Top 6 Best Sectional Sleeper Sofas

Are you looking for the best sectional sleeper sofas for your living room? You have made the right choice. It is a versatile piece of furniture because it combines two pieces of furniture into one: a sectional sofa and a bed. It is perfect for people who live in small spaces such as apartments and condominium units. It is also ideal for those who are fond of inviting people for sleepovers.

Sleeper sectional sofas come in different styles, types, and, of course, brands. This is why choosing the best one can be tricky. If this is your first time buying a sleeper sectional sofa (and even if it is not), then this guide and our reviews will surely come in handy.


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Stendmar 3pc Contemporary Sectional


FDW Faux Leather Sectional Sofa

Faux Leather

DHP Emily Sectional with Convertible Chaise


Best Choice Products 3-Seat L-Shape

Faux Leather

Homelegance Ferriday 98" Sectional Sleeper


Homelegance Platina 103" Sectional Sofa


Stendmar 3pc Contemporary Sectional


  • Light grey color
  • Easy to clean and resistant fabric
  • Good choice for back support


  • Cheap plastic legs

Warranty: Not specified

This 3pc sectional couch comes at a medium-high price point, but it is the best sectional sleeper sofa available online and overall on Amazon and also a top sectional sofa. It includes a chaise, an ottoman and a 3 seating sofa and with a simple setup, you can transform it into a sofa bed. You could think it is difficult to setup as a queen bed, but it's not true, because you won't have problems with a bad lift and pull mechanism in the future.

The light grey color is beautiful and a great addition to your drawing-room, and this color is also a good choice for pet owners, who want their dogs next to them when watching a movie. It is due to the microfiber fabric, because it is extremely easy to clean and also very resistant to wear and tear. When you sleep on it, it doesn't have the feeling of a memory foam mattress, it is more like an innerspring one. It is due to the high-density foam, indeed it is quite firm, so it is a great option for back support. It is also a well-built sofa thanks to the hardwood frame.

If you sleep in a strange position, it isn't the best choice, because memory foam is better in these cases, but you can always buy a memory foam mattress topper at less than 50$ on Amazon. Last but not least, it is very easy to assemble, it will take you between 10 to 20 minutes.

Some people want to know some cons of this sofa, I spent a bit of time, but I have found one, the cheap plastic legs, they are not very resistant, so I would suggest to put a rug under this sectional.

FDW Faux Leather Sectional Sofa


  • Super easy to assemble
  • Great value for the money
  • Faux Leather Upholstery 


  • Very firm

Warranty: 6 months

FDW is known all over the world for its modern design sofas with a good price point. My neighbors currently have this couch, they are very satisfied, indeed they are a family of six and they need a big sofa for the living room. I interviewed my neighbor and he said the part he enjoyed the most is the assembly, it is really simple. He said the faux leather is comfortable and breathable and it gives that modern look with the black color.

My neighbor loves basketball and he loves the adjustable headrests, they are very relaxing and after a tiring day, they are amazing. Another point to underline is the ease to clean it, indeed because it is made of faux leather is a great advantage. The only cons is the density of the cushions, he loves stiff sofas, but if you don't like them you will probably don't like this couch.

Speaking about the bad part about this sectional, it has a lift and pull mechanism, that is good. Instead, about the comfort when sleeping, there are different opinions, my neighbor loves stiff sofas, so it doesn't have problems, but people who instead love fluffy mattresses should seriously think to add a mattress topper.

DHP Emily Sectional with Convertible Chaise


  • Versatile
  • Great value for the money
  • Beautiful design


  • Metal frame
  • Not so comfortable

Warranty: 6 months

DHP is one of the best brands in the futons field. A lot of people will rate this as one of the best sleeper sofas, but in my years of experience, I can quietly say it is not, but you should consider also this option in the top sofa beds. In my opinion, if you are on a tight budget and you want a sofa bed you should answer this question: do you need mostly for sleeping or for watching tv? If it is the first case, it is a good choice.

