How to Place a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa

When you think about setting up space, there are many things that you need to take care of. Choosing and buying a sectional couch is a huge decision, but if you do not plan or execute it well, you could possibly lose all your investment. The correct side table, the correct center table, and the right rug underneath the sectional sofa will make all the difference.

These things will all work together to get you your desired room. Today carpets are replaced by good quality finished tiles and rightly so. It is challenging and time-consuming to maintain carpets. They require continuous maintenance and cost you a lot as well. Having premium quality tiles or marble all over the house will cut down the work you have to do, but this also means that you will have to put in a little effort to make them look nice.

Rugs are the perfect accessories for your bare floors. Moroccan rugs are the most famous ones, they are known for their vibrant colors, and they also depict the true Moroccan culture. How to place a rug under a sectional sofa is a question we often get by people who are buying couches for their homes.

Finding the right sofa for your home is very important; it can be a sectional, a couch, or a loveseat, whatever fulfills your requirements is good enough. But the decision making continues with how to accessorize it.

In this article, we will particularly talk about sectional sofas and rugs. Since the sectional is itself a large piece of furniture, the rug must also complement the size of the sofa. Many people think that rugs should be small in size, but that is not actually the case.

Nowadays, huge rugs are available in the market that you can use to anchor the room. The rug can be the first thing you choose for your living room or maybe the last, but one thing you need to remember is that it will be the star of the room. I hope you will find our tips informative.

how to place a rug under a sectional sofa

The Right Size

A large sectional will overshadow your expensive rug, is that what you are thinking? Well, the answer to that is no. A rug can never be overshadowed by the furniture if the color and size of the rug are right. If you choose the right size of the rug, it will only make the things pop more and anchor them in the room. Without the rug, the things in the room will not blend. Think of the room as an empty canvas; you put in different colors on the canvas, but until you blend them out, your picture will not be complete. The right sized rug will blend in all the elements in the room.

5 by 8 Feet

A 5 by 8 feet, a rug of this size will be placed in the middle of the room with the sectional sofa legs off it. It should have a good distance from the wall, keeping it too near the wall will make the room look smaller.

8 by 10 Feet

An 8 by 10 ft. the rug is the perfect sized rug that you can use with a sectional sofa in your living room. This will ensure that your room looks spacious enough and that all the furniture pieces are comfortably placed. A 8 feet long rug is very common.

9 by 12 Feet

A 9 by 12 feet rug is appropriate for large rooms that have huge space, and you need something to coordinate all the furniture pieces. In a large room, it is very difficult to bring harmony between different furniture pieces. A rug this large will anchor the room and improve the aesthetics of the room.

Remember: the larger the room, the larger the rug. The rug needs to fit your room.


big living room

The Right Color

Design is very important. It is very important to choose the right colored rug to place under your sectional sofa. Many people go with neutral shades when it comes to the rugs, but they can get dirty very soon, especially if you have kids and pets around. But then you also have to think about the theme of the room and the color palette used throughout the room. It is very important to remember that you don’t have to paint the entire room with the same brush. This simply means that the contrast of color can be your strength if you use it the right way.

Color Suggestions

If you have a dark-colored sectional sofa, it is important that you use a light-colored rug underneath so that the colors of the sofa pops and become the focal point of the room. Similarly, if you have a light-colored sectional sofa, place a lighter-toned rug underneath to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Stores like Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Syden, Bliss and Ikea have a vast range of rugs available in different colors and price ranges. You do not have to put a lot of money to get the perfect rug for your place. Thrift stores also can be a treasure when it comes to rugs. You can pick an old rug, get it professionally cleaned, and place it in your living room.


The Right Material

When it comes to rugs, there are a number of materials available in the market. Some are cheap, while others are extremely expensive, but buy what fulfills your needs. It is important to remember that rugs do get dirty very quickly, and that is why a rug with easy clean fiber will be the right pick.

The color significantly contributes to the cleanliness of the rug, but the material is also as important. The rug should be placed in such a way that the fiber is least damaged. If you are sliding or moving a furniture piece over it, make sure you are doing it in the direction of the fiber. This will reduce the chances of damaging the material of the rug.



Rug Placement

It is important to mimic the shape of the room with your rug. Most of the living rooms and common rooms are usually square or rectangular in shape, but people often depict the shape of their center tables rather than the shape of the room.

Shape Facts

For example, if you have a round center table, you shouldn’t go for a round rug rather a square or rectangular one. When you place your rug according to the center table, you are making it the focal point of the room rather than the expensive sofa. Let us all admit that sectional sofas can be very expensive if you choose the high-quality ones. So, if you have such an expensive piece in the room, why not make it the star in the room. For example a cuddler should be the star in your the room.

rug placement

Furniture Placement

If your furniture pieces have delicate and styled legs, then place them on the rug, or else they can be placed on the floor. If you have a bulkier sofa like a chesterfield sectional sofa, they can be placed on the floor rather than the rug. But if you have a sofa that has sleek wooden or metal legs, then place it over the rug to make it look a little more stylish.

