Top 6 Best Reclining Sectional Sofas

There were times a person had limited options when it came to buying a sofa or a couch. Most people had similarly decorated living rooms with similar sofa designs and patterns with little comfort or style to offer. However, with the advancement in the furniture industry, some remarkable sofas have been furnished to brighten up our households and save our backs from serious damage. From ottomans to high back and roll back sofas, you can find practically anything you want depending on your needs and requirements. In our opinion, however, one of the best investments anyone can ever make is purchasing a reclining sectional sofa.

Sectional reclining sofa is a sectional sofa that allows its occupant to recline the back while raising the front. This type of sofa is doubly useful as its back can be tilted and lowered while the footrest can be extended via a lever on the side of the chair or automatically when a person reclines. This results in optimum comfort and support to the back and head as well as the legs and by extension, feet. When it comes to buying the best reclining sectional sofas, the debate between choosing comfort or durability ends, because a recliner sectional sofa really is the best of both worlds. So, the better question to ask is: what to look for in the best reclining sectional sofa and what are the best? Below there are some reviews you can read.


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Homelegance Pecos 105" x 95" Leather Gel Manual Reclining


Homelegance 118" Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa


Betsy Furniture Large Microfiber Reclining Sectional


Homelegance Shreveport 6-Piece Sectional 


Divano Roma Furniture Large Classic Sofa


Christies Home Living 6-Piece Reclining Sectional


Homelegance Pecos 105" x 95" Leather Gel Manual Reclining


  • Power reclining sectional
  • Gel leather upholstery
  • Nice additions


  • Over $2000

Warranty: 1-year and free returns for 30 days.

This article is incomplete without this particular item, indeed it is one of the most comfortable couches. If you go to online platforms, customers will be gushing over the power recliners because these don't go out of fashion. It is one of the most popular of them.

This is an oversized sectional that will be perfect in large living rooms. The gel leather is not leather, but has similar looks and feels. It also includes led lights, USB ports, and cup holders. The seat depth is good and it is comfortable.

The sofa reclines back and the footrest pops from the below to complete the experience. It has a no-sag design, which means that it will not sink under your weight. If you don’t want a power recliner, you can choose a manual. It comes in two colors, black and brown.

Many customers complain that it is available in only three colors (black, brown, and red) and that limits the choice. A tip shared via me is to get the power of the sofa. You can choose between the following seating options: 3-piece and 4-piece sectional. Most customers love this couch.

Homelegance 118" Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa


  • Gel leather upholstery
  • Great value for the money
  • Good reclining mechanism


  • You will need to take care of leather

Warranty: 1 year and free returns for 30 days

Another recliner sofa manufactured by Homelegance. The american gel leather upholstery is not resistant as top-grain or full-grain leather. But it's better than bonded leather and offers a big advantage to heavy people who live in hot countries. The gel will keep you cool and you won't sweat. It has the same feeling of real leather thanks to new technologies. It is available in brown or black color.

The recliner mechanism is manual. In customers' opinions is neither easy neither difficult to use. A lot of people are not satisfied with the structure of this sofa. I can assure nobody about the sturdiness (I don't have this sofa). But it is a comfortable sofa, I have laid down on it in a furniture shop. It isn't one of the most comfortable sofas, but under $2000 you won't find better options

Last but not least, there are also two extra cupholders included. It has a great value for the money. I always suggest to take some precautions. Use a leather conditioner once a month to avoid it peeling.

Betsy Furniture Large Microfiber Reclining Sectional


  • Flexible arrangement
  • Polyester strong fabric
  • Well padded and comfortable


  • Armrests

Warranty: Not specified

Gel leather is a great material. But somebody prefers polyester, because it is a great material. I'm a great fan of polyester couches and this is one of them. Nowadays people are more interested in versatility than design. I completely agree with them. For example, this sectional can be arranged to the right side or to the left one.

