Top 10 Best Sofa Beds 

Best sofa bed, these three words have a nice and comforting ring to them, coupled with a luxurious feel. When you’re planning to purchase something for your home, you tend to go for the best thing only because your home is one place where you will always care more about comfort rather than the expenses. So when looking for the best sofa set for your living room, you ought to look for certain qualities and not worry about your pocket.

Before making the final choice, you need to consider the essential and most fundamental aspects of a couch bed. Comfort, practicality, and convenience are a few of them.

We offer you the following aspects and our top picks that you should keep in view before you lay your hands on any sofa bed.


  • Mattress included
  • Very comfortable
  • Reversible cushions


  • None

Warranty: 1 year 

I currently have this sofa bed for guests and it is surely the best sofa available online at an affordable price, it is a 5 five stars perfect product, I put it also in the best couches list. I occasionally take some naps and the innerspring mattress included is amazing. It arrived at me already assembled and two guys brought this inside my house thanks to the Amazon inside delivery and in my opinion, it is a good service, indeed Amazon always has fast and fantastic shipping. One of its major pros is the frame, indeed it is made of high-quality hardwood, so it could probably last for a lifetime. It is my 'secondary' sofa, my first one is made of high-quality top-grain leather, this sofa isn't made of real leather, but it remembers the feeling of the real leather and also the aspect. It is one of the best choice for back pain problems, because it is quite firm, but it has the soft sensation for comfort, too. I use it for guests, it can accommodate up to 2 persons because it is a queen sleeper sofa, and they always say it is the best sleeper sofa they have ever slept on, because there is no bar feeling at all and the mattress is high-quality.

Another thing I really like about this sofa is the big storage underneath the bed frame, it is very spacious and it's always a good thing to have. Last but not least the rustic design, it totally complements with my house design, but it could be also a problem if you want a contemporary design, but Ashley Furniture has thought about it so there are two colors available: steel and earth. It is after all the best option, but I wouldn't suggest to sleep on this sofa bed every day. Ashley Furniture is one of the best brands, so always consider its couches.


  • Extremely inexpensive
  • High-quality foam
  • Great for college dorms


  • Not for everyday use
  • No warranty

Warranty: At payment

Miliard always offers great and innovative products this is one of them, it is extremely inexpensive and extremely useful at the same time. My son slept on it every day for two weeks in college dorm and he really loves it, he found it comfortable as the $300 innerspring mattress at home. I was extremely impressed, thanks to the breathable fabric, the high-density foam and the possibility to turn it into a sofa, Miliard did a great job. If you want to play videogames or if you live in a studio flat or also if you are in a college dorm this is the most suitable sofa bed for you. It is okay for all types of people, heavy and tall, too. Up to two people can sleep on it. Another pros is the folding mechanism, in combination with the easy maintenance of this product. But I won't suggest using this as a bed every day, because a high-quality memory foam would be a better choice.


  • Top choice for big families
  • Great value for the money
  • Reversible cushions


  • Plastic legs
  • Plywood frame

Warranty: 1 year 

I love Homelegance as a brand, they are concerned about the quality and the price at the same time. I don't have this sofa, but I still remember the time I slept on it on holiday. It is made of strong polyester, so it is very resistant and it is very comfortable at the same time and I didn't feel any bad bars in them. In my opinion, it is the best sectional sleeper sofa for big families and it has a great value for the price. Other features are truly amazing, like the storage ottoman and the adjustable headrests.

I like the color, because it gives it a luxury design and it will hide stains and marks, too. But there is a thing I will not forgive to Homelegance, the plywood frame, it's pretty decent than the others online, but it will reduce the years of this sofa. For the very precise people, I've found another cons of this sofa, the plastic legs, what a pity to ruin part of the design in this way.


  • Versatile
  • Great value for the money
  • Beautiful design


  • Metal frame
  • Not so comfortable

Warranty: 1 year 

A lot of people will rate this as the best sofa bed, but in my years of experience, I can quietly say it is not, but you should consider also this option in the top sofa beds. In my opinion, if you are on a tight budget and you want a sofa bed you should answer this question: do you need mostly for sleeping or for watching tv? If it is the first case go for the Miliard, instead go for this one.

