Top 5 Pet Covers For Sectional Sofas

Having pets is amazing as it brings more liveliness and positive energy to the house but the owners have to be a lot more careful to protect their couches from the damage pets can cause. It looks great when your loved pet rolls itself on the couch and enjoys the comfort of a big and warm sofa. Watching the pets sleep peacefully and enjoying the warmth and coziness of the couch is a delightful moment.

To ensure that the sofa remains fresh and clean, it is important to cover your favorite sectional sofa with a pet cover that serves the need of keeping the sofa damage proof and provides the comfort to the four-legged member as well. No matter how well-behaved your dog is, the sofa will get damaged in one way or another.

An important thing to consider while buying the best pet cover for sectional sofa is to check if the furniture protector will match with the interior of the room and also add to the liveliness with its great color and comfort. While there are multiple options available in the market, you will have to look closely to select the cover that resembles the lifestyle of the house and gives protection to the sofa from the loved pets. Below there are some of the best pet covers for sectional sofas.


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OstepDecor Couch Cover


Floppy Ears Design Extra Wide Cover

Faux Suede Microfiber

Paulato Sectional Sofa Cover


Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover L Shape


TAOCOCO Sectional Covers 2pcs l-shaped

88 Polyester/12 Spandex

OstepDecor Couch Cover


  • Rubber dots to prevent slip
  • Good for all types of upholstery
  • Top choice for pet owners


  • None

First of all, this type of sofa cover is sold by different companies (Tewene, Deep Dream, Royhom, OstepDecor). They come in different colors and styles. To choose the right one, you should check all of the covers listed above.

It is the best pet sofa cover for sectional couches, thanks to a lot of features. First of all, it is a good choice for all types of upholstery material, ranging from linen to leather. People ask me about covers for sectional couches, because they tend to slip easily. OstepDecor has implemented rubber dots to prevent slip, and they work well.

This cover is made of a mix of polyester and crystal velvet. I've never been a fan of velvet covers, they tend to leave fur on the surface of the couch, but I think something has changed. Everybody says this cover is resistant against pets and the velvet is cozy, too. Nowadays, many new advanced technologies revolutionize the world. Thanks to this new type of velvet the cover is both comfortable and resistant.

One of the pros of sofa covers is the easiness of cleaning. You can put it in a simple washing machine and it is like new. OstepDecor sofa cover is machine washable and doesn't seem to ruin during the cleaning (a sign of good material used). It is essential for a pet sofa cover.

It is a cover made for comfort and resistance. But some people are interested also about the design and it is a subjective thing. The design is a bit dated and if you love contemporary designs it isn't the perfect match. Thanks to the huge number of sizes available for l-shaped sectionals you won't have problems finding the right one for you. You can have a 3-seat or a 4 -seat sofa, it will fit it. It has a 5 stars rating. Last but not least, it is ok also for armless sofas.

Floppy Ears Design Extra Wide Cover


  • Easy to install
  • Traps Fur
  • Faux suede microfiber material


  • It tends to slip

The design of this sofa cover is strange but it does its job well. It has a loose design and it is available in two sizes: medium and large. Like you can note it isn't a stretchable pet slipcover, indeed it is more like a protector.

It depends upon your tastes, some people prefer this type of cover because it allows more ventilation. Moreover, it is easier to install, but it comes with some downsides. The big one is that it tends to slip when you sit on. There are also some pros this type of design has, the first and foremost is the range of sizes it can cover. With the previous cover reviewed you have to choose a specific size. Instead, with this cover, it isn't necessary.

Let's speak about comfort and resistance, they are important factors! The material is faux suede microfiber. I'm personally a big fan of microfiber fabrics because they are resistant. Against kids and pets, they are the top choice. A kid sometimes is worse than a pet for sofas. Thanks to the suede sensation, it is also comfortable enough. I always suggest microfiber, because if you don't have particular requirements, it will satisfy your needs.

It comes at a high price-point. But thanks to the easiness of washing, it can save you time and money in the long-term. You won't need to buy a new sofa.

Paulato Sectional Sofa Cover


  • Stretchable
  • Second top choice for pet owners
  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly


  • None

GA.I.CO. is one of the top brands selling sofa slipcover, so one cover made by them is a must-have in my list. First and foremost it is one of the best stretchable slipcovers. Thanks to the stretch properties most people prefer this type of cover for the easiness of installation and the no-slip property. You should keep in mind it, because it is one of the best sectional sofa covers.

It is impossible that it could slip because it includes also cardboard triangles to keep it attached to the couch. It is an item specifically designed for pet owners, indeed the fur doesn't stick to the cover, so you won't have serious problems removing it. Being made of polyester it has both a nice feeling the resistance.

It seems to be easy to wash and to clean in general. Some people complain about the price point, but it isn't neither overpriced neither cheap, it is right-priced. Another aspect to remember is the certification Oeko-Tex 100. It means that the cover is hypoallergenic & skin-friendly. It is good for all the members of your family.

Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover L Shape Sofa


  • Easy to install
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Bright Colors


  • None

Easy-Going is probably one of the most recognized brands in this field. As the name says, the characteristic of this cover is the easiness of installation. It will require you 5 minutes to install this cover. The material like most of the other covers is microfiber and it stays in place well thanks to the foam pipes.

Apart from being comfortable and strong, it is also waterproof, it is good also for pets' urine according to verified reviews. Another aspect to consider is the bright colors. They will match your living room wall and design and if it gets dirty you can always clean it.

TAOCOCO Sectional Covers 2pcs l-shaped


  • 2 Pieces configuration
  • Good for most of the sizes
  • Easy to take off


  • Slippery

We complete our reviews with this product, it is different from the others for one reason. It is made of two parts, one for the sofa and the other for the chaise-chair. Because it includes two parts it has two great advantages. You can adjust your sofa configuration differently and you can also wash only one part.

It is very stretchy. Thanks to this property you don't need to worry about dimensions and other boring stuff. You could think it is difficult to take off, nothing more false. You can easily take it off and put it in the washing machine. With this cover, you won't need to worry about your kids and your dogs. It will also boost the comfort of your current couch. You can even sleep on the chaise.


Important Parameters For Sectional Pet Covers

The best dog couch covers come in different varieties and are made up of materials that can either be washed by hands or in washing machines. Polyesters and synthetic materials are mostly used in the market for making sofa protectors because of the durability and washability.

To protect the sofa from the stains caused by the urine of the pets and the fur and danger which can get stuck into the fibers of the sofa, pet covers with dust and stain-resistance should be preferred. Along with the durability, it should protect the sofa and also ensure the comfort of the pets.

For the relaxing and comfortable experience of the pets, thick-quilted microfiber and ultra-soft fabrics are available in the market. The covers offer great aesthetics to match with the different styles of the sofa and are also available in several colors to choose from.

These covers are resistant to animal hair and can also be washed easily. The fabric of the pet covers should be soft and breathable and should not have loose ends or suture as the claws might get in them and will get spoiled.

Choose a Suitable Color for Pet Covers

With a variety of colors like solid blue, navy blue, red, and beige, you can choose the covers from a wide range of s pet covers for sectional sofas that complement the couch and can also hide the animal hair. A solid color sofa cover with bold pattern will help in hiding the small stains and also gives a new look your sectional sofa. If you want, you can also diy a sofa cover.

If you have a big dog in the house like a Great Dane, then it is important that the dog sofa cover does not cause any discomfort or hindrance in the movement of the pets and should be resistant to wear and tear. A cover should not only protect the sofa but should be easily washable. Most of the covers available in the market are not machine washable and cause discomfort while cleaning.

The Ideal Pet Covers For Sectional Sofas

Ideal pet covers for modular sofas should be easily washable, resistant to dust and stains, and comfortable enough for the pets to snuggle on them.

pet covers for sectional sofas

Select A Quality Sectional Couch Cover

To select a high-quality sectional couch cover that gives protection from the pet damage and also ensures the long service life, check out the below qualities to look for while selecting the sectional couch covers.


Material Durability

Some people like small pets and some prefer to have big ones and it is important to offer the pets their freedom in the house. If you allow your pets to sit and relax on the couch, then having a cover with a durable material will suffice the need to protect the covers from the claws and accidental wear of the fabric by the canines.

Microfibers and leather make the best materials for the best couch covers which can last for really long without losing their finish and are also resistant to the stains caused by the urine of the pets. A microfiber or leather cover is easy to clean and can be brushed to remove animal hair. Modern leather sectional sofas with recliners to know more about quality leather.

cotton upholstery


Color and Design

Selecting a sofa for your living room is never easy and people are quite choosy about the designs and fabrics that will complement the room interiors and give it a regal finish. However, people tend to forget that they have to protect their expensive sofas from the pet damage as well.

No one wants to hide over their favorite sofa under a dull cover which spoils the effort of choosing a sofa. To make this work, markets today are floating with sofa covers with a variety of styles and designs to match with your room color and design. While selecting a cover, always go for a color that matches the sofa and other items of decoration in the house.

To reduce the visibility of the animal fur, the color of the cover should match with the fur of the pet.

grey color cover

Reversible Covers

A reversible cover will offer dual benefits to the owners as it has different designs and patterns on both sides and in case one side is damaged because of the stains and wear, you can reverse the cover and use it again. One side of the reversible sofa covers can also serve as a backup option when there is a need to have a clean and presentable sofa with no stains and animal fur stuck on it.


Proper Size

A size mismatch between the cover and sofa will result in lower protection and will spoil the look of the sofa as well. While choosing the cover, you should measure the dimensions of the sofa like the length, width, and depth along with the arms and back flaps. Select the cover which fits properly on the couch covering the arms and backrest as these are more prone to damage by the pets.

Slip-Proof Sofa Covers Stands Out

A slip-proof sofa cover will stay intact and will not fall and slip off while the pets jump onto them. A small sized cover which doesn’t match the size of the sofa will slip off when pets move and play on the sofa. This can expose the sofa to damage and will make it look untidy

sofa cover size

Easy Cleaning

With consistent use, the cover starts to give a foul smell and the stuck fur makes the couch give a dirty look. Time to time, you will have to wash the cover to remove the foul smell, stains, and fur stuck in the fabric of the best dog couch cover.

