Top 7 Best Sofa Beds for Everyday Use

Homes are a reflection of our personalities, and we try to purchase items that would be tasteful and fit in with the rest of the décor. Just as a bedroom is incomplete without a proper bed, living rooms are incomplete without a sophisticated and elegant sofa. But what about the days when you have guests over and need extra space to accommodate them? Or, you just want to binge-watch your favorite show sitting in something more accommodating than a sofa. Well, don’t worry; this is where the sofa bed comes in to save the day.

Sofa beds are a great investment; however, finding the right one can be an annoyance. With so many technologically advanced sofa beds out there, what can you do to ensure that you have the best sofa beds for everyday use?


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Miliard Tri-Fold


Giantex 5-Position

Ultra Suede

Ashley Larkinhurst Queen Sofa Sleeper 

Faux Leather

Loveseat with Memory Foam Mattress


Homelegance Platina Sectional Sofa


Ashley Alenya Queen Sleeper Sofa


Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa


One of the primary concerns is finding one of the best sofa beds for everyday use that is comfortable, stylish and fits one’s budget.  A sofa bed for daily use has to be a lot more sturdy than a normal sofa bed because then it would not be very comfortable or relaxing. If you have no clue where to start hunting for the best everyday use sofa bed, my top picks reviews and then this guide sheds light on the top ten features to look for in the best sofa bed with some ideas on different types of sofa beds for everyday use.

Ashley Larkinhurst Queen Sofa Sleeper 


  • Mattress Included
  • Very Comfortable
  • Reversible Cushions


  • None

Warranty: 1 year

I currently have this sofa bed for guests and it is surely the best sofa available online at an affordable price, it is a 5 five stars perfect product, I put it also in the best couches list. I occasionally take some naps and the innerspring mattress included is amazing. It arrived at me already assembled and two guys brought this inside my house thanks to the Amazon inside delivery and in my opinion, it is a good service, indeed Amazon always has fast and fantastic shipping. One of its major pros is the frame, indeed it is made of high-quality hardwood, so it could probably last for a lifetime. It is my 'secondary' sofa, my first one is made of high-quality top-grain leather, this sofa isn't made of real leather, but it remembers the feeling of the real leather and also the aspect. It is one of the best choice for back pain problems, because it is quite firm, but it has the soft sensation for comfort, too. I use it for guests, it can accommodate up to 2 persons because it is a queen sleeper sofa, and they always say it is the best sleeper sofa they have ever slept on, because there is no bar feeling at all and the mattress is high-quality.

Another thing I really like about this sofa is the big storage underneath the bed frame, it is very spacious and it's always a good thing to have. Last but not least the rustic design, it totally complements with my house design, but it could be also a problem if you want a contemporary design, but Ashley Furniture has thought about it so there are two colors available: steel and earth. It is after all the best option, so you can sleep on this sofa every day. Ashley Furniture is one of the best brands, so always consider its couches.

Miliard Tri-Fold


  • Extremely Inexpensive
  • High-Quality Foam
  • Great for college dorms


  • No Warranty

Warranty: At payment.

Miliard always offers great and innovative products this is one of them, it is extremely inexpensive and extremely useful at the same time. My son slept on it every day for two weeks in college dorm and he really loves it, he found it comfortable as the $300 innerspring mattress at home. I was extremely impressed, thanks to the breathable fabric, the high-density foam and the possibility to turn it into a sofa, Miliard did a great job. If you want to play videogames or if you live in a studio flat or also if you are in a college dorm this is the most suitable sofa bed for you. It is okay for all types of people, heavy and tall, too. Up to two people can sleep on it. Another pros is the folding mechanism, in combination with the easy maintenance of this product. Maybe, it could not the best choice after all, because a high-quality memory foam would be a better choice.

Giantex 5-Position


  • Great value for the money
  • Adjustable position
  • Good for pets


  • A bit too firm

Warranty: Not specified.

It is an ergonomic chair/bed for a modern nomadic life and it has a great value for the money. Because it is very cheap, you could think it is not comfortable at all, but instead it is one of the most comfortable on this list. Indeed it is a very versatile item, that is very lightweight so portable, it is a great bed and chair for camping, but also for daily gaming, as the name suggests it is an adjustable chair and it supports 5 different positions.

Speaking about comfort and durability, it is a bit firm (for back support), but after all with the addition of a memory foam mattress topper you could reduce the firmness and increase the comfort, the thick fabric material has a nice feeling and is very good for pets, too. Some people complain about the fact of the wear and tear of the foam and the middle part could become indented.

Loveseat with Memory Foam Mattress


  • Mattress Included
  • Easy pull-out mechanism
  • Good for small apartment


  • Plastic legs

Warranty: 1 year

If you need a small sofa for your studio flat or your small living room or guest room, it could be the right choice. It is only 57'', but two people can easily fit in. But the best part of this sofa bed is the comfortable memory foam mattress, all the customers love it and they say it is thick enough and there isn't the need for a mattress topper at all. The pull-out mechanism is easy and it has no bars felt at all.