How to place a rug under a sectional sofa is an important question, but the answer to it would vary according to each setting. You do not want to overplay or underplay your sectional sofa, that is why do what is best for the setting of your room.

This will also help in creating a conversation area; if the rug is placed too near the wall or not with the furniture, the flow of the room will be disrupted.

Styling your room is not very simple, so hiring an interior designer is a good choice.

furniture placement

Visual Division

While sectional sofas are the perfect furniture piece for space division, a rug also performs the function perfectly. If you have a large space and you want to divide it into two distinct spaces, a sectional sofa will help you in dividing the space. Placing a sectional sofa between a living and a dining space will make two different rooms. A rug can do similar things for you. Place a rug to divide kid’s playing area and your sitting area in the living room. If you want to divide it well, you need to arrange them properly.

Divide Office Space

Similarly, if you have placed a sectional sofa in your office and you want to divide your office into two distinct spaces like a sitting area and a workspace, simply place two different rugs. This will ensure that space is divided into two areas, and this divide will be quite visual as soon as you walk into the room.


The L of the Sectional Sofa

There is one rule that you should follow when putting an area rug, and that is, there should be space around it for movement. This depends on the size of the room, the sectional, and the rug as well. Suppose you have a smaller rug that doesn’t extend under the legs of the sectional, centering it under the coffee table is a good idea. By centering it in the L of the sectional and around the coffee table, you will easily leave a few steps of space around the rug. This will help in anchoring the room


Rectangular Rug

How to place a rug under a sectional sofa doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire sectional has to be placed over the rug. If you have a small sectional sofa, then you can take a rectangular rug and place it under or in front of the short end of the sectional. If the rug is a little longer and is going beyond the length of the short end of the sectional, maybe tuck it in the other end of the sectional.

Add a Pair of Chairs

Another thing you can do is add a pair of chairs on the extended end of the rug; this will not only increase the seating options but also create a conversation area in the room.

rectangular rug

Overlapping Rugs

Many people are not sure of this, but we guarantee this can be a game-changer. Overlapping will not only bring in more color and texture to the room but will also help up in warming up the room for the eyes. This is a technique used when the additional texture is to be added to a large room. Now you will place multiple rugs under a sectional.

Extra Large Rug

You might want to put in an extra-large rug to match the size of the room, but that will disrupt the layout of the furniture. It is impossible to create distinct spaces in a room without adding rugs. So, if you add an extra rug with your sectional in the room, this will separate this part of the room from the rest of the room.


Diagonal Rug

If you are looking for something different and don’t want to go the conventional way, this is something that will excite you. Who says that a rug has to be placed in such a way that it forms the perfect rectangle? You can always experiment with the way you style the rug. A diagonal rug will form an arrow towards one end, and the other end will be tucked under the sectional. The diamond shape of the rug will increase furniture placement options. This could be something you don’t like, but you can give it a try to see how it looks, and you can always swap it to the conventional layout if you are not happy with it


Where to Start?

Now we know all the things that need to be kept in mind when introducing a rug in a space with a sectional, but the question is, how you bring the room together? The first step is to clear the space where you want to place the rug and the sectional. Just like when you normally place a sofa, you get the measurements of the space; repeat the same process, but this time takes the measurements of the rug as well. When you place the rug down, only then will you be able to imagine the layout of the room.

You can always move the furniture around in the room, but it is better to have a place for the rug fixed. This will keep the flow of the room steady and will help you bring in new furniture and replace the old one.


Place the Sectional Now

Once you have sorted out the position of the rug and decided where you plan to place the sectional, bring your furniture in. Sectional sofas today can be easily dismantled and moved around, so you don’t have to worry about moving it through doors and between floors. Since you have already placed the rug beneath, do not use it too roughly, or else you will damage the fiber of the rug.

Try not to slide the sectional over it. Now place the rug in the place you have decided, you can always move the sectional around after every few days to give the room a fresh feel. Planning beforehand is crucial when it comes to the layout of your home. Moving furniture around is not an easy task, so make sure that you have a plan in mind before you start moving things around. Especially if you have bed / sleeper sectional you need to take measurements accordingly.

sectional placement


The answer to the question of how to place a rug under a sectional sofa is not that difficult after all. This article will guide you through everything and help you make a decision. We know that every person has different ideas and interior tastes, but we hope this article helps you in deciding how to position a rug under a sectional sofa. You can find home decor styles online. If you have found this guide well written, share it on social media!