Coffee Table for Sectional Sofa

The first place you take your guests to, upon a visit, is your living room and it’s the esthetics of the furniture placed that impresses them. The sofas and the complementing coffee tables tell a lot about your taste and personality.

Sectional sofa, be it a corner, U-shape or L-shape, is trending in the homes, nowadays. The addition of a sofa and the coffee table for sectional sofa can add that oomph, elegance and character to your living room. Sectional sofas are ultra-snuggly in terms of comfort, and to complete the look a coffee table is a must. 


The Coffee Table Needs to Get Along With the Sectional

All the time you invest in buying a sofa would go wasted if the coffee table does not get along well with it. It’s a huge challenge to get the right coffee table for your sectional sofa.  Choosing the right coffee table requires you to measure the size and scale of your sofa so that you can get a table that makes it look perfectly well balanced. If you’re going to get a too-small coffee table for sectional couch, you’ll end up with unnecessary extra space for your seating space. Similarly, if you get a coffee table bigger than your sofa you’re going to ruin the look of the living room and the impact that a sectional usually has. 

Creating a Balance Between the Table and the Sectional

Creating a balance between the 2 items is crucial. Take, for instance, the example of a clean-lined leather beige couch with tight cushions, a sleek, slim and chic table would go fine with it (you can add chairs if you want for more seats), while a heavy and large sectional would require an oversized and bulky coffee table. This article will guide you through the best coffee tables and which type would be suitable for your sectional. It will also discuss the characteristics that you ought to look for when buying a coffee table. Some vital factors to consider are weight, height and size of the sofa. Moreover, we’ll be highlighting and specifying various sectionals and the type of coffee tables that would pair up with them the best.

coffee table for sectional sofa

Some Tips About the Shape and the Design of a Coffee Table

Starting with a square or round coffee table; these coffee tables look great when placed in front of a corner or sectional sofa. Widely used, these sofas come in more than 1 piece set and pair of arms or a single arm. You can either place it in the far off corner of the room or the middle. When placing a coffee table, bear that its length should not extend beyond the stretch of the sofa. Moreover, the length of the coffee table should be that everyone sitting around can easily reach out to it. Basically, it should consume the negative space around the sofa with ease. For this purpose, go for a coffee table that is 2/3rd of the length of your sofa. Also, it should be only a couple of inches lower or higher than the sofa seat. Furthermore, choose the coffee table of contrasting shapes than the sofa. For instance, for a square armed and backed sofa, go for a round coffee table. This will balance the overall look of the room.

round coffee table

About l-Shaped Sectionals

Similarly, if you have an L-shaped, modern mid-century mix kind of sectional with long legs, go for a round or drum shaped coffee table. His way both the shapes won’t clash or cancel out each other’s effect. The round or oval-shaped coffee table would definitely complement the elongated negative area. But you can always place an organic shaped ottoman or coffee table and they will work together.

l-shaped sectional

Rectangular Coffee Table

A classic, rectangular coffee table for a sectional sofa is always a treat to watch and admire. Not only is it unconventional but also very eccentrically-pleasing. If you ever wish to replace your sectional sofas with an oval or regular shaped pair, U-shaped sectional or chaise style sectional, then do consider placing a rectangular coffee table in front.  

rectangular coffee table

Outline Your Requirements

You may be looking for a coffee table that offers a wide surface area, because you or your family spends most of the time, sitting on the sofa and watching TV. This means that you would want to place snacks, newspapers, TV remote, cups even your laptop on the coffee table. So irrespective of the shape, look for a coffee table that serves these needs


Measure the Heigth

Before buying a coffee table, you should measure the seat height, for the coffee table’s height should be equal to that of your sofa seat or an inch or so lower.  A coffee table measuring higher than your sofa’s seat appears to be awkward and clumsy. 


Smaller Sizes are Better

The coffee table ought not to be grand or bigger than the sofa itself; a bigger coffee table is size than the sectional diminishes its value and you don’t want that. Look for a table that appears to be smaller in size. A rule of thumb is to get a coffee table 2/3rd of the sofa width.  A smaller table is always better than a bigger one. Also, keep the width of the sofa and negative space in the living room in mind. The coffee table should be wide enough that anyone sitting around it should easily access the things placed on it. 


Choose a Constrasting Shape

Your choice of the coffee table very much depends on the shape of your sofa, as mentioned above. You should consider sculptural or discrete tables, or the ones with removable tray, two tiers, or with wheels. If the sectional sofa is U-shaped then get a rectangular coffee table and vice versa.

The Shape of the Carpet is Also Importany

Also, do not forget the shape of the carpet; if the rug is rectangular and the sofa is angular, then go for a round or an oval coffee table, which will add a soft touch to the whole appearance. 


Choose the Right Material

You can find a coffee table for sectional sofa in a number of materials. Wood, painted metal, brass, glass, or even marble, choose the one that is easy to go with your environment. If you have a habit of moving the table around, every now and then, go for a lightweight table. If you have kids in the house, choose a table that does not get scratched easily, as kids tend to hold the table a lot when playing. A table with a tray can be a good choice for kids to keep their Lego set.


