Wedge Table for Sectional Sofa

Stretching out your legs and staying comfortable on the sectional couch seem that you are in the most relaxed mood. How about guests? Couches are not only for your comfort but also to entertain the guests. Are they only for decoration? Not at all. Along with the decoration, they participate in showing your nature, persona, and standard of living.

The decoration and interior of the living room or drawing room depend on a few factors: sofa set design, wallpaper, or painting on the wall, carpeting, lighting, center table, and wedge table. Most people are not well-aware of the importance of a wedge table with a sofa.

Defining the sectional couches: they are specially configured sofa set consisting of multiple individual sofas arranged in a particular pattern. The patterns can be L-shaped, U-shaped, or curved. Moreover, they are customizable with comfortable seating to entertain members, brown leather 4-seat sectionals with a lot of pillows are very common nowadays.

Have you thought of placing a sectional sofa wedge table? Honestly speaking, it looks not only fascinating but also a mandatory part of the sofa set since you and your guest expect to have it when using the sofa for a casual and formal setting. One of the reasons is to put a cup of tea or coffee beside where they are sitting.  A wedge table for sectional sofa plays an important role in completing the setting of your space. You can easily place table lamps and other accessories to make your room more beautiful. It is an item with lots of features. It is a 5 stars ideal product.


Wedge Table for Sectional Sofa - The Center of Attraction

A combination of wedge table with sectional couch in your interior makes for a perfect pair. You can easily accessorize by placing a beautiful flower vase or a centerpiece on the wedge table. However, selecting the carpet, couch, and wedge table should contrast with the ambiance and gives a phenomenal look.

Size and Shape Matters

When it comes to choosing the right wedge table, size matters, and it directly relates to the space available besides the individual pieces of sofas. We will also discuss the shapes and sizes of the wedge tables in this guide, but before let us talk about what it takes to decorate the interior and how it contributes to the environment and surroundings.

wedge table for sectional sofa

Importance of Wedge Table

As discussed, honoring the guests is the most crucial aspect when it comes to your reputation. For maintaining it, people invest a lot of money for decorating the interior, especially living rooms, where they invite their relatives, neighbors, and friends. Precisely, it takes a lot of money; then why not consider a beautiful and matching wedge table for a sectional sofa? It’s not much expensive and, of course, is an essential need. Although many teenagers prefer to use wedge table for placing their laptops, we recommend using the right height table if you prefer to work for longer hours. The continuous sitting can have a negative impact on your back.


Size of the Wedge Table

The answer to this question is quite simple and casual. Depending on the cross-sectional width, you can choose a wedge table so that it doesn’t look misfit in the room. Some people who prefer to live casually use wedge tables for various reasons, such as placing the laptop on the table and sitting on the couch comfortably to do work. If you have a reclining sectional with adjustable footrests you need to take measurements very well.

Height is an Important Aspect

As mentioned above, wedge tables provide you the right support to entertain the guests. Using the same idea, you need to decide the size of the wedge table beside the sectional sofa. The essential point to keep in mind Is that the size of the wedge table is dependent on the space available besides the sectional sofa. Size does mean not only the length or width but also height; the height of the table should complement the height of the couch.

Side Table and Corner Table

If you plan to use the wedge table as a side table, the size must complement the sofa but if a corner table, the size can vary. A large wedge table in the corner will become an accent piece that you can decorate. Whether it is an L-shaped, U-shaped, or curved sectional sofa, wedge size depends on the need, matching, and ambiance of the area.


Shapes and History of Wedge Table

Amazing looks rely on numerous factors, such as shapes, color, size, etc. However, it is important to stick with trendy shapes instead of simple ones since it matters. The fashion of keeping a wedge table beside a sofa is quite old. In 300 A.D, in Rome, people considered wedge table a symbol of status and only the rich used it in their guest rooms. Craftsmen started to introduce different designs and with time, common people have started to purchase wedge tables for their houses. Several designs and unique shapes are being constructed today.

  • Randel Wedge End Table
  • Fuji Shapes Modular Lounge Wedge
  • C-Shaped End Table
  • Amelie Wedge End Table
  • T-Shape Table Base
  • Giddens C-Shape Snack Side End Table

Every single shape is available from an online shop with fast shipping. The best are Wayfair, Pottery Barn and Macy.


Glass Wedge Table

Glass made decoration items have their unique value as far as styling is concerned. Of course, the glass made wedge tables are delicate and should not be maintained at a house where there are children and pets. But, the truth is their looks uplifts the ambiance of the entire room. Apart from your home décor, the receptions and waiting areas of well-reputed companies and multinationals always use glass made center tables and wedge table for sectional sofas. The same goes for conventional sofas. Together with sectional sofas with cuddler, glass wedge tables have been a great innovation.


Easy To Maintain

The average size of the wedge table makes it easier to maintain it. Maintenance includes cleaning, dusting, periodic polishing, and soft handling. When it comes to cleaning, it does not require extra effort and time; subsequently, even the polishing does not need too much investment because of its little size. If you need to place a wedge table outdoor or on your patio I suggest metal as material, because it is very resistant.

