Top 9 Best Sofa Bed Mattresses: Don't Feel Bars Anymore


You aren't satisfied with the mattress included in the sofa bed and you don't want to break the bank, so for you, we have picked the best sofa bed mattresses.

My Top Picks


Classic Brands 4.5 Inches

The first choice for a memory foam mattress. A 5-year warranty and an affordable price makes this mattress an excellent choice for a limited budget. Because it is very resistant againts germs, dust and mites, busy people finds it excellent, too.

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Miliard 4.5 Inches Replacement

This memory foam mattress is the best of both worlds, easy to fold, comfortable and cheap. For people who like memory foam it could be the best choice. Even heavy people will not feel the bars when sleeping on it, so a mattress to consider.

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DinastyMattress 4.5 Inch 

Do you suffer from back pain? Thanks to the high quality 2.5'' base high-density foam support + a memory foam layer you won't have problems anymore.

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Innomax ForeverAire

Are you a fan of air mattresses? Well, this mattress is the perfect choice for your need. Thanks to the adjustable thickness you can choose the perfect for your needs and moreover because it is 100% leak proof you won't need to worry about the mattress.

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DHP Independently Encased Coil

Do you want a futon and a mattress together? Here you are! The hybrid technology (innerspring + memory foam) and the versatility of this item make this mattress good for people who live in small apartments and want a comfortable sleeping surface. 

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Nature's Sleep 4.5 Inch

Another memory foam mattress that is rather comfortable

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Leggett Platt Inflatable

It is a different mattress from the others on this list. Indeed the air-over-coil technology is a combination of an innerpsring and an air mattress. It is very easy to inflate and very comfortable, too.

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Lifetime Replacement

This memory foam sofa bed mattress is specifically designed for hard metal frames. But, because it retains its shape quickly and it is reversible it makes life a lot easier for people who work a lot.

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PlushBeds Gel Memory Foam

The last gel memory foam mattress on this list.

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Well, if you are looking for reviews or a guide to buy the best sofa sleeper mattress, it is your lucky day. We get that questions too many times, and that is why we have taken this opportunity to bring you reviews and a guide that will not only direct you through the process but will also make your decision-making process much easier.

Since you are looking for a mattress for a sofa bed, you also plan to use it both as a bed or a sofa, either for your guests or perhaps for yourself. So comfort and hygiene should always be your priority.

Leggett Platt Inflatable


  • Very quick to inflate
  • Very comfortable
  • Nice padded cover


  • None

The air-over-coil is a new technology. It combines the firmness of the innerspring technology and the versatility of an air mattress.

This mattress is easy to inflate and also to deflate. Apart from being a good sofa bed mattress it is also a great choice for camping.

If you have back pain you could think it is impossible to sleep on a comfortable sofa bed mattress. Nothing more false, with this mattress you will sleep better than ever thanks to the high comfort level.

Another pros is the padded cover, the cover is very soft and comfortable, increasing the overall comfort. This mattress comes in two sizes, queen and full. If you need a mattress for Airbnb or for guests, it is the top choice because it will satisfy all tastes.

DHP Independently Encased Coil


  • Top choice for small apartment
  • Hybrid technology
  • Good for pet owners


  • 1 year warranty

DHP is always the forefront of the modern futons' market. It is rated as one of the best sofa bed mattresses for small apartments. It is very inexpensive but has great features. It can be a mattress and a sofa at the same time. You can choose from various colors options, so it will match your living room design.

But the fantastic part is the hybrid technology, so springs give it sturdiness, memory foam gives comfort. It is also a good mattress for pet owners. The polyester layering will be resistant enough and will hide the dog hair, a good thing for guests.

Its thickness is 8 Inch, a good compromise and it is 75'', two people can sleep on it with no problems. I'm only disappointed with the 1-year warranty. It is a high-quality product, so they could simply extend the warranty. However thanks to this mattress you will have a good night's sleep.

DinastyMattress 4.5 Inch


  • High quality 2.5'' base high-density foam support
  • 5 years warranty
  • Specifically designed for back pain


  • None

DinastyMattress is one of the best manufacturers nowadays.
With the gel memory foam technology you will benefit both from the comfort of the memory foam layer and from the gel memory foam. The gel memory foam will keep you cooler especially in Summer for an amazing comfort.

Thanks to the 2.5'' high-quality base high-density foam support, it has also a good back support. Innerspring mattresses should be the preferred ones for back problems, but this mattress is better than most of them. You will sleep comfortably.

When you buy a replacement mattress you should always see if it folds easily and also if it maintains its shape, this mattress meets both. You can choose between full and queen size.

Classic Brands 4.5 Inch


  • Resistant to germ, dust and mites
  • 5 years warranty
  • High quality foam


  • Slight odor

It has been for a long time the top Amazon's Choice for its price and its quality. It is available in most of the sizes, twin, full and queen, so it fits all types of sofas.

In general, if you need a sofa bed mattress you should consider this mattress, because it is a good compromise. First, it is very resistant to germ, dust and mites and it is a memory foam mattress. Add the high-density foam and it is very good for back support for an amazing comfort for an amazing sleep.

This mattress will maintain its shape after several years of usage. A lot of people complain about the slight odor, in my experience it should disappear after a month. If it is not the case and you don't want a strange smell in your home, you should consider other mattresses for your home.

Innomax ForeverAir


  • 100% Leak Proof
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Protection against wear and tear


  • Short warranty

I've never been a great fan of air mattresses, but this time the story is different. The top feature of this mattress is the adjustable thickness thanks to the pump.

It is 100% leak proof and it is also very resistant to wear and tear. If you need this top mattress for camping or for guests it is a great option thanks to its versatility and sturdiness, but you will also sleep well.

It is not the most comfortable mattress in this list, but if your need is the durability go for it! Another feature is the silent pump that shuts off automatically, it is a good anti-damage measure. A warranty longer than one year would have been a good choice, because people don't buy a mattress every day.

Lifetime Replacement


  • Good for hard metal frames
  • Reversible
  • Retains its shape quickly


  • Slight initial odor

It is one of the queen memory foam sofa bed mattresses easiest to fold, also for hard metal frames that don't have an easy folding mechanism. It also retains its shape quickly. There are various pros you should consider, first it is reversible and it can be easily put in a box.

Reading some reviews you can see it is a comfortable product to sleep on it. Apart from the initial slight odor, it is a good product.


How Will Your Sofa Bed be Used?

Before read my guide about the best futon mattresses for sofa use.

When you buy the best sofa bed for the first time, most stores like Ikea, Wayfair, and the online shop Pottery Barn provide the mattress along with it, so the initial decision should include the mattress too. This question is important because your users will determine exactly what you want. If you want to place the sofa bed in the living room and spend most of the time sitting, then the cushioning of the sofa is more important than the mattress for your home. But if the primary use is sleep, then go for the best sofa bed mattresses. In every case it will be part of your furniture. If you need it for guests to sleep go for the best sofa bed mattresses.

best sofa bed mattress

Who Will be Using It?

Now, who is your usual guest that will sleep on it? If they are some college friends, you can compromise a few things. But if your frequent guests are parents or in-laws, you might want to consider that decision again.


How Often Will it be Used? 

If you have a studio apartment or a small home and you will be using it every day, then maybe put in a couple of extra hundred dollars and get the best sofa bed mattress. But if you plan to place it in the guestroom for guests and it will not be used to sleep every day, then you can compromise on your comfort.

Now that few of the most important questions have been answered, it is time to focus on the mattress itself. The following are the few things to remember when buying the best sofa bed mattress.


Which Mattress to Choose?

It is a common misconception that since the sofa beds fold up and the mattress is also trapped within it, the top sofa mattress will be as cozy as an ordinary sofa. But now that numerous technologies have been introduced, your sofa bed mattress is also as comfortable as an ordinary mattress. There are three basic types to choose from that are compatible with sofa beds, and they are:

Innerspring Mattress

As the name suggests, this mattress has several coils that make it shock absorbent when you sleep on it. The best innerspring mattresses have up to 600 coils used within the mattress. The mattresses are the best stress relievers giving fantastic back support and they also come at a lower price.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made up of durable visco-elastic foam. As compared to the previous one, this is less firm, which means that it gives less support to the back, but the top memory foam molds according to your body shape to give you a better sleep. Since it is flexible, it is a good option for sofa beds.

Gel Infused Mattress

If you are a warm sleeper, which means that if you feel very warm while sleeping, you need to consider changing your memory foam mattress. A gel-infused memory mattress is similar to memory foam to sleep on it, its contours and feel are the same only with infused gel memory foam. This top gel memory foam can bring the temperature down to 3-4 degrees while you are sleeping. Another option for you is to buy a breathable mattress. This feature will ensure that heat is not trapped within the mattress, and you have a good night’s sleep.

There will be also latex mattresses, but latex is not very common.

memory foam

Mattress Thickness

A mattress will come with the sofa bed initially, but the height will always be an important thing to check. The height of a sofa bed mattress is restricted because it has to be folded within, but there are always options to choose from. It is advised to sit on the unfolded bed or even lie down to see if the mattress is comfortable enough to accommodate your sleeping body.


Density and Firmness

Make sure the mattress specifications are made clear at the time of purchase or even before your purchase. Apart from thickness, density, and firmness of the mattress are also very important. When you lie down to sleep at night, the mattress should support your back and give it the right precision of rest. Firmness will ensure that it molds to your body but don’t select a very hard mattress. Density will affect the longevity of the foam. A 2.5 density foam is the ideal foam for sofa beds. Usually innerspring mattresses are thicker than memory foam ones. 

You can always add a top mattress support over your original sofa bed mattress as well. These supports are available in IKEA or even Walmart, but this should be the last option.



We have talked about the insides of the mattress a lot, but it doesn’t mean that we can compromise on the exterior of the mattress. The mattress should be able to endure some rough use. Sofa beds are meant to be folded and unfolded, and that can be very tough on a mattress. A mattress will only be able to endure this when it is made of supreme quality. Make sure the cover of the mattress is sewed to perfection, or the cover will start ripping off in the process, very soon. For sofa beds I suggest top memory foam, because it is usually easier to fold

The fabric used on the surface should be durable, and it should be made of soft and light material so that it doesn’t warm up too much. 


Go for a Standard Size

We can’t emphasize this enough; even if you get your design customized, make sure to choose a standard size. Single, double, queen, or king, but if you go too adventurous with your design, you will go crazy finding the right size sheets for your bed. Fitted sheets are only available in conventional sizes, and if you want a customized size, make sure to get your sheets customized as well.

We hope that this guide helps you in choosing the best replacement mattresses for queen sleeper sofa for your space according to your needs and requirements.


Best Types of Sofa Bed Mattresses

Following are some of the most well-designed sofa beds mattresses you can choose to furnish your living space:

Comfy 2 Fold Sofa Bed Mattress

A 2 fold memory foam sofa bed mattress is one of the industry standards when it comes to comfort. A 2 fold sofa bed action refers to a replacement mattress that folds in one place, and gives two layers in a sofa bed mattress when it is closed, and utilized as a sofa. As this type of sofa bed folds only once so it is thicker, typically 10cm or 4.5 inches. The 10cm sleeper sofa mattress is a lot more comfortable and suitable for regular use, and the frame is a lot sturdier, which allows the replacement mattress to be used for a long time, without much wear and tear.

Replacement Sofa bed Mattress 2 Fold

Instead of buying a new sofa bed, a cheaper option is to buy a replacement mattress every few years to fit your existing sofa bed. As the 2 fold sofa is designed for regular use, it is more likely to wear down over time, which makes a replacement sofa bed mattress 2 fold a better option. Replacement sofa bed mattress 2 fold is available as coil sprung sleeper sofa mattress, a more comfy memory foam sleeper sofa mattress, and the most comfortable pocket sprung sleeper sofa mattress. All three are suitable for use on a daily basis as a 2 fold action sofa bed.

Consider the Size

The important thing to remember when ordering a replacement sleeper sofa mattress is the size of the mattress. The size of the replacement mattress can vary, especially if you have used it for a very long time. When buying a replacement, check the dimensions and thickness of the mattress. It will depend on the type of action used in the sofa bed. Other factors, such as the length and width, are equally important and can be determined by the sofa bed frame, which is the sofa bed action upon extension.   

Reliable 5cm Sofa Bed Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress with great back support but not too much thickness, then a 5cm memory foam sofa bed mattress is a safe and reliable choice. There is an extensive range of mattresses with many cool features to make you sleep like a baby every night. The 5cm sleeper sofa mattress is made in memory and hybrid types with a cooling gel memory foam layer, anti-slip properties, and a great deal of support. Most of these mattresses are designed to hug one’s body, and even with greater bounce have minimal motion transfer.

Why Consider a 5cm Sofa Bed Mattress

This means you can sleep peacefully, even with a fidgety partner. The 5cm sofa bed mattress is ideal for daily use and recommended for chronic neck, back, and shoulder pains. Most of the mattresses in this range are affordable and come with a long-term warranty. So, whether you are hanging out with your friends watching your favorite TV show or taking a long nap, this sofa bed is the perfect option for a comfortable and relaxed time. Even if your mattress gets damaged, a replacement can be found easily. So, shed your worries, and spend your days lounging on one of the safest mattresses ever made.

Elegant Sofa bed 14cm Bed Mattress

If you are looking for something much thicker than a 5cm sleeper sofa mattress, then try the sofa bed 14cm memory foam mattress. One of the best choices is the deep pocket spring mattress, which is superior to the open coiled mattress. The former has 1,000 coils wrapped one-by-one and sandwiched between the insulation and the interwoven layers of upholstery on both sides. This double mattress is form-fitting, giving that cozy, warm feeling to the person sitting or sleeping on it. Memory foam mattress of 14cm is also a good alternative to pocket springs mattress due to its good support, and hypoallergenic properties. However, some people do not enjoy the “sinking feeling” in memory foams as it can get a bit hot, and that makes sleeping difficult.


The sofa bed 14cm memory foam bed mattress is a great mattress when it comes to sharing a mattress with another person as the thickness prevents you from feeling the wriggly movements of the person sleeping or sitting next to you. If you want a blissful uninterrupted slumber, then buying this mattress, especially with the pocket sprung action, is definitely a good mattress for those with a tight budget.

Luxurious Sofa bed with 20cm Bed Mattress

A sofa bed with a 20cm memory foam bed mattress is one of the most comfortable sleeper sofa mattress you can buy. It is of the right dimensions for heavy sleepers. With a mattress this thick, you are sure to get that superb luxuriant support, which will make you want to stay in bed all day. These memory foam mattresses are to-die-for because of their comfort level. Anything thicker can put a strain on your back, so this is one of the smartest investments you will ever make.

Like other mattresses in this guide, this mattress also comes with complementary features such as firm support for relieving muscle tension, body-contouring, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties. A sleeper sofa with a 20cm memory foam bed mattress offers good value for money and is definitely the best buy when it comes to matching luxury with durability. Though this mattress may be a bit heavier on the pockets, it is worth spending money on, especially if you are looking for that something extra special for a peaceful night and day.   


The memory foam sleeper sofa mattress is a great way to brighten up your living space. Its multi-functionality makes it a great investment. The availability of sofa bed mattresses in different sizes, colors options, depths, and materials are some key factors to consider when choosing the best fit for your living space. The bottom line is to buy a quality sleeper sofa mattress with the right characteristics within your budget, and this guide will help you accomplish that.