This corner convertible sectional (futon + chaise) is super cheap, but with a split-back mechanism and its linen upholstery, it will add a touch of class to your living room or to your office furnishings and moreover you can choose from plenty of colors. The cushions are a bit too firm and it won't be the best option for back support, but if you live in a studio flat or if you are on a tight budget you don't often worry about these things, but also if you want a sofa in your outdoor patio.

The metal gives it a contemporary style, but it will reduce the sturdiness of this futon a lot. To sleep in a more comfortable way you could use a replacement mattress topper

Best Choice Products 3-Seat L-Shape


  • 2 Ottomans
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Nice faux leather upholstery


  • Not pet friendly

Warranty: Not specified

It is one of the best versatile items I have ever seen in my life. Thanks to the 2 ottomans and the sofa, you can assemble it like you want, it can become an l-shaped sectional, or a bed. The upholstery is faux leather, in customers' opinions it feels like real leather and is extremely easy to clean, but this upholstery is not pet friendly and it could scratch easily, so remember this advice.

About the comfort level, it is comfortable, the seat cushions are firm and the back cushions are fluffy, you can even spend a night on this sofa without problems if you like firm mattresses. It is extremely inexpensive and for small apartments, it is the best choice, maybe better than the DHP Emily. It is available in three colors: black, brown, and white. The couch should be spacious enough also for a tall person, so you won't touch an arm with your head.

Homelegance Ferriday 98" Sectional Sleeper


  • Easiest to clean
  • High quality frame
  • Easy mechanism


  • Too firm
  • Plastic legs

Warranty: 1 year

One thing int this sectional is the colors, because there are three different options available: grey, taupe and blue, one of them will always match your interior design, in my top picks it is the easiest to clean and also between the sofas with the best mechanism, if you have problems like cervical it has collapsible headrests, so you will not have any troubles.

Other features are the big storage and the solid hardwood frame, indeed, in my opinion, it could last for a lifetime. One thing I particularly don't like is the comfort level, it's true I don't like firm sofas, but it should be a little softer, it truly depends on the different tastes, but I've collected a lot of different opinions and the people always say they would like it a little softer. Another thing you should note is the adjustable headrests, indeed a lot of people have this sofa to watch Netflix and love it.


The Right Size

When you search for the best sectional sleeper sofas, you need to find the perfect size for you and your living room. The first thing that you need to do is to measure the size of your living room. Then when you go and buy a sofa you need to determine its dimensions. A common mistake that people make is that they fail to consider the size of the sofa when it is converted to a sleeper bed. You need to make sure that there would still be enough walking space left even if the sofa is in sleeper mode. Of course, you also need to keep in mind that sleeper sectionals are composed of different parts that you can arrange in different ways.

Sectional sleeper sofas vary in size so no matter how big or small your room is, there must be a sleeper out there that is right for it. Many people think that sectional sleepers are good only for large houses and rooms. This is simply not true. Even if you live in a small apartment, you can still get a sectional sleeper sofa. 

Determine the Number of People Who Sleep

You also need to determine the number of people who will sleep on the sofa at the same time. If you only expect one person to sleep on it at a time, then a small sleeper will do for you. If you want more than one person to sleep on the couch, then you should consider getting a king-size sleeper.

best sectional sleeper sofas

Suits Your Style 

If you want to find the best sectional sleeper sofa for you, then you need to find the one that will suit your personal style. Of course, you also need to consider the current design of your living room. One of the worst things that you can do is to buy a sofa that does not match the style of your house. If this happens, then the sofa will stick out like a sore thumb. If you don't know anything about interior design, then you can consult an expert before buying a sectional sleeper.

Sectional sleepers come in many different designs and styles. The number of options can confuse ordinary homeowners. When choosing the right style of sofa for your home, you need to consider the color of the sofa and also the type of material that was used to make it.