Instead, about the sofa, it is a little firm, but it is due to the durable polyester fabric that seems denim. It is simple to assemble and for being under $500, it has some great features, like the included memory foam mattress. There is only one downside, the plastic legs, they might not be resistant at all and I would suggest to replace them as soon as you can.

Homelegance Platina Sectional Sofa


  • Top choice for big families
  • Great value for the money
  • Reversible Cushions


  • Plastic Legs
  • Plywood Frame

Warranty: 1 year

I love Homelegance as a brand, they are concerned about the quality and the price at the same time. I don't have this sofa, but I still remember the time I slept on it on holiday. It is made of strong polyester, so it is very resistant and it is very comfortable at the same time and I didn't feel any bad bars in them. In my opinion, it is the best sectional sleeper sofa for big families and it has a great value for the price. Other features are truly amazing, like the storage ottoman and the adjustable headrests.

I like the color, because it gives it a luxury design and it will hide stains and marks, too. But there is a thing I will not forgive to Homelegance, the plywood frame, it's pretty decent than the others online, but it will reduce the years of this sofa. For the very precise people, I've found another cons of this sofa, the plastic legs, what a pity to ruin part of the design in this way.



Quality should never be compromised even if you are on a limited budget. Buying one of the best sofa beds for everyday use that would last longer is not going to be cheap. You need to start saving now if you want to buy a quality sofa and if you choose to have a sofa bed or a recliner, it would cost even more. Furthermore, do some research and make sure to read the reviews before narrowing down your options. It will also help to compare prices of various sofa beds, so you would have the general idea of how much you would need to spend.  Even if you have chosen a sofa bed, a bit of walk around the town to compare notes will help as prices and quality showed online can vary in an actual store.

best sofa bed for everyday use

Sturdy Hardwood Frame

The right hardwood frame is needed for optimum support for the sofa; otherwise, it will fall apart, especially if you are using it daily. Metal, sturdy frames are also prone to oxidation due to humidity. Recent years have seen the use of mixed timbers for frames for cost-saving purposes. Research supports the use of kiln-dried hardwood or a combination of kiln-dried and furniture-grade plywood for the best and most durable sofa bed frames. It is advisable to avoid frames made with pine wood as it is softer. The aim is to purchase a sofa bed frame that supports the overall integrity and shape of the sofa. Choose a frame that best fits your sofa without compromising the quality.


Frame Joints

A strong hardwood frame can give you the perfect strength but how each piece is fixed together also plays a very important part when it comes to the frame strength. Metal staples are used to secure each joint at the right angle. When buying a sofa bed it is important to make sure the joints are perfectly joined together since these bed mechanisms require a solid base.


Smooth Mechanism

The sofa bed should have a smooth open-and-close mechanism that doesn’t cause any sticking or squeaking. The edges of the inner mechanism should be smooth so the sheets won’t snag and rip. Decisions should also be made about buying a 2-fold or 3-fold mattresses as both have a different level of handling. The following are some sofa beds with a range of long-lasting mechanisms.

Pull-Out Mechanism

It is the most common model in which the mattress frame is pulled forward to open the bed. This unfolds the spring-loaded metal frame with three parts. By pulling from the center, you can open the bed. This makes for a sturdy bed that can withstand frequent use.

Downside: The mattress is usually very thin and bars can be felt in the back, so it’s not the most comfortable sofa bed.

Easy Open

This is an efficient mechanism and very easy to operate. The good thing about this sofa bed is that the cushion does not need to be removed and the mattress unfolds with just one motion. It’s comfortable, easy to use and durable.

Downside: None


Click clacks are easy to use by clicking the top section forward and releasing the back to form the bed. It is a bed that doubles as a sofa. It is a stylish and very affordable option for small spaces.

Downside: Not ideal for frequent use.

pull-out mechanism


The first-grade suspension is very important to ensure the best comfort. The suspension comprises of the inner part of the sofa and the filling used within. Very often we jump on to our sofas but feel that the sofa took the entire impact that is because the sofa has good suspension. There are three main types of suspensions used in the sofas and they are:

  • Coil Springs Units
  • No-sag springs
  • Elastabelt webbing

Right Mattress

The right mattress can make sitting and resting so much comforting. Ideally, a good durable and comfy queen mattress should come with your sofabed, but everyone has different preferences. Some like a hard mattress while others prefer a softer, more bouncy mattress. Typically, memory foam is easy to fold, retains its shape when unfolded and has a firmer feel to it. Others may prefer the comfortable and inexpensive spring mattress. The bottom line is to pick a quality mattress that will support your body and provide a good rest. Read customer reviews and choose wisely.


Cushion Filling

The best sofa bed for everyday use should have the best cushion filling to support your form and be attractive. The most commonly used fillings are feather, foam and polyester fiber or a combination thereof. Feathers can be prone to clumping and require plumping up to avoid cushions becoming lumpy and misshapen. Generally, the denser the foam, the better the quality and more expensive it is. Polyester fiber needs regular pumping up as they don’t retain their shape as foam does.