Polyester is a known material for its easiness to clean and its sturdiness. This sofa is both kids-proof and pets-proof. Sectional sofas are meant to families, so buyers should keep this in mind. The sofa is well padded and has a great seat depth. Both heavy and thin people find this sectional to be comfortable, apart from the armrests that are not padded well and could cause problems. It includes two cup holders, too.

The reclining mechanism is one of the easiest, without compromising the resistance. At this price point, it's a tough choice to choose between this and the Homelegance.

Divano Roma Furniture Large Classic Sofa


  • Easy to assemble
  • Well padded


  • Bonded leather

Warranty: 1-year and free returns for 30 days.

We are at the third in this list. All the people review this sofa, so I wanted to review it, too. I'm not a great fan of bonded leather.

Bonded leather tends to peel and after 3 years you need to change sectional. But if you don't want more than a lifespan of 3 years, this sectional is a good choice. First of all, the easy assembly, people are scared to assemble a sectional. But they don't want want to pay a fee to someone to assemble it.

It is an oversized sectional and it can fit also a family of six. In my opinion it is padded well and thanks to this the comfort level is good. The reclining mechanism seems decent but nothing special.

Homelegance Shreveport 6-Piece Sectional


  • Adjustable recliner chairs
  • Soft chenille fabric


  • Foam could become flat

Warranty: 1-year and free returns for 30 days.

Homelegance again, but with a chenille sectional sofa. The number one word for this sofa is: versatility!

You can readjust it like you want and it will stay in place well. I find also the design to be great, especially for a rustic living room like mine. The chenille fabric is very soft to the touch and it's also comfortable for relaxing. It includes two cup holders, too.

After some months of intense use, the sofa could become to sag, so you should take care of it. The reclining mechanism is very good. You can recline in every position and also against the wall. For the price and the quality, I would consider this sofa.


Plentiful Living Space

One of the first things to decide is whether you have enough space to fit a sectional sofa in your living room or wherever you want to place it. If the answer is yes, then go ahead and start browsing online stores for the best recliner sofas. Generally, sectionals require a good amount of space (they are not a loveseat), regardless of the type of sectional you are buying. Whether you buy L-shaped, U-shaped, chaise-sectional or pit- sectionals, etc., you need to be mindful of the space you have to make a reclining sectional sofa work for you and your living space.

Overall, these sofas are an excellent way to utilize your extra space and fill up any empty corners in your living or study room without making it look cluttered.

best reclining sectional sofas

Size and Mechanism

When deciding what to look for in the best reclining sectional sofa, size and material are of utmost importance. The choice between a two or 3 seater and an extra-large sofa depends on how big one’s family or living space is. One needs to think about the number of people who will be sitting or reclining on the sofa and whether the sofa will be able to fit in the selected space when fully reclined.

Also, the size and width of the door frame should be measured before trying to squeeze in a sofa in your living space. Similarly, the reclining mechanisms should be chosen according to one’s needs and preferences. People have the option to choose between manual, electric/powered, and adjustable recliners.

Manual Recliners

These are the most common types of recliners and require a button or a lever, located on the sofa ends to function. Although more dependable than powered recliners, they are not the most suitable to get a favorable position as they have a solitary flat stopping point.

manual recliner

Power Recliners

These have an electric motor that allows the reclining motion and is suitable for those with less physical strength. With the help of controls or remote control, one can recline the sofa in a vertical or fully-reclined manner. This allows the seated person to slide in a lounging position. These reclining sectional sofas may also have USB ports to charge phones, so that is an added benefit. However, this sofa needs to be close to a power outlet as it will need to be charged almost constantly.


Adjustable Recliners

imilar to a futon or a sofa bed, these recliners can be adjusted to a reasonable angle, allowing the occupant to lean back comfortably. Although these recliners may not offer foot or leg support they are smooth, reasonably-priced, and adaptable.


Build and Warranty

An important feature to look for when buying a reclining sectional sofa is the sturdiness of the frame. The stronger the material and the build of the frame, the more weight it will be able to carry for a longer time.

