Top 10 Best Sofa Covers

Whether you believe it or not but the sofa and couch are the most important pieces of furniture that are commonly used almost in every indoor as well as outdoor space. Whether it’s your drawing room or living room, bedroom or office cabin, farmhouse, or restaurant, there is always a need for a 2, 3 seater or 4 seater sofa or also for a chair or multiple chairs. One of the best characteristics of sofas or recliners is that if you are getting bored with its color or design or if accidentally spill something on it or it gets too dirty, you always have the option to change its appearance without spending too much. All you have to do in that case is to just buy a new couch cover or change the upholstery to make it look completely new. Placing a few colorful cushions can also work wonders.

Sofa covers are very useful and necessary for the beautification purpose of your home. It helps in covering and redesigning the furniture without too much of a hassle. These are available in a variety of hues, amazing designs, and styles; it would be difficult to decide which one to choose from. Here is a complete guide and some top picks to letting you know the specific things to consider so that you can get the best sofa covers for your couches.

If you need tips about the selection this webpage is perfect.

Below mentioned are some reviews and some of the factors that you must pay attention to so that you can purchase the best sofa covers for your furniture.


  • ​Soft and comfortable
  • ​Easy to put on
  • ​Super-easy to clean


  • ​None

Warranty: ​Lifetime and free returns for 30 days.

A lot of people would say a leather sofa doesn' t need the best covers, it may be true, but when you have a dog at home you never know, it is like a strong screen of an iPhone, maybe you don' t need a protective film, but it is always better to have. I bought this slipcover two years ago for my leather couch, my old one did not conform nicely and every day I needed to put on again, what a waste of time!

But with this slipcover I have had a quick turnaround, for 50$ I have all what I need, a soft and comfortable best sofa cover, indeed it is made of a mix of polyester and spandex, being resistant and stretchy at the same time, a great value for the money, a 5 stars product. It arrived at my house in a little box and It was really easy to put on, 2 minutes are enough. Plus you can choose between plenty of bright colors, that are very durable also after repetitive cleaning. But the part I like the most is that it conforms nicely and it stays in place also after my dog has jumped on it. It should be ok for most of the sizes and it is machine washable.


  • Separate pieces
  • ​​Made by ​IKEA
  • ​Extremely resistant


  • ​Only one color available

Warranty: ​​5 years ​and free returns for 30 days

This cover is directly manufactured from IKEA, it is always a warranty. It is specifically made for the Ektorp, but it is good for most of the 3-seater sofa. If you want to give to your living room a sleek style with a beige color go for this cover! But the focal point is the separate pieces, it truly depends on different tastes, but I prefer separate.

I-ve asked for an opinion a buddy of mine, who bought this slipcover 3 years ago and he thinks it is the most stain-resistant slipcover and the most durable one he has never had, indeed you should consider it particularly if you have pets at home, with this cover they won't give you troubles anymore. Last but not least, the 5 years warranty by IKEA, it is always better to buy from a trusted brand. I love the color, but in my opinion not everybody will be satisfied with beige, so they should offer multiple colors. It is made of a mix of polyester and cotton.


  • ​100% Waterproof
  • ​Us manufacturer
  • ​Fully Reversible


  • Price, but it's worth it

Warranty: ​​​Lifetime​ and free return for 30 days

Mambe is one of the best producers of slipcover all over the world and they are totally based in the USA, so you buy a cover that is both made with high-quality materials and made by us citizens. If all you need is a resistant cover to protect a couch from your pets or your restless children, this cover is the ideal for you. Its top factor is the impermeability as the name suggests, so it could be a viable choice also for outdoor couches. 

The resistance of this sofa doesn't mean it is not comfortable, nothing more false, indeed thanks to the microfleece upholstery it will give you extreme comfort and relaxation. Last but not least, it is also fully reversible with different colors on the sides, so if you are undecided about two good colors, you can choose the most suitable one for your interior design. It's quite expensive, but for all the features it offers it's totally worth it.


  • Great value for the money
  • The easiest to clean
  • Plenty of colors


  • None

Warranty: 30 days No Questions Asked

We finally arrived at the highly rated Amazon's Best Seller with more than 5000 verified reviews, you can be pretty sure this cover is good enough. If you are looking for a sofa slipcover in general, this is the perfect type. It doesn't excel in any particular field (except for the cleaning process), but it is more than good in all of them. It is very easy to install and thanks to the spandex material it stays in place well and you won't need to mind about this.

The polyester fabric is both soft and comfortable, but it is at the same time good for pet owners. Like I said previously it is a piece of cake to clean, and the colors will resist very well after the cleaning process. It offers plenty of colors, 26 to be precise so it will surely match your living room. What to say it is one of the best products with great value for the money.