Leather is a Good Choice

In general, leather and faux leather is always a safe choice. Leather and leather-like materials usually come in neutral colors such as black, brown, and tan. Leather sectional sofas are perfect for minimalist and modern homes because of their clean lines and gentle curves.

leather best material

If you want a sofa with a bolder look, then you will be happy to know that sectional sleepers are also available in colorful fabrics. For sure, there is a color that will match the color of your home or living room. If you don’t want to stick to a single style or color, then what you can do is to get sofa protectors in different styles and colors.



Comfort is also an important consideration if you want to get one of the best sectional sleeper sofas. Some would consider it as the most important consideration. After all, what is good about having a beautiful sofa if you are not comfortable using it. Since you are getting a sectional sleeper you need to make sure that it is comfortable both as a sofa and as a bed. This is why you must try the sofa first before buying it. Most stores actually allow customers to try out their furniture.

To check how comfortable the sleeper is you need to sit and lie on it. Do not be ashamed to do this at the store. You need to keep in mind that buying a sofa is a major and important investment for your home. The comfort of a sleeper sofa depends largely on what is inside it. You need to choose the type of mattress that suits you. Ideally, it should not be too hard or too soft. If a cushion is too hard then it will not be too comfortable. If a cushion is too soft then it will not provide the support needed by the body and may even be harmful for your posture. When it comes to sectional sofa cushions, there are a few options that are available on the market. Sectionals with cuddler are a good choice in terms of comfort.

Innerspring Mattress

Now that you know what size and color to get your sofa sleeper in, it’s time to think about the inside of this piece of furniture. More specifically, you need to choose the type of mattress you want, because there are a few options on the market. The most common type of cushion is the one that has innerspring. This kind of sleeper sofa has coils inside that offer a good level of bounce and comfort. What you need to know is that the more coils a cushion has the more comfortable it tends to be. You should buy one that has at least 600 coils.

innerspring mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

If you want a softer cushion then you can choose to buy a sofa that is made with memory foam. When you are shopping for a memory foam sofa, you need to be sure that you are getting one that is thick and comfortable. Memory foam is a relatively new material. It is called such because it is supposed to “remember” the contours of the body, giving you the utmost comfort and support every time you sit or lie on it.

memory foam mattress


Easy to Use

If you want to get the best sectional sleeper sofa, you need to find one that is easy-to-use. This means that it should be easy to convert from sofa to bed and back. This is particularly important if you plan to sleep on the sofa regularly. The sofa should be stable and sturdy enough but it shouldn’t be too heavy that a single person cannot turn it into a bed. Ideally, you should be able to pull out the bed part of the sleeper sofa with just one hand. The mechanism like in a reclining sofa is extremely important.

easy mechanism


Many people think that sectional sleeper sofas are very expensive. This is not true. Of course, you can always splurge on an Italian sofa that is made of natural leather, but there are more affordable options. In fact, you can get a sectional sleeper sofa for less than $500, check the best sectional sofas under 500. So you need to keep in mind that the best sectional sleeper sofa will not cost you a fortune. You can always buy one online, Ashley Furniture  and Homestore are good places to buy a sofa.

Comfortable Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Is a sectional sleeper sofa comfortable? Well, most people seem to agree with it. If you are still using a regular sofa, then maybe it is time for you to consider replacing it with a sleeper sofa. The most unique thing about this kind of furniture is that you can easily rearrange it so it becomes a bed. So any time of the day that you feel like lying down, even in your living room, you can easily and conveniently do so. You can even sleep on this sofa overnight and feel like you have slept in the most luxurious bed.

Is the Best Option for Guests

The feeling is definitely different from sleeping on a regular couch. This is perfect for houses with no guest room. You can just set it up and let your friends sleep on it. No one will complain about sleeping on a sectional sleeper sofa that was not comfortable. People might even oversleep on it because of the comfort it provides. For one, sleeper sofas are quite spacious. Anyone who has ever slept overnight on a regular couch will tell you that it is not a very comfortable experience.

