Top 9 Best Replacement Mattresses for Queen Sleeper Sofa

You aren't satisfied with the mattress included in your queen sofa bed and you don't want to break the bank, so for you, the best replacement mattress for queen sleeper sofa.

My Top Picks


Classic Brands 4.5 Inches

The first choice for a memory foam mattress. A 5-year warranty and an affordable price makes this mattress an excellent choice for a limited budget. Because it is very resistant againts germs, dust and mites, busy people finds it excellent, too.

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Miliard 4.5 Inches Replacement

This memory foam mattress is the best of both worlds, easy to fold, comfortable and cheap. For people who like memory foam it could be the best choice. Even heavy people will not feel the bars when sleeping on it, so a mattress to consider.

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Zinus Sleep Master 5 Inch

This memory foam mattress is the best of both worlds, easy to fold, comfortable and cheap. For people who like memory foam it could be the best choice. Even heavy people will not feel the bars when sleeping on it, so a mattress to consider.

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DinastyMattress 4.5 Inch 

Do you suffer from back pain? Thanks to the high quality 2.5'' base high-density foam support + a memory foam layer you won't have problems anymore.

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Innomax ForeverAire

Are you a fan of air mattresses? Well, this mattress is the perfect choice for your need. Thanks to the adjustable thickness you can choose the perfect for your needs and moreover because it is 100% leak proof you won't need to worry about the mattress.

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Nature's Sleep 4.5 Inch

Another memory foam mattress that is rather comfortable

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Leggett Platt Inflatable

It is a different mattress from the others on this list. Indeed the air-over-coil technology is a combination of an innerpsring and an air mattress. It is very easy to inflate and very comfortable, too.

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Lifetime Replacement

This memory foam sofa bed mattress is specifically designed for hard metal frames. But, because it retains its shape quickly and it is reversible it makes life a lot easier for people who work a lot.

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PlushBeds Gel Memory Foam

The last gel memory foam mattress on this list.

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Investing in a sleeper bed will give you ample space to move around when it is neatly folded away, and then at night, it can be converted into a comfortable sleeping space for a beautiful sleep. Now, like any other mattress or cushion, it is not for a lifetime, after some time, the sleeper mattress will give away, and you will have to replace it with a new one.

 After you have considered the best sleeper sofas there are few things and some top picks that you must keep under consideration when buying the best replacement mattresses for queen sleeper sofa.

best replacement mattress for queen sleeper sofa

Leggett Platt Inflatable


  • Very quick to inflate
  • Very comfortable
  • Nice padded cover


  • None

The air-over-coil is a new technology. It combines the firmness of the innerspring technology and the versatility of an air mattress.

This mattress is easy to inflate and also to deflate. Apart from being a good sofa bed mattress it is also a great choice for camping.

If you have back pain you could think it is impossible to sleep on a comfortable sofa bed mattress. Nothing more false, with this mattress you will sleep better than ever thanks to the high comfort level.

Another pros is the padded cover, the cover is very soft and comfortable, increasing the overall comfort. This mattress comes in two sizes, queen and full. If you need a mattress for Airbnb or for guests, it is the top choice because it will satisfy all tastes.

Zinus Sleep Master 5 Inch


  • Great back support
  • High quality foam
  • Very comfortable


  • You can't sink into it

The previous one was one the top picks for innerspring mattresses, this is the top pick for memory foam mattresses. It is 5'' thick, giving both good support and easiness to fold.

Unlike the high majority of memory foam mattresses, it is not a mattress you can totally sink into. It is made of two layers, 4'' of memory foam and 1'' of gel, that will assure you a good feeling also in Summer.

A friend of mine owns this mattress, and he has severe back problems. But with this mattress he had a quick turnaround.

Generally I suggest innerspring mattresses for people who have back problems, but this mattress is a good alternative. Last but not least, it doesn't have any chemical smells.