Best Frame Materials

For example, manufactured wood is a weak material for a frame, and cannot hold too much weight for years to come, which is why sofas of this type should be avoided.  On the other hand, hardwood and metal are great materials for a reclining sectional sofa frame, especially for long-term use. Compared to metal, hardwood has a certain give which prevents the creation of pressure points in a reclining sofa.

Check the Warranty

Whatever frame material is chosen, it is important to check the warranty of the reclining sectional sofa. High-end recliner sofas will usually have a longer warranty compared to low-cost ones. Warranty will ensure that any damage or mechanical issues with the recliner sofa will be taken care of by the manufacturer for years to come, saving money down the road.



Upholstery Material

When it comes to the best reclining sectional sofas, upholstery type and material are important elements of making a recliner sectional sofa stand out from the crowd. Leather is in a class of its own and is liked by almost everyone. It makes for an elegant reclining sectional sofa, is soothing against the skin and durable. One can choose between genuine or top-grain leather. However, leather is an expensive option and may not be the best choice as it tends to be sticky in hot conditions and chilly in colder conditions. A more affordable fabric of choice is polyester as it is more resilient and water-resistant as well as stain-resistant compared to natural fibers.

Synthetic Materials

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is a good option for reclining sectional sofas, as it is the best at resisting stains and water spillage. As it does not soak up liquids, it is not as easily worn down as leather. Polyurethane (PU) is a synthetic plastic-like material in faux leather manufacturing. It offers greater durability compared to PVC due to higher torsion strength and resists punctures or cuts in the material well.   

leather upholstery

Ergonomics and Comfort

The best reclining sofa should be comfortable above all. To ensure that you have the perfect recliner to chill and binge-watch your favorite show, choose the right spring and cushions. For example, a sinuous spring system would allow the sofa to retain its shape while providing ample support to the pressure points. As many reclining sofas have a metal frame, so it is important to not compromise on the cushioning and seating frame as regular use will strain and sink the cushions considerably.

In this instance, top grain leather with vinyl upholstery will give an added toughness to your reclining sectional in addition to great style and comfort. This is because the cushions are filled with highly-resilient foam making it plush and less prone to permanent deformation. Choose higher back cushions for better neck and back support. Before buying, make sure that the foam is resilient, with no saggy springs, and wrapped doubly with fill-fiber for an extra layer of cushioning support. 

Stores like Ashley Furniture, Lazy Boy, Overstock and Wayfair have a huge collection of reclining sectionals.

Knowing what to look for in the best reclining sectional sofa is important as it can save time, money, and a lot of effort in the years to come. Buying a reclining sectional sofa is a good option as it comes with some other useful features that can enhance your comfort and experience. Some of the common queries have been addressed in this guide to help you select the best reclining sectional sofa.


Reclining Sectional Sofa With Cup Holders

Imagine wanting to relax on your reclining sectional sofa with a warm cup of coffee but having to hold it the whole time. That is not what somebody wants after a long, hard day. Moreover, there is always the danger of spilling one’s drink and ruining the upholstery. So, in order to avoid spillage and increase one’s comfort level, a great option is to buy a reclining sectional with cup holders. The reclining sectional sofa with cup holders is a simple yet effective add-on to improve the functionality of the sofa. One can place their cups or glass while watching their favorite game, reading a book, or even when taking a quick nap.

This feature is especially useful if one drinks lots of fluids throughout the day and needs them close-at-hand to save multiple trips to the kitchen, which can be quite exhausting especially for the elderly. While the regular size of a cup holder is 3.15” in diameter and 2.25” in-depth, the sizes, and colors of the cup holders can be customized depending on the users’ needs and preferences. The reclining sectional with cup holders is the perfect choice for those lazy afternoons and a good investment to boot.      

cup holders

Reclining Sectional With Drop-Down Table

The amazing aspect of reclining sectional with drop-down table is its multifunctional nature. On one hand, you have the most comfortable and stylish sofa to sit and sleep on, and adding to that you get a drop-down table as well. The drop-down table in reclining sectionals is located inconspicuously in the center and you get to enjoy three seats fully or two seats with the drop-down table. Typically, these drop-down tables come with cup holders and power outlets for charging phones and tablets etcetera. So, you can bring your work to your recliner and make great use of your time without ever compromising on comfort. The drop down table is a good substitute of a wedge table for sectional sofa.

Why Is It Good For Power Reclining Sectionals

The drop-down table is a cool feature of most electric or powered recliners. So, now you do not have to worry about placing your sofa near plugs or twisting around while seated to plug in your devices behind the sofa. All you have to do is plug in your device(s) on the drop-down table of a reclining sectional, grab a cup of hot cocoa, sit back and relax. However, we do not recommend reclining sectional with drop-down table for those on a limited budget, but for those who can afford it, buy away! Worth every penny.     

Reclining Sectional Power Headrest

Reclining sectionals not only add aesthetic value to your living space but also perform a multitude of functions. One such amazing feature/ function is the reclining sectional power headrest. Even with the perfect seat cushioning, lack of a proper headrest greatly devalues a reclining sectional. Not only is it uncomfortable and painful to sit for hours without appropriate head support, but it can also be detrimental to one’s neck and head. Moreover, not being able to adjust the headrest to one’s preference can be off-putting.

A reclining sectional power headrest is a good alternative for those who can afford electric-powered recliners. Compared to manual recliners that use levers, these recliner sectionals operate at the touch of a button on the recliner or remote control. These are a great option for those who like to incline their headrest a bit more than what a manual headrest allows for.

You can be upright or in a supine position depending on your personal preference at any time of the day or night. This is especially useful for older people with mobility issues who remain seated for prolonged periods. A suitably adjusted headrest can provide lumbar support, prevent the neck from cricking, and is more relaxing.

power headrest

Power Reclining Sectional Not Working

Power reclining sectional not working? As with all electrical products, problems may arise regardless of how old or new they are. Factors such as power surges, overload, wiring issues, and electrical storms, etc. can make a power reclining sectional to stop functioning properly. As most power recliners share the same electrical components, some steps can be taken to fix these issues:

If the light on the transformer box is red instead of green (normal), then you will have to replace that transformer with a new one. If the light is green then the problem is with loose wiring or worn out gears for which it is better to consult a technician, specifically from the place you bought the recliner.

  • An in-line plug may be loose as wires are joined like a drop cord. Take a flashlight and ensure all connections are tightened including the plug that goes into the motor. Resetting the motor by pressing a paper clip into the small hole between open and close buttons or unplugging the recliner can fix issues such as overloading and overheating of the recliner. Other inexpensive protective measures such as using a surge protector and having at least 12 months of warranty guarantee a longer-lasting sofa.

  • power reclining sectional not working

    Build Your Own Reclining Sectional

    If you are one of those creative minds who like to bring to life their own visions then you can always choose to build your own reclining sectional as per your needs and preferences. Whether you want a 3 seater or a luxurious five-seater sectional to beautify and cozy up your place then you can start working on it yourself or hire professionals to make your sectional according to your specifications. Instead of buying a pre-made sectional, you can choose your favorite type of frame, upholstery material, the cushion filling, and an elongated headrest or footrest for a more relaxed time.

    The option to build your own reclining sectional is especially useful when you wish to add multiple features such as cup holders, storage space, and heating or cooling pads to make your life easy. Moreover, you can build your reclining sectional with your add-ons in a budget-friendly manner. Typically, you pay extra for the brand, the service, and the warranty you get from an in-store product, however, building your sectional can help eliminate those costs and allow you to create a beautiful multi-purpose piece of furniture best suited to your needs and living space.    


    It is quite challenging to decide on what to look for in the best reclining sectional sofas, but hopefully, this guide will help clear away some confusion and help you buy the best reclining sectional sofa in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner without compromising on your comfort and style. Check our last article sectional vs sofa.