This convertible futon is super cheap, but with a split-back mechanism and its linen upholstery it will add a touch of class to your living room or to your office furnishings and moreover you can choose from plenty of colors. The cushions are a bit too firm and it won't be the best option for back support, but if you live in a studio flat or if you are on a tight budget you don't often worry about these things, but also if you want a sofa in your outdoor patio. The metal gives it a contemporary style, but it will reduce the sturdiness of this futon a lot. To sleep in a more comfortable way you could use a replacement mattress topper


  • Super easy to assemble
  • Great value for the money
  • Faux leather upholstery


  • Very firm
  • 6 months warranty

Warranty: 6 months 

FDW is known all over the world for its modern design sofas with a good price point. My neighbors currently have this couch, they are very satisfied, indeed they are a family of six and they need a big sofa for the living room. I interviewed my neighbor and he said the part he enjoyed the most is the assembly, it is really simple. He said the faux leather is comfortable and breathable and it gives that modern look with the black color. My neighbor loves basketball and he loves the adjustable headrests, they are very relaxing and after a tiring day they are amazing. Another point to underline is the ease to clean it, indeed because it is made of faux leather is a great advantage. The only cons is the density of the cushions, he loves stiff sofas, but if you don't like them you will probably don't like this couch.


  • Easiest to clean
  • High-quality frame
  • Easy mechanism


  • Too firm
  • Plastic legs

Warranty: 1 year

Like the Homelegance Platina, it is a sectional sofa and you should keep always in mind this if you are part of a big family. One thing to note is the colors, because there are three different options available: grey, taupe and blue, one of them will always match your interior design, in my top picks it is the easiest to clean and also between the sofas with the best mechanism, if you have problems like cervical it has collapsible headrests, so you will not have any troubles.

Other features are the big storage and the solid hardwood frame, indeed, in my opinion, it could last for a lifetime. One thing I particularly don't like is the comfort level, it's true I don't like firm sofas, but it should be a little softer, it truly depends on the different tastes, but I've collected a lot of different opinions and the people always say they would like it a little softer. Another thing you should note is the adjustable headrests, indeed a lot of people have this sofa to watch Netflix and love it.

I hope you liked my list of the best sofa beds.


Determine the purpose of it

Before you dive deeper into the qualities of the best sofa sleeper, you need to decide why you need it, if you want to know more about sofa beds click here. If you are looking for a sofa bed primarily to spend your evenings on, resting against the back, then you need to look for a product with a sturdy back. You need something that can handle long sitting sessions without sinking under your body weight. In this instance, a sofa sleeper would be a smart choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that could fulfill the need of your elderly family members or a disabled person, then you ought to go for adjustable recliners, there are also sofa beds for a basement.

Similarly, if you are a regular host to overnight staying guests, then you need a surface that can accommodate and support varying body weights. In this instance, choose an innerspring mattress or, in extreme cases, a memory foam.

best sofa bed

Choose the aesthetics

To name a few factors, aesthetic value and great design play a vital role in choosing the best sofa modern sleeper.

When deciding the placement of the furniture, always consider the physical dimensions, room color, and other aesthetics. The room needs to look attractive and open, even after you have placed a large sofa bed in. That is the beauty of multi-functional furniture, there is an entire bed in your living room neatly folded away, and many people won’t even notice it. This is significant because such choices reflect your personality. Therefore, choose the best sofa bed design and color wisely.  


Evaluate the space

For some, corner sofa beds are a great choice because of the ease of placement. For those living in bungalows or spacious apartments, choosing 2-seaters or 3 seater sofas are not a big deal. With a spacious place, you don’t have to worry about dimensions, as any size, any sofa would fit in easily. However, if you live in a small apartment or have somewhat congested space, a sofa bed is an excellent investment.



Hardwood Frame

The first and foremost characteristic of the best sofa beds for everyday use is a nice and robust hardwood frame. It serves as the base of the whole sofa structure. You can find metal frames readily in the market; however, the frames made out of wood are more reliable and super durable.

Choose Hardwood, not Metal

Usually, a sturdy frame of a sofa sleeper is made with a combo of furniture-grade plywood and kiln-dried hardwood or simply with kiln-dried hardwood. Frames made with pine wood are soft and not durable and you should avoid purchasing them. The strength of the material matters because it has to endure the wear and tear with the back and forth folding and unfolding.  Look for a frame with smooth edges. If your sofas have rough or sharp edges, it could easily tear through the sofa’s fabric. It may also damage the blanket or even the bed sheet.

wooden frame

High-end Mattress

The best sofa bed mattress is as important as the frame. When buying the best sofa bed, checking the quality of the mattress is vital since it has to support our lower back, shoulders, and rest of the body by providing comfortable support and sleep. The thickness of the mattress is never a promise of its comfort; a thin mattress of right built and firmness can offer excellent support. Yes, you always have the option of using a mattress pad for extra coziness, but a sofa sleeper that comes with a comfortable, thin mattress is better. You can lie down on the mattress to check the level of comfort it offers.

Memory Foam and Innerspring

People that have backaches or stiff muscles should look for memory foam. This foam can adjust well to the curves of your body, delivering pressure-relieving, and relaxing comfort. It is also suitable for people who have a habit of sleeping at their side or in an awkward position. You can also look for an Air-Coil mattress, which is a combination of innerspring technology and air mattress. This type of mattress gives extra comfort with its air mattress covered spring support center. When looking for these luxuries, note that they will definitely affect the cost, durability, and performance of the best sofa beds. 


The Right Size

Most people measure the doorway and hallway to estimate the size before transporting it inside the house. However, in the case of a sofa bed, taking measurements of the bed itself is significant. Take measurements of the best sofa bed when it’s folded, and after it is unfolded, it’s likely to take a lot more space than a regular sofa and bed. If you plan to place furniture around it, then make sure they are lightweight so you can shift them around to clear the area when the sofa bed is unfolded.


Easy Operating Mechanism

Apart from other qualities to reflect upon, a smooth operating mechanism holds specific importance. You can find a number of the best sofa sleeper styles in the market, each working on a different mechanism, as per the demand. The opening-and-close mechanism of the best sofa beds should be smooth and noiseless. Check it by opening up the sofa; it should open in a suave motion without making any squeaky noises. There should be a lock-down bar as well to ensure accurate opening and closing. Check this mechanism by opening and closing the unit several times to make sure that the parts are not wobbly or come off easily. It should not demand much effort from you when opened. You should also check the strength of the alignment by removing blankets or sheets. We mention a few of the significant ones here:

Lift and Pull

Lift and pull out is the most traditional one, readily available in futon beds. It works with lifting the seat up vertically to release the lock. You then pull it down to form a bed. 


Folding is specially designed for regular users. It usually has the innerspring mattress or the memory foam. The specialty is that simple motions can be separated from the base.

Click Clack

As laid-back as the name sounds, click clack is convenient. The locking system is unlatched by slightly pushing the back forward and then flattening it down in the shape of the bed. 


Among some of the best sofa bed mechanisms, corner stands out for being the most stylish. This mechanism yields a double bed with an extra podium that can be pulled out from beneath.  It is then popped up in position with the end of the sofa.


How Does Sofa Bed Mechanism Work?

To choose the desired operating mechanism, you need to understand how does sofa beds mechanism works? As defined above, there are a number of mechanisms you can choose as per your requirement and desire. Starting with the click-clack mechanism, the name is derived from the sound produced when the sofa is converted into bed after the lock is pulled open. A clicking sound can be heard when you pull the mattress forward and push it back to form the shape of the bed. When the locks are released, the mechanism sets in place and is locked. Once locked, the seat will say in place until unlocked.

The lift and pull out mechanism requires you to remove the cushions. Beneath, there will be a metal frame, visible. To unlock the bed, you’ll have to pull the frame from the middle so that the mattress can come out. Once you pull, two metal legs will spring into place and make the space for the mattress to spread. Once you unfold the mattress, the other pair of legs will come out, and the process will be completed. So next time someone asks you how does sofa sleeper mechanism works, you won’t have much trouble explaining then the mechanics.