DinastyMattress 4.5 Inch


  • High quality 2.5'' base high-density foam support
  • 5 years warranty
  • Specifically designed for back pain


  • None

DinastyMattress is one of the best manufacturers nowadays.
With the gel memory foam technology you will benefit both from the comfort of the memory foam layer and from the gel memory foam. The gel memory foam will keep you cooler especially in Summer for an amazing comfort.

Thanks to the 2.5'' high-quality base high-density foam support, it has also a good back support. Innerspring mattresses should be the preferred ones for back problems, but this mattress is better than most of them. You will sleep comfortably.

When you buy a replacement mattress you should always see if it folds easily and also if it maintains its shape, this mattress meets both. You can choose between full and queen size.

Classic Brands 4.5 Inch


  • Resistant to germ, dust and mites
  • 5 years warranty
  • High quality foam


  • Slight odor

It has been for a long time the top Amazon's Choice for its price and its quality. It is available in most of the sizes, twin, full and queen, so it fits all types of sofas.

In general, if you need a sofa bed mattress you should consider this mattress, because it is a good compromise. First, it is very resistant to germ, dust and mites and it is a memory foam mattress. Add the high-density foam and it is very good for back support for an amazing comfort for an amazing sleep.

This mattress will maintain its shape after several years of usage. A lot of people complain about the slight odor, in my experience it should disappear after a month. If it is not the case and you don't want a strange smell in your home, you should consider other mattresses for your home.

Innomax ForeverAir


  • 100% Leak Proof
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Protection against wear and tear


  • Short warranty

I've never been a great fan of air mattresses, but this time the story is different. The top feature of this mattress is the adjustable thickness thanks to the pump.

It is 100% leak proof and it is also very resistant to wear and tear. If you need this top mattress for camping or for guests it is a great option thanks to its versatility and sturdiness, but you will also sleep well.

It is not the most comfortable mattress in this list, but if your need is the durability go for it! Another feature is the silent pump that shuts off automatically, it is a good anti-damage measure. A warranty longer than one year would have been a good choice, because people don't buy a mattress every day.

Lifetime Replacement


  • Good for hard metal frames
  • Reversible
  • Retains its shape quickly


  • Slight initial odor

It is one of the queen memory foam sofa bed mattresses easiest to fold, also for hard metal frames that don't have an easy folding mechanism. It also retains its shape quickly. There are various pros you should consider, first it is reversible and it can be easily put in a box.

Reading some reviews you can see it is a comfortable product to sleep on it. Apart from the initial slight odor, it is a good product.


The Size of the Mattress

When you are replacing a mattress this is the first aspect. The size required here is a queen mattress, but there can be occasions when you are not sure which sofa bed mattresses you need, maybe you need a twin or a full or you are not sure about the size. In that case, you need to measure the size of the mattress to make sure you buy the best replacement mattress for the queen sleeper sofa. The correct way to measure the size of the mattress is to measure the wooden frame of the sofa sleeper. It is not recommended to measure the old mattress because wear and tear can alter the measurements. It is advised to measure the width and length of the inside of the frame, make sure you measure to the closest inch. The size of the queen mattresses is ideally 58 x 72, 60 x 72, or 64 x 72, but it is always better to take exact measurements. There could be also different sizes.


Mattress Thickness

This will probably be one of the most crucial things when it comes to the comfort of the best sofa bed mattress. The average height of a sofa mattress is 4.5 inches. Measure the height of your current mattress; if it is between 4 and 5 inches, then the 4.5-inch mattress will perfectly fit your sofa sleeper. If the current height is less than that of 4 inches, then a 4.5-inch mattress will not be the ideal pick as it would not fold perfectly. Under such circumstances, you can always place a custom order. You need to be careful while placing the order because once a custom order is placed; the companies usually do not offer a return policy.