With time, the wedge has become a necessary addition in the interior décor as it uplifts the ambiance, but not in the way it was previously considered as the symbol of status. It is not too expensive, neither needs special maintenance, but its existence plays an important role. Do not wait and buy one today. 


Combination of Wedge Table and Chairs

Whether it is your living room or bedroom, adding a pair of chairs or a seating option is a good decision. Often time, people decide on adding a small couch to these spaces. But what if you are in a gallery or any place where there is no sufficient space for a sofa set (it is over 100 inches long)? You would definitely love to place a set of chairs. It is also important to have a wedge table at the center of the chairs.

This could make for a perfect conversation area where you can sit and have discussions. Therefore, if you notice how important is the wedge table in your daily routine life and what ways it can be used, you will not wait to get the best one for the best use. Other good combinations are: wedge table and loveseat and wedge table and recliner chairs. (so every member of the family has an arm).

Wedge Accent Table

From a wide range of wedge tables, the most frequently used wedge table is the “wedge accent table”. It is simple, easy to maintain, and nicely shaped.

Wedge accent tables are available in numerous colors and sizes. However, the most decent ones come in white color. Placing it in the gallery with chairs or at the sides of the sectionals in the living room or drawing room can cater to many small and crucial uses. Being white in color also makes them suitable for all rooms and furniture types. Like any other furniture piece you have to use it with care, otherwise, using it roughly can damage it, and ultimately, its scratching condition will not allow you to place it in front of the guests. These types of wedge tables are not glass-made, and metal-made wedge accent tables are not successfully winning the market. Precisely, wooden-made wedge accent tables are the best, trendiest, reliable, and successful in the market.

Wedge Under a Table Leg

We hope the floor surface at your home is even and is not rough. What if someone needs to use a table at an uneven surface? Of course, the issue will need some fixing; otherwise, it would be wobbly and make it impossible to get anything done on the surface. Placing a wedge under table leg can prevent further damage to the table and floor. The root causes of such a situation can be a broken-legged table or uneven surface. This problem arises in rare cases but bothers a lot.

Don't Place Folding Papers Underneath the Wobbly Leg

You don’t have to fold papers and place it underneath the wobbly leg to balance it because now you can use a wedge under a table leg to resolve that issue. It is not always possible to replace the table that wobbles but you can always find easy solutions. This practice is common among restaurants and beverage shops. If you surf around the internet, you would be surprised to know that the special wedges are manufactured to place under wobbling tables

Is Wedge Dining Table Becoming The Next Trendy Furniture Piece

The wedge dining table is not common. Many people have not even heard of this term before. However, according to the statistical analysis trends of the decoration market, most high-end restaurants, especially skyline restaurants, are using this modern and unique tables for dining. However, these dining tables are very expensive since they require much effort and time in designing and construction. The most crucial apart of this table is its balanced-feature. The entire table's weight is meager since it is made up of very lightweight material. The manufacturers are very calculation focused when designing it since the legs are leaned and are used for excellent balance.

There are a few trends in the world that last for more than a few years let alone decades but, it does not apply to all trends. A wedge dining table trend is the one which is quite untraditional, and no one can guess for how long this trend could last.

dining wedge table

Beautiful Wedge Shaped Dining Table

The beauty of the wedge-shaped dining table is overwhelming. Since it is an unconventional piece of furniture, people today are interested in adding it to their space. With its big volume, the construct is utterly dependent on the edges of the leaned legs. The top comes in different shapes, such as barrel, rectangular, square, and round-shaped, whereas the material used can be Moka-coloured marble or ash wood or bronzed glass.

The visual effects are so amazing, it reveals the thought and artistic style of the designer. The same innovative styling goes with the top; they are available in both wood and glass. The legs' vertical length is in the semi-circle shape for the support with polished satin metal or steel finish in malt color. It may surprise you more if you see it in its unique look of having a top made of barrel-shaped. It exposes the semi-circles of the supporting legs.

Imagine the use of wedge dining table at your home, how fascinating would you be feeling while sitting on such a luxurious dining table?. Many big hotels and multinational companies have set up these wedge dining tables in their dining area for clients, customers, and managerial staff; it is really a symbol of reputation and status. Although its price and maintenance are quite higher than conventional dining tables, it is hard for common people to afford it.


Wedge table was not very popular a few years ago but emerged as a huge trend. In the current era, several shapes of wedge tables are available on the market. Choosing the right one can be a good addition to your interior. Glass-made wedge tables have a more graceful look compared to wooden and metal, but if you have children and pets at home, it is better to use metal or wooden-made.

Often, when you are not in your living room, a combination of chairs and wedge table works. A wedge table is a perfect thing to partner with your sectional sofa to complete the look of the room. This guide has been designed in such a way that it will make your decision-making process a lot easier. Choose a wedge table that not only fulfills your needs but also adds to the aesthetics of the room.