  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Adjustable straps
  • Top choice for leather sofas


  • Awkward straps

Warranty: 10 Year Guarantee

Gorilla Grip is a well known brand for their adjustable straps, a new technology that brings together the easiness to install a cover and an elegant design. It is maybe one of the best couch slipcovers for a leather couch, especially for a bonded leather one, because it will prevent it peeling. To assure the high-quality of the product the producer offers a 10-year guarantee, you can return it without any reason, it means it is a high-quality product, because it repels liquids, too. 

A lot of people complain about the awkward straps, but when you become comfortable with them it will be a piece of cake to use them. Last but not least, the soft sensation of the soft suede will surprise you and it will bring a lot of comfort to your couch.



First of all, you have to make sure that the design you choose complements the rest of the furniture in that particular room and even the room decor.  There are several designs available in the market, such as loose, flowing, tailored, and many more. If you are going with a patterned theme in the room, then a good sofa cover should also feature some of it.

best sofa covers


Another important aspect is choosing the right size. You won’t believe it but the size of the cover can either make or break the look of not only the sofa but the entire room.  Covers that are too loose would look just like a piece of clothing thrown over the sofa which would ruin the entire look of the furniture. Whereas tight covers won’t fit in properly and might even tear if you stretch it too much. The best sofa slipcovers will fit like a glove and you will have no complaints.



Make sure that the material you choose for your sofa covers isn’t too slippery, nor it’s too heavy, it shouldn't slip from your sofa. A light fabric perfectly fits over the sofa and tends to maintain its position on the sofa for a longer period. Moreover, it should also be comfortable to sit on. Also, the material should be easy to wash and adapt to the shape of the sofa, defining its structure and shape perfectly. Don't mind if you feel confused by the huge number of fabrics.

Discussing About the Best Material

Material like velvet should be avoided because these are bulky and don’t adapt to the shape of your recliner or sofa. Microfiber can be a perfect choice since it is stain-resistant as well as manageable. Another important aspect is the quality of the fabric. You will have to ensure that the sofa-covers are made up of high quality so that they last longer, linen is a good example. Sofa covers that are made up of leather should be synthesized with natural fibers; if not, the leather covers won’t last long. If you are purchasing a sofa cover for outdoor furniture, then it should be water-resistant. Similarly, silk covers, though, give a very sophisticated look but don’t last long because of the delicate nature of the fabric. Denim covers are also in these days and tend to last long because the fabric is durable.




Buy a cover that has been knitted tightly so that the stitches, color, or design of the sofa aren’t visible unless you are willing to display it. Covers that are woven are preferred more when we talk about durability and neat look.



The color of your sofa cover can make a huge difference. If you want to give your furniture that sharp, bold look, then go for bright colors. Light colors like beige or white do look subtle and elegant but they tend to get dirty very quickly. Even the marks or stains become quite visible in light colors. But still, if you love light colors, then buy covers that are machine-washable and can resist stains. Blue, grey, green, brown, or black are colors that are very popular when it comes to sofa covers and these are also very easy to maintain.



Be very sure about the length of your sofa. Your sofa covers shouldn’t be too long that they start touching the ground neither too short that the edges of your sofa or recliner are exposed. For this, you need to take proper measurements to determine the size of the sofa. Most importantly, don’t forget to measure the distance between the bottoms of your sofa till the floor.



It is yet another important aspect. When buying a sofa cover, make sure that it has elastic bands at the ends to secure the cover in place. This will ensure that taking out the covers and putting them back doesn’t become a struggle. Also, keep in mind that the elasticity of sofa covers doesn’t spoil the wrinkle-free look. For this, you will have to be very precise with the measurement.



This is something that all of us do consider before purchasing anything. In the case of sofa covers, try to find sofa covers that are readymade as they are affordable, and most of the time, the material used is machine-washable. While the custom-made sofa covers look elegant and are tailored to fit your sofa perfectly, the purchasing cost is very high. Not only this, but the maintenance cost of these sofa covers tends to be much more than the readymade ones. So, if you are on a low budget, then try to invest a little bit of your time to get the design you are longing for or simply wait for a sale on customized covers.


One Piece or Separate Sets

The sofa covers are usually available in two types, one-piece or separate pieces. The one-piece cover is usually stitched in such a way that it can cover all the seats of the sofa. Whereas on the other hand, the separate covers are those that can cover only one seat of the sofa at a time. In short, these are individual pieces for covering each sofa cushion separately and are best for sectional sofas.

Pros and Cons

Both of these types are beneficial in their own ways but people do prefer the separate sofa covers instead of one piece. There are a lot of reasons behind that. First of all, if any cushion cover gets damaged, you won’t have to change the rest of the cushion covering. Moreover, the separate covers give a sleeker and definite shape as compared to the one piece. So, if your sofa consists of more than one cushions, then go for the separate pieces. In case all the cushions are attached than one piece is the only option that you can afford.


Easy to Clean

Every fabric responds to water differently; some might become saggy after two or three washes while some of them may even shrink. This can spoil the entire cover, its design, the color, and there are chances it might not fit properly on the sofa like before. Therefore, when buying the sofa covers, make sure that you can clean it with the help of a wet towel without removing the cover at all, and it doesn’t get dirty quickly. Moreover, it should be stain-resistant which makes it even easy to clean.


Considering the Number of Seats to Choose the Best Sofa Covers

The choice that you make when purchasing a sofa cover mostly depends upon the number of seats that your sofa set has. Whether you have a 3 seater, 5-seaters, 7-seaters, or a loveseat, you will have to make yourself aware of the technicality, structure, and purpose of your sofa set before making any choice.  You can’t place a 9 seater sofa cover on a settee or a cover designed for three seats on a 6-seater. First of all, it won’t fit, and if it does, it will look like a disaster. Below mentioned are some of the suggestions to consider at the time of purchase for each of the types

9 Seater Sofa Covers

9 seater

A lot of options and designs are available for the 9 seater sofa covers in the market. The 9-seater is commonly used in drawing rooms or office reception areas. For 9 seater sofa covers, it is better that you go with separate set sofa covers. Try to find colors that are not rare and easily available in the market and avoid buying printed ones.  So, that if anyone of the pieces of the cover gets damaged or if the color fades, you could easily buy a new one without changing the covers of all the sofa cushions which could give you a tough time and will also waste a lot of your money. Once you are done with the covering, make sure that the material is tightly fitted all over. For larger sofas, more than one person is required to do the fittings properly. It is better if you take professional help because the chances of wear and tear significantly reduce.

8 Seater Sofa Covers

8 seater

If you are willing to buy 8 seater sofa covers, then its better if you go for contrasting colors such as black or white, brown or crème, etc. Imagine four of your sofas in dark brown covers and four of them in crème, or any two contrasting colors that you like. For the ones which have a darker covering go with light pillow foam cushions, complementing the color of other four light-colored sofas and for those which have light-colored ones go with the dark-colored pillow cushions. You can do this fun experiment with the eight seaters but make sure that you do consider the factors mentioned above before purchasing because the cost of covers increases or decreases depending upon the number of sofa seats you have. For large sofas, the risk is even higher because one wrong choice can doom all of your money and efforts.

7 Seater Sofa Cover

7 seater

A 7 seater sofa set usually consists of a three-seater sofa, one two-seater settee, and two single sofas. They can also be placed in a single configuration if you have a larger space. It is usually placed in the living room or drawing rooms. As the structure of each of the sofa of the seven-seater varies from one another, therefore, purchasing of a 7 seater sofa cover can give you a tough time. So, if you own a sofa set with the same details as mentioned, then it’s better to go for separate sofa covers or get the customized ones.

Other Things to Consider

If your sofa set consists of a settee as well, then be very particular about the design you choose. If you want a printed sofa cover, then make sure that the print pattern doesn’t get disturbed when placing the cover on the settee because the structure of a settee is usually different from the rest of the sofas in the set. Lastly, if the print pattern doesn’t complement the print on the other sofas, then your drawing room won’t look synchronized unless you want it that way.

6 Seater Sofa Covers

6 seater

A six-seater sofa set is a must-have in every home. They are available in a number of designs such as the I shaped, round shaped, etc. When purchasing a 6 seater sofa covers, keep in mind the shape and structure of your sofa, as mentioned above. At times, readymade covers for six seaters are hard to find because of the variety of shapes the six seaters come in. Therefore, customized 6 seater sofa covers are the best option for you. Because of the unique shape of six-seater, people often place them outdoors, such as on the terrace or in the garden, to enjoy the weather without compromising their comfort.

About Outdoor Sofa Covers

At times it is better to purchase extra covers of the same design or extra cloth in case you want a customized cover. This is because the lifespan of outdoor sofa covers is shorter than those placed indoors. Harsh weather conditions can cause damage to your covers and you will soon find the need to change them.

Sofa Covers 92 Inches

The 92-inch sofa usually has three seats. The standard size for a couch also varies between 72 to 96 inches. So if you want the best sofa slipcover for your three seater or couch, then one piece sofa cover is considered to be the best choice, Wayfair is full of them. The reason is that a single couch or attached cushion 3 piece sofa is usually found in the bedroom. Therefore, separate cushions won’t be useful at all. Choose a 92 inches sofa cover that easily spreads around your furniture and has especially got those elastic bands. This will prove to be the best sofa covers for the 92 inches sofa.  The elasticized bottoms help to keep the cover in its place. For a 92 inches sofa, another option is to buy those two pieces covers to give your sofa that furnished look to your furnishings. The two-piece sofa cover is best to give your 92 inches long sofa that crinkle-free look.


Your sofa covers should look as wonderful as they function. For this, all you need to do is invest some quality time during the purchasing to ensure that the couch covers are highly effective in terms of looks and practicality. Sofa covers are definitely not onetime purchase but a good quality one will last you for years.