Type of Mattress

When it comes to the sleeper sofa mattress, there are enough options to choose from. There are a few choices available, but that will depend on your daily use and requirements. My guide on the best futon mattress for sofa use will be very useful to make the final choice. A few of the options are:

Memory Foam

It is deemed the best replacement mattress for queen best sleeper sofa because of its perfect firmness, it is a great option. It is neither very hard nor too soft, and that is why it provides the perfect support to your back while you rest. It has a cushion firm feel, which makes it the perfect replacement. Open-cell technology should be preferred; it makes sure that the mattress is cooled off and the body heat is not trapped. Gel memory foam is another new and modern technology that a number of brands have introduced. The middle comfort layer is soy-based with gel-infused memory foam that is present within the mattress. The gel foam will ideally keep you 3-4 degrees cooler than that of ordinary memory foam, so it will certainly keep you cool at night, improving your sleep.

Natural Latex

It is a good choice for queen sofa bed mattresses If you want your mattress to be more on the harder side and less towards the soft side, then this is the one recommended. This is also an eco friendly option since it is made out of rubber trees and soy plants. One thing that you should consider is that latex is natural and not synthetic. Synthetic latex tends to breakdown more easily than the natural one, and that will be an inconvenience. It will also appear discolored as time passes, especially when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.

Air Over Coil Foam

This air mattress has coils at the base, which makes it very fancy. It has an adjustable comfort level, which means that you can use an inflator to adjust the firmness of the mattress. It can inflate up to 10 inches, which gives you enough variation. This sofa mattress is on the high price end, and that is why it is not affordable by all.

Coil Foam

The last option will be the coil foam, which also has a reputation for being the least comfortable. It is a mix between innerspring and memory foam, it has 3 steel coil underneath with a ½ inch padding over. Usually, the sofa manufacturers use this type of bedding on the sofa because it brings the price down significantly, but takes away comfort.

natural latex


Ask Questions

When you decide on buying the best replacement mattresses for queen sleeper sofa, make sure you ask enough questions and read through the policies. Many stores like Wayfair, Macy’s, Ashley Furniture, Lazy Boy and Walmart have return policies, and when buying, you need peace of mind, so if you don’t like something, you can send it back and get a refund and they have also fast shipping, indeed I suggest you to avoid to buy sofas from Ebay.  It is better to know all the details beforehand so that you don’t have to regret your decision later. Ask the salesperson or the expert about the dimensions, like whether it would fit your queen-sized sleeper or not, etc.

Consider Warranty

Warranty is another very important thing. A lot of the renowned manufacturers offer a five years complete replacement warranty. A good warranty will be written in clear words without any need for the fine print. If the fine print is included, make sure you read it to certify that nothing is ambiguous about it.

sofa shop

Check for Reviews

This could make or break the deal for you. Now that businesses have gone digital, there are numerous stores that have their own websites that have a section about customer reviews. Even if they don’t have a website, online platforms like the Facebook marketplace, have people talking about their experiences with a particular retailer or manufacturer or an online shop. This can help you in taking the right decision when it comes to the queen top sleeper sofa mattresses. Whatever you decide to buy, you need to understand that it will be an investment that will go a long way, and that is why getting only the best and tested is the right thing to do.


When you are buying the best replacement mattresses for queen sleeper sofa, there are few things that you should also consider. These are some of the most common queries we receive, and we have tried our best to explain them to you.

Does a Queen Size Mattress Fit in a Minivan?

Transporting a queen size mattress can be difficult, indeed this is a classic question, but if you have the right transport, you can definitely take it from one place to another. Well, if you ask does a queen size mattress fit in a minivan, then the answer to that is it depends on the minivan you are using. If you have the minivan that has passenger seats in place, then it is almost impossible for a queen size sleeper sofa mattress to fit in. But without the passenger seats and the trim being removed, it can easily fit inside. It also depends upon the angles; at certain angles, it might fit, but otherwise, it can be quite a challenge. As we have already mentioned that it depends upon the model of the minivan, a few models are:

  • A compact without the passenger seats
  • A combi minivan L1 short
  • A combi minivan L2 with the passenger seats removed

Another way of fitting the queen sleeper sofa mattress inside the minivan is by folding it, but if you have a spring one, this will not be possible.

Will Queen Mattress Fit in Pickup Truck?

When moving a mattress, there are high chances that you will end up damaging your mattress. It is very important to use a mattress bag. These bags are available at Costco, Walmart, and other similar stores. Slide the mattress bag over the queen size mattress and then secure it with tape so that it doesn’t come loose while you are traveling. We get the question will queen mattress fit in pickup truck and the answer to this is, it depends upon the size of your mattress. Most pickup trucks are large enough to carry a queen size mattress. If you are moving a king-size mattress, the tailgate can be turned down to accommodate it, but the queen size fits perfectly. Make sure that there is nothing over or below the mattress while traveling, as this can puncture the mattress.

pickup truck

The last step in the process will be to secure the mattress using a belt or a rope to ensure that the mattress doesn’t slip or slide while you are driving towards your destination. 

6 Inch Queen Mattress Sheets

Sheets make a huge difference when it comes to the comfort that your mattress provides to you. If you have a sleeper, bed, or a sofa bed, a good sheet will multiply the comfort by tenfold. This is one aspect that many people very easily overlook, you spend days researching the right sleeper sofa or the bed and then spend even more time looking for the right mattress. But, what about the sheets; they are very important in ensuring complete comfort. Silk, Egyptian cotton, and Pima are some fabrics that are very popular when it comes to the mattress sheets. 6-inch sheets perfectly fit over the queen mattress.


When we talk about the 6 inch queen mattress sheets, they can be either fitted or loose. Fit sheets are more durable and will also give you that clean look. These sheets are not too expensive and are readily available at Target, Walmart, Costco, Wayfair, these online shops store a lot of them.  Few of the brands that are known for their good quality sheets are, Cosmoplus, Utopia Bedding, California Design Den, Nestl Bedding,and Amazon Basics

5 Sided Queen Mattress Protector

A 5 sided mattress queen protector is a 5 stars product to buy, indeed it means that it doesn’t just protect the mattress from the top but also from all 4 sides. This means that the mattress is protected from dust, germs, moisture, and mold. This protector is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any spillage, and it can also be used by children. A 5 Sided Queen Mattress Protector will be the perfect thing for the queen sleeper sofa. When you have guests over, all you have to do is ensure that you use a 5 Sided Queen Mattress Protector over your sleeper mattress, and you won’t have to worry about any damage to the mattress.

5 sided protector

This protector slides over the mattress like a fitted sheet, only that it brings more protection than an ordinary sheet. You need to make sure that you find the right size for your sofa sleeper replacement mattress so that it doesn’t come loose. Many companies offer different variations of the protector; it is better to invest in a breathable and light protector so that heat doesn’t get trapped inside the mattress. These can easily come off, and you can toss them in the washing machine. They will as good as new after the wash.

How to Transport Queen Mattress

There are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to transporting the queen mattress. We often get the question “how to transport queen mattress,” we can help them find the answer to any such query. The first thing you need is a mattress bag; this will ensure that the mattress is not damaged or stained during the travel. Slide the protective bag over the mattress and then secure it using tape. This makes sure that the bag doesn’t come loose. Moving straps are also required because box spring mattresses can be very heavy to move. If your queen mattress already had attached straps, then you can skip this part. The next step is the transport. A pickup truck can be used; most pickup trucks can accommodate a queen size mattress very easily.

mattress bag

Strap the mattress securely, so you don’t face any accidents while you are traveling. If you are traveling a long distance, it is advisable to use an enclosed truck to get the job done. A minivan can also be used, but that depends on the size of the minivan that is available. Make sure the mattress lays flat on the surface; otherwise, you will see bents and dents on the surface of the mattress.


Finding the best replacement mattress for queen sleeper sofa can be quite challenging if you don’t know what you are looking for and haven’t done any research. There are hundreds of brands in the market that are selling products. Some are cheap, while others are expensive; you need to see what your requirements and needs are before you make a decision. We hope this article helps you in finding the right mattress for your queen sleeper sofa.