A sleeper sofa is different. Depending on the material of the sleeper sofa, it can adjust to the temperature of your house. It stays cool during winter days and warm during wintertime.

Genuine Leather Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Leather is a symbol of luxury. Having a genuine leather sectional sleeper sofa will surely elevate the status of your home. As a material, leather can be very forgiving, you don’t have to worry much about spillage or stains. Though some people complain that leather can sometimes be warm to the touch, especially if you are living in a place where the weather is warm. If you live in a place where the climate is cool, then leather furniture is perfect. People buy leather furniture, however, mostly for the style. When it comes to looks, leather can be hard to match. Another good thing about leather is that it is easy to match. 

genuine leather

Why Leather Stands Out

A genuine leather sectional sleeper sofa is perfect for those with impeccable taste. If you are someone who does not want to sacrifice style, then no other option will satisfy your taste. If you have a large living room then this piece of furniture will fill it out beautifully.

If you love welcoming guests in your home, then you will enjoy seeing the look of admiration on their faces when they see and get to sit on your genuine leather sectional sleeper sofa. They will surely be envious of your home style. 

Sectional Sleeper Sofa With Cup Holders

If you like to sip a drink while watching a movie or your favorite TV show, then the perfect furniture for you is a sectional sleeper sofa with cupholders. It can be quite a hassle to bring a drink to the living room and then watch a movie with it without spilling it. If your couch does not have a cup holder, then you will be forced to put your drink on top of the coffee table for sectional sofa. This can be quite inconvenient because you will need to lead forward every time you want to get your drink. Then there is also the possibility that your cup or tumbler will be knocked over that will lead to a big mess. 

cup holders

The Benefits of Cup Holders

The solution is to get a sectional sleeper sofa with cupholders. The cupholders are located on the side, within easy reach. You don’t need to stand up or even lean forward to get your drink. There is also no danger of your drink spilling because the cupholders will securely hold your cup or glass. This is also a space-saving piece of furniture because with it you can do away with a side table or even a coffee table. This kind of sectional sofa is perfect for entertaining.

Italian Sectional Sleeper Sofa

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury furniture, then an Italian sectional sleeper sofa is the one for you. Italians are known for creating furniture that is both beautiful and durable. This is why it is always a good idea to invest in Italian furniture. This kind of sofa is made from the best materials, with craftsmanship that makes it a true work of art and not just a piece of furniture. Designed for the most sophisticated homeowners out there, this Italian couch will surely elevate the value of your home.

This kind of sofa is not just a sight to behold but technological marvels that employ cutting-edge features to make it easy and convenient to use. When they hear or read the phrase Italian sectional sleeper sofa, many people envision a piece of furniture with a classical design. The truth is, many Italian sofas come in contemporary designs, making them perfect for minimalist and modern homes. If you think that Italian furniture is good only for large homes, think again. Truth is, a sectional sleeper sofa is an ideal furniture to have if you are living in a small apartment because of its space-saving features.

Sectional Sleeper Sofa King

The king of all couches is the sectional sleeper sofa king. This is the best and the biggest type of sectional sleeper sofa. As the name suggests, this couch can turn into a real king-size bed. How’s that for ultimate comfort? With a couch as big as this, two or even more people can sleep on it. If you have this in your living room, then you definitely won’t feel ashamed of inviting people for a sleepover. You can even invite a real king if you want (I'm joking obviously).

Sleeping on this sofa is like sleeping on a real king-sized bed. When you experience how comfortable it is to lie on this sofa, you may never want to leave the couch. 

In sofa mode, this sleeper is just slightly bigger than a regular sofa. So you don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space. When you convert it to a bed, that’s when you will see how special the couch is. If you have several guests sleeping over, they don’t have to spend the night in a cramped bed. Their sleep will surely be comfortable with this sectional sleeper sofa king.


Your living room is the heart of your home, this is where all the conversations happen, the entire comes together to enjoy movies and that is why it deserves one of the best sectional sleeper sofas. This sofa will not only complement your home but also increase the comfort of the room.