There are covers available in the market which can be cleaned with a brush to remove the fur and then washed either with hands or in a machine. While buying a cover, select the material which is easier to wash and does not take much time to dry. 

About Leather Sofa Covers

Please note that leather covers cannot be washed and can only be cleaned with a dry cloth and polished to remove the smell and stains.

Check out this article about cheap sectionals.

Sofa Covers For All Your House Needs

As you have now understood the important things to check while buying a sofa cover, let’s discuss the types of covers for the household needs. People like to have sofas in their living rooms, basement, and gardens, and to protect the sofa from the weather and the pet damage, it is important to take due care and use the materials which are long-lasting and provide comfort as well. The below pointers will help you in making the right choice for selecting the sofa covers.

Pet Couch Covers That Stay In Place

To get complete and all-time protection of the couch, the best pet couch cover should stay in place and should not slip off with the movement of the pets on the couch. While it becomes uncomfortable when the coverslips off when sitting, it also increases the chance of damage. A heavy and quilted cover made up of slip-proof material will serve the purpose. Covers made up of cotton, velvet, and leather avoid slippage and provide convenience and are hardly visible when placed perfectly on the couch.

Consider Covers With Straps

Some covers have straps that can be tied to the couch and some have taps to be tucked into the couch for slip-proof protection from the pets. While choosing a cover, select a heavy material with the right size to cover the whole couch.

pet couch covers that stays in place

Cover for Sofa Corner

A corner sofa is bigger and generally has an L-shape that can easily settle into the corner of a room. It has an ample amount of space for your loved pets to relax and get comfortable. To save the sofa from the damage caused by the pets, you can choose a pet cover specially made for the L-shaped sofas.

A slipover sofa cover is easy to set up and can be fixed with the help of sponge cylinders in the space available between the cushions. The covers get into the perfect shape with the stretchable fabric and give a completely new look to your sofa. Do check the measurements of the sofa before buying the cover to get the right fit. Online shop like Wayfair and Subrtex have a good collection with fast shipping.

Sofa Covers For Decorating Your Living Room

If you are looking to decorate the sofa along with the pet protection for your living room, then there are various designs and patterns available in the market. The covers with elegant patchwork and fancy designs and cuts give a new finish to the sofa and one can choose from different colors to match with the room and the other home decor items. If you have sofa sets, you can go creative!

Sofa covers made up of leather and velvet are liked by many people because of their finishing and classic designs. With a reversible sofa cover, you won’t have to be embarrassed about your sofa while calling friends and family for gatherings and treats. Just reverse the sofa cover to get a fresh and clean look.

You need to ensure that the design is suitable for your pets to settle down and not get stuck in their claws.

Covers For Garden Sectional Sofa

Many people desire to have a couch in their garden where they can relax and enjoy the cool weather with their pets. While a garden sofa has to bear a lot because of the changing weather, to provide comfort to your pets, it should be properly managed. A washable and easy to clean design cover is what you need to have in a comfortable and relaxing garden sofa and to give more protection from the canine wear and tear. A pet sofa cover made up of durable fabric and weather protection is essential. A slip-proof and stain-resistant sofa cover that withstands high and low temperatures will be ideal for a garden sofa.

What Are the Best Fabrics?

Some of the fabrics which are available in the market at a reasonable price for making a water-resistant sofa cover are polyester, nylon, laminated cotton, oilcloth. These fabrics are tested for weather changes and can help in protecting the sofa against the stains, foul odor, fur, and damage caused by the claws of the pet. A sofa cover will not only protect the sofa from the pets but will also be a shield from the weather conditions.

garden sectional sofa cover

Dust Mite Covers For Sofa Cushions

Dust mites can cause allergies in humans and pets as well and it might in severe cases cause a foul smell. These eight-legged creatures are not visible to the naked eyes but can cause troubles like skin irritation, sneezing, skin rashes, and more issues.

As the mites prey on the skin shed by humans, they can survive even in the cleanest of the places in the house. To prevent the infestation of the dust mites on the couch, you can use the sofa covers that are breathable and prevent the mycotoxins from seeping into the fabric which increases the mites. Dust mite covers for sofa cushions can be placed like the normal cushion covers and can prevent the breeding of the dust mites with their humidity-resistant fabric.

The other potential ways to secure the sofa from the dust mites are reducing the humidity in the house as the mites are more productive in a humid environment. Ensure proper ventilation in the house and frequently clean the sofa and other fabrics like carpet and sofa mattresses to prevent dust mites.


Investing in the right kind of sofa cover is essential to protect the sofa from the pet damage and to ensure that the sofa stays clean and usable for the years to come. While protection is important, comfort to the owners and the pets is also essential and for that selecting the cover which is easy to maintain and clean would be the best choice. There are covers in the market for all types of sofas, whether 3 seater, 4 seater, or even l-shaped. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from. It would be best to assess the requirements and then make a purchase.