Best Sofa Bed for Airbnb

With the wide variety of sofa beds available in the market, looking for the best sofa bed for Airbnb is not a difficult task anymore. Having a sofa sleeper for Airbnb means you are increasing the available sleeping space. Resultantly it will increase the chances of earning more revenue. You can opt for a faux leather affordable sofa bed; not only is it light on your pocket but also adds to your hospitality. Then you can opt for an Upholstered Daybed or Sofa Bed; this allows you to complement the sleeping space, thus improving your income.

Then you can always go for a Sectional Futon Sofa Bed. The most prominent aspect of this bed is its grandeur. It is big, stylish, and can comfortably accommodate heavyweight and tall people. The only downside is that it takes a lot of space. With this available, you can watch games and enjoy movies, lying, and eating snacks on it. This kind of bed does not require cushion removal; instead, it is a single piece with a comfortable mattress. If you have a small space that you plan to use as Airbnb, then a sofa bed can check all the boxes and you might not need to include a bed at all.

Best Sofa Bed for Bad Backs

Having elderly family members with back pain demands special sofa beds for them to relax and lay down. You can look up for a number of different sofa sleeper for bad backs online. In our reviews one specific item is 5 Position Bed Couch Lounger Sofa with decidedly comfortable material and design. The design is very user-friendly; it is also suitable for kids; they can nestle in and take a long, relaxing nap. Being lightweight, it can be easily transported from one place to another. Equally beneficial for kids and elders, it could be your top choice when looking for sofa beds for bad backs.

Another option is that of Loveseat Sleeper Sofa Bed, which is comparatively small in size. It also can be shifted with ease because of its compact size. Best suitable for small spaces, it is soft and among some of the recommended sofa beds for bad backs. The good thing is that it does not require equipment or tools for assembling. The mattress is profoundly relaxing, with its 3 purpose sofa bed, for reducing back pains and muscle aches. Loveseat Sleeper Sofa Bed is all-in-all a stress releaser, especially for older people in your house. 

bad backs

Best Sofa Bed for Disabled

An adjustable sofa bed for disabled would be no less than a blessing; however, people may not find many variants. You can, however, find a number of alternatives in the market for the sick and disabled. A power recliner is one such substitute to a sofa sleeper. It is a cozy, comfortable, and senior-friendly recliner that provides support to the back and legs. These are usually made with plush fabric to support the fragile body of older people. With the easy-open button at one side, the user won’t have to struggle with putting up the footrest. Another benefit of this recliner is the USB charging port.

Best Products

There are a number of custom sofa beds options available in the market that can fulfill every need of the elderly and the disabled. The features are so diverse that they are sure to give you a buzz. One of the best features offered is the Zero-Gravity mode that allows the user to have the sweetest sleep. Disabled people have more on their plate than an ordinary person and that is why a good night’s sleep can do wonders for them.  The bed frame is compatible with a diverse choice of mattresses and can be adjusted to up to 70 degrees.  


Best Sofa Bed for Elderly

The market has some great accessories to offer for older people and a sofa bed for the elderly is one of them. Older people tend to be restless and keep shifting their position, so you should consider recliner chairs at affordable prices. An advantage of this recliner bed is its ease of moving because of its unique style. This recliner can easily be shifted to an upper story without compromising comfort. It is unique and stylish simultaneously. Another useful feature of this furniture is the comfort of cleaning it. The elderly family members can experience convenience and comfort without compromise. It has thick padding for extra support.

When looking for a sofa sleeper for the elderly, you ought to search for furniture made of soft yet durable fabric. Since, elderly spend most of their time sitting and relaxing, so the sofa bed should be comfortable enough to support their body. The recliner sofa bed allows them more rest and less mobility by not letting them shift their legs every now and then. Online stores like Ashley Furniture, Wayfair, and Amazon are ahead of other manufacturers in bringing out newer and modernized sofa bed modern designs for the elderly, you can see the product reviews to choose which are the best sofas to buy. The automatic ones are even more beneficial for the elderly since no physical exertion is required.



Sofa beds have been nothing less than a revolution in the furniture industry. Multi-functionality is something we are all trying to achieve in this era and this invention is just right up that alley. Investing in a good sofa bed will improve the functionality of your place and also make you more hospitable for the guests.