Arrange Size Wise

Rather than getting one table, you can opt for a number of tables, and set them in a cascading pattern. Not only it will look pleasing but also handy; you can pick and place any table that you require. Also, you can push the tables underneath one another if you require more space in front of the sofa. You can put a footrest under one of the tables and relax or a footstool as an extra seat.

Last Tips About Choosing a Coffee Table

So, the coffee table comes in a variety of sizes, designs and shapes. You will have to consider the sectional, measure it and then opt for a complementing coffee table. So be very cautious; if you go for the shape and size of the coffee table similar to your sectional, you may be wasting a lot of money, since the overall impact of the coffee table will be canceled out. Below, you can find some more tips and features that can help you get the best coffee table for sectional sofa.

Are Coffee Tables Out of Style?

Many have asked this question and many still ask before spending money on coffee tables. No! They are not out of style and will not be for some time. The latest and trendy designers are still incorporating coffee tables in their interior. There are a number of reasons for instance; they fill the void in front of the couch or sofa. If you won’t place a table in front of your sofa, it would look and feel empty. Raised surfaces in any room, serve the purpose of placing stuff and a coffee table does the same. Not only this, but coffee tables are a great surface to decorate with flowers, candles, or other centerpieces.

When it comes to choosing and styling coffee tables you can follow the following guide:

  • For larger rooms, get a square coffee table. 
  • For gatherings and conversations, a round coffee table is ideal. 
  • The rectangular coffee table is the most commonly used so it can be placed in any type of room. 
  • If you do not find a round coffee table, then opt for octagonal or hexagonal one. 
  • You can find neo-classical, mid-century modern oval coffee tables that would go with a medium-sized room.
  • A coffee table of amorphous or any other shape would be subtle anywhere. 

Can Coffee Table be Taller Than the Sofa

The rule, as mentioned before, is that the coffee table should be equal or lower than the sofa seat. However, if your sofa is of short height you must be wondering about the height of the coffee table too. In certain situations like this, a coffee table can be taller. You may find a coffee table that matches the height of your short sofa, but if you don’t then don’t worry.

When You Should Opt For a Tall Coffee Table

If you often have guests and entertain them, then you can opt for a taller coffee table. It’s because a taller coffee table is easily accessible by everyone. So people can place food and drinks on it. Moreover, if you wish to eat in your living room, then again a taller coffee table is ideal. 

Another reason could be if you have pets that tend to climb on the tables. Usually, pets are trained to not climb over shelves or tabletops, however, if you have pets that do not pay heed to your commands, then opting for a taller coffee table is better. Look for taller coffee tables that are taller than their eye and nose level. So they would be less attracted to stuff or food placed on the table. 

Coffee Table 90 x 55

This type of coffee table is the best suggested for people who like to keep a lot of stuff on the table. Coffee table 90 x 55 helps you keep your magazines, and other items organized. The tabletop is wide and offers a great surface area. The lower surface offers a nice place to keep newspapers, magazines and even decoration items. You can find such coffee tables at Ikea, Macys and many other outlets and they are available in 4 – 5 light and dark shades.

Coffee Table X Shaped Base

A coffee table x-shaped base is a modern style base. If most of your interior is glass and wood, then a coffee table with this base would complement it. You can place it in the living room, or even in front of the garden sofa. Many people use it as a side table, corner coffee table, bedroom table, in offices, and nearby fireplace as well, so with a unique base, it has various uses. Its base is usually crafted round and out of wood; while the base is metallic. The smoothened texture surface proposes a unique yet versatile appearance. You can opt for glass tops as well.


This coffee table is easily available at Wayfair and Ikea with fast shipping and also on the big online shop Amazon, on this online stores you can buy also sectional sets at a fair price. For a modern look, this table would be perfect. The x-shaped base provides the perfect balance for the stuff that you place on the top. If you have kids or pets at home, then getting this coffee table x-shaped base in round shape is a safe choice. With no edges, you’ll be worry-free and your kids would be out of harm’s way.
coffee table x-shaped base

V Twin Engine Coffee Table

Engine coffee tables are the new trend in the town. Old cars’ engines that used to be considered useless, and spent their remaining life in a junkyard, are not being used in making coffee tables. This V Twin engine coffee table is a DIY coffee table that anyone can make if they have a spare engine in their outhouse. Making this table is easy as it requires an 8mm thick round cut glass. You take an engine that is cleaned of any grease or dirt and disassemble it. The engine is then preserved in black paint or lacquer. When working with the engine, it is vital that the moving and rotating parts also support the furniture. The glass is then fixed on stainless steel supporters of the engine. 

Adding Consoles is a Great Idea

You can also add consoles (storage space) to the engine body, depending upon its shape, so you can store newspapers or wine bottles. It is a great idea for those people who are emotionally attached to their vintage cars. 


Wrapping it all up, coffee tables serve a variety of purposes. From having a small party to carrying out a deep conversation, coffee tables come handy all the time even as a cocktail table outdoor in a patio. You can have a great time and conversation while sitting around a coffee table in an accent wall. But before buying any, be careful about the interior and the sofa in front of which you’ll be placing the table. The height, shape and size of the coffee table all are of much concern if you want your effort and money to pay off. Coffee tables not only extend your aesthetics to the onlookers but also the source of your family’s bliss.  Make your living space worth sitting around, enjoy coffee and promote love.