A sofa bed of great quality would have upholstery made of premium materials as it will directly impact the comfort, look and feel of the sofa. Avoid mass-produced sofas as they will have inferior quality upholstery that wears and fades out too quickly. Check various fabrics and leathers and choose the one that is most attractive and comfortable.  


Edge Material

Each couch or sofa requires well-made edges so that the general shape of the sofa holds. It acts as a casing or the skeleton for the sofa to make sure that even after years of use the sofa holds to its original shape. This is in addition to the wooden frame.

Luxury Sofa Bed for Everyday Use

Nothing speaks comfort and delight like a luxury sofa bed. For those with a good budget and limited availability of space, buying these sofa beds is a no-brainer. A luxury sofa bed for everyday use is the perfect selection when you wish to maximize your space by providing both seating and sleeping options in one compact piece of furniture. Coupled with amazing fabric, wooden slats, webbing for greater durability and a luxurious mattress, your guests are in for a wonderful surprise. Whether you want to lounge all day or spend your night on a sofa bed by the window, spend a peaceful time with a scenic view. These sofas are the perfect examples of style meeting comfort and are great for everyday use. If you are looking to try something different, then try this.

Futon Sofa Bed for Everyday Use

Futon is a mattress that bends. In recent years, a futon sofa bed for everyday use has become a good option. Earlier, they were not considered the comfiest sofa beds. However, now futons are being made for all purposes and to fit within all budgets. Typically, they are filled with cotton but now are suffused with more materials to improve their quality. Futon sofa beds are also great space-savers for those wanting a bed without a big bed frame. Futon, itself, refers to the mattress and not the other components such as the frame and the cover, etc.

Are Futons Comfortable Enough

Futon sofa bed for everyday use is the best option for those living in studio apartments or other small spaces. Though some debate their comfort and quality levels, owing to the metal frame futons, in which the mattress is heavy and gets hard and uneven after a while. However, when choosing a futon sofa bed for everyday use, make sure to take quality, comfort, and longevity into account. 

Moreover, decide whether you want to opt for cotton (i.e., standard), double foam or memory foam, there are a lot of them on the market. Generally, the thinner the mattress, the firmer it is, due to compression of the cotton mattress. Double foam has 4-6 inches of foam, keeping the cotton in place and give great seating and back support. Memory foam works great on futon frames and is flexible and quite dense. These will retain shape without sagging and would be a good option for everyday use.


Leather Sofa Bed for Everyday Use

Leather sofa bed for everyday use is the most comfortable and perhaps, the most popular option in this guide. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to give your living space an added ‘wow’ factor. Leather sofas are available in different styles to complement your tastes. They can be in the form of a loveseat or an armchair sofa bed, as a two-seater or 3 seater sofa beds. They can be space-savers and also be available in king size to fill up extra space in any room.

Why Leather Sofas Stand Out

Whatever choice you make, leather sofa beds offer a premium feel and are one of the most reliable sofa beds for everyday use. Buying a leather sofa bed will only enhance the beauty of your living room and its availability at different prices makes it affordable even on a small budget. While browsing a leather sofa bed for everyday use, look for durability, quality of the filling and the color and shape that will best match your décor. 


Single Sofa Bed for Everyday Use

If you are low on space and can’t place a big sofa bed in the bedroom or the living area, then a single sofa bed for everyday use is the best option for you. This type of sofa bed has one seat and is adorned with beautiful colors and patterns to accommodate every individual’s dream sofa bed. It is not just compact but also quite stylish. Moreover, it is available in varying shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. The material is not too shabby either, and you can buy it in fabric or leather. 

These sofa beds offer the plush comfort you will find only in spacious sofa beds. This is a great option for that extra guest in your living space and is a perfect furniture item to place in the living room. Single sofa bed for everyday use come with minimalist designs and is perfect for people who don’t like clutter and like their living space to be a bit more open.

single sofa bed

Are Sofa Beds Good for Your Back

One of the top aspects of the best sofa beds for everyday use is that it should provide sufficient support to the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Generally, sofa beds are considered to have ample back support and if the mattress is not too saggy and worn out, then it can be used for sleeping and sitting for long hours. Compared to normal beds, sofa beds usually have a firmer mattress and getting used to such a mattress can be difficult, especially for people with chronic back problems.

Sleeping Regularly Isn't the Best Option

In a sofa bed, the mattress goes on top of the metal frame, which can dig into one’s back if the mattress is too thin, especially if you are using it regularly. Sleeping permanently on a sofa bed will not be the best option as it does not provide the same level of support as a normal mattress. Sofa bed’s convertible mechanism does not always provide sufficient support to one’s back and if you sleep on it every night, it may lead to severe back pain. Sofa beds are a great alternative to normal beds for saving space and money, but can also be exhausting to fold in/out every day and put a strain on your back.

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The sofa bed is a good alternative for a conventional bed in a small and restricted space. We hope this guide helps you in finding the best sofa bed for everyday use.