement

Usually the basement in the houses are small and with limited space for furniture and movement. You can choose the sofa which fits as per the size and place where it doesn't hinder the free movement. Small basement space shouldn't restrict you from placing a comfortable couch and making the most of the basement. There is a wide variety of small sectionals, loveseats, settee, and other couches available in the market which will be an ideal fit for your basement.

Some of the Best Layouts

A 3-piece sectional sofa provides plenty of seating without occupying much space and will easily fit in small spaces. The sofas usually come in L-shape which optimizes the space and defines a room's layout. Choose a small sofa for basement after thorough research. A reversible sectional sofa is another great alternative for a small spaced basement. There are modular designs available in these sofas and can be reshaped whenever needed. It gives a proper seating arrangement without overcrowding the room.


Cheap Couches for Basement

Getting the right couch for the basement requires knowing the type of basement and the material that will survive for years. When you are investing money for comfort and convenience, you should ensure that the items serve the purpose and are durable enough to survive for a substantial time. Shopping furniture for the basement can get overwhelming as there are many options available in the market and finding the right one can be sometimes difficult. If you are looking for cheap couches for basement, then you can go for the particleboard frame sofa set which is the cheapest amongst all the sofa sets available in the market.

A particle board frame sofa set can survive for a few years with care. Single section sofas are also the best choice for limited space and budget couches which will give you comfort and relaxation in your basement at a cheap price. Before buying the sofa, it is always advisable to check the basement for dampness as cheap sofa sets might not resist the dampness in the environment.

Where to Buy Basement Furniture

You can buy your favorite basement furniture by visiting the physical stores and checking the online stores as well. It is easier to find the right material and size when shopping online as the specifications are mentioned along with the product details. Amazon has an assortment of best basement furniture sofa to choose from and you can find the required frame and fabric by visiting the online store. You can type in where to buy basement furniture, check the reviews and ratings submitted by the buyers before making a decision, Wayfair, West Elm and Pottery Barn are good online shopping sites.

Usually you can get to know about the look and feel of the fabric, usability, frame strength and other details by reading the comments of the buyers. If you are looking for a damp proof or all-weather furniture, then you have to keep a note of the material it is made up of and cleaning details as well. Walmart has a great variety of basement sofas and checking out the store might be helpful to make a purchasing decision. Furnishing the basement with the best sofa for basement is not an easy task but when you have all the required details about the type of sofa and basement specification then you can easily select the right one. 



Whether you are planning to turn your basement into a full-fledged modular space or you want to keep it simple, you can choose a sofa to suit your needs. There are different varieties of sofas available in the market and with the right details you can furnish the basement for a better living space.