Top ​7 Best Reclining Sofas for Tall Man

Best Reclining Sofas for tall man are highly fantasized products for all those heightened people, who struggle with the small size of all conventional sofas. Owing to a hectic daily routine, if your height does not allow you to rest in a casual place, then this is the most unfortunate feeling. There is a famous saying by a famous Roman Philosopher that goes like, ‘‘Home is where your heart is’’, which amplifies the importance of a home, its comfort, safety, convenience, privacy and above all satisfaction.

Different parts make the ambiance of a home and without this, comfort seems unachievable. For that matter, sofas play a significant role in providing the utmost rest, comfort and physical and mental satisfaction in our busy routines. If you are a tall person, then definitely, it’s a constraint for you at so many levels. Being tall restricts you from enjoying different luxuries, comforts, and satisfactions that you need after an intense hectic day at work, where you have done your duty.

Before buying a tall reclining sofa, you should always consider a few factors that determine the compatibility of that sofa with your height and weight, your sized. As you plan to buy a sofa for your home, you choose the best, most reliable and durable one, available in the market. It does not matter if that reclining sofa is costly or economical, what comes first, above everything, is comfort. New reclining sofas for a tall man in the market comes in different versions; these not only ease your back pains and are suitable for your height, rather they look aesthetically beautiful when placed in the corner of your living room or your bedroom. These reclining sofas also fulfill the purpose of theater seats in front of the television.

In this article we will review some products, but there are a few fundamental features that you must consider before buying the best reclining sofas for tall man. These are as follows in this guide (it is a list):

best reclining sofas for tall man


  • Very comfortable
  • Soft and resistant fabric
  • Good alternative to a sofa bed


  • You will need to restuff the cushions

Warranty: 1 year and free returns for 30 days.

This is not only the best reclining sofa for a tall man, but probably the best reclining sofa. Firstly, begin with the specifications, it can be ok until 6'' 2 and the weight limit of the overall sofa is 825 lbs, so it could fulfill the needs of a tall man, but not very tall. Instead, speaking about comfort, it is very comfortable and puffy, it is a suggested sofa also for pregnant women, because you can totally sink into it.

To mention the fabric, it is 80% polyester and 20% nylon, many customers say the fabric is very soft, easy to clean, resistant enough and the charcoal color is great, thanks to all these amazing specifications it can be a great choice also to sleep as an alternative to a sofa bed, indeed it might be better than a sofa bed for its great value for the money and for the versatility.

Last but not least, it requires 5 minutes, it will be like a LEGO, you will only need to fit the piece in the right position. But it has also some cons, the reclining mechanism isn't so easy, especially the footrests are quite difficult to push down if you don't have enough strength, another drawback that most of the customers have noted is the need to restuff the cushions once in a while, because of the wear and tear due to intense use.


  • Exceptionally priced
  • Cup holders and pull down table
  • Already assembled


  • Not sturdy frame

Warranty: 1 year and free returns for 30 days.

If you need a reclining sofa also for entertainment like watching a film or playing videogames, this sofa might be the best choice for your needs if one of your concerns is the price. It is a 3 seater sofa, but the central seat can be easily pull down and transformed into a table including cup holders for your drinks to enjoy your binges.

Apart from these additional features, it is a good choice also for oversized men and women, it could seem strange, but I wouldn't suggest this recliner if you will use it in conjunction with a small person, because it might be quite uncomfortable for her/him.

Speaking about comfort, it is a quite comfortable sofa with a polyester upholstery, nothing more, if you don't need more than a decent sofa in the comfort field, it is all you need to know. Last but not least is the assembly, because it will arrive at your home already assembled, and in most of the customers' opinions the delivery process has been always reviewed as great.

But, after all, it comes with some cons, too, it probably won't last more than 5 years, the frame is not the best in the market and it will impact its lifetime a lot, but it is exceptionally priced, so I won't complain about this a lot.


  • Great choice for overweight people
  • More than one color available
  • Already assembled


  • It scratches easily

Warranty: 1 year and free returns for 30 days.

Another in the best recliners ​for tall people​ list from Ashley Furniture, I have to admit they are a big brand. Firstly, let's begin with the colors, where the other ones come in a sort of grey, when buying this couch you can choose between chocolate, gray and mocha.

This sofa is specifically designed for overweight and quite tall people, one person who has bought it is 6"2 tall and weighs 300lbs and with his husband and one of his kids all seems to be ok. I would suggest for all the sofas for tall people to use a protector, but in this case I recommend it twice, because if you have pets at home, also something stupid could scratch it, in my experience vinyl is a good material for sofa protector.

Speaking about comfort the seat is quite firm, instead the back cushions and the armrests are puffy. Like the previous sofa, it will arrive at your home with some people that will assemble this recliner for you in less than 10 minutes.


  • 5 years warranty
  • Possible power recliner
  • Leather upholstery


  • Not for everyday use

Warranty: 5 years and free returns for 30 days

Now we are reviewing a couch made by Homelegance, a well known brand in leather best furniture. But finally we are reviewing a power recliner, to be specific, you will have to pay an extra for a power unit, but if you need one, you won't mind about the extra. It is a good choice for oversized people thanks to the ample space and from a design perspective it will add a touch of luxury to your living room thanks to the leather upholstery.

Speaking about the comfort we will encounter some problems, it is good from a firmness perspective, because it has a medium firmness that will satisfy most of the people, but the real problem is the back support because the seats are attached individually it could move quite easily if you are not overweight or really oversized and also the manual mechanism could become defective after a while and ruin your comfort a bit.


  • Easy power mechanism
  • Good back support
  • Fantastic additional features


  • Metal frame

Warranty: 1 year and free returns for 30 days

This article is incomplete without this particular item manufactured by Delange and it is the best powered reclining sofa for tall man on the market nowadays. One customer weighs 260lbs and is 6"4 tall and loves this couch, so your height and your weight won't be a problem. You should pay a lot of attention to the other feature too, the cup holders, the overhead lights, and the USB charging are great features you won't complain about.

Speaking about comfort, the faux leather feels nice and it's very comfortable, you can adjust the inclination of the headrests, so if you have problems like cervical you won't have any troubles anymore. But the fantastic part about this couch is the power mechanism, it is extremely easy to use and you won't have problems, thanks to its quality. But it comes with some cons, the metal frame couldn't be the best choice and the assembly process isn't so easy.


Size of Reclining Sofa for Tall Man

Before buying a reclining sofa, your priority should be to look for the compatible size that fits your shape and height. There are sofas of different sizes available in the market, and you can go for the one that suits you perfectly. Tall men always struggle with conventional things because their comfort level has different requirements than an average heightened man, they need a big size.

​Sit on it and Lie Down on

​Therefore, it gets very difficult for the person to find the perfect reclining sofa that he can lounge on comfortably without his feet hanging from the lower side.  What we recommend is that when you go out to find the perfect sofa, sit on it and even lie down on it to see if it goes well with your height and maybe choose an oversized recliner. If it does match your body structure and dimensions, and it is wide enough, well, don’t hesitate to make the purchase.


The Comfort of Reclining Sofa for Tall Man

After the consideration of height and size, you must always look towards the quality of that reclining sofa to ascertain if the fabric, wood, metal, or leather used in manufacturing the sofa are comfortable and are of high-quality. Since you are spending a hefty amount on the recliner, it is best that you also ensure that it ticks all the right boxes as well. There might be a lot of things on your mind when you head out to shop for the perfect sofa, but comfort should always be the first thing. Size, comfort, and price; if you focus on these factors and be conscious of the quality, then you’ll definitely lay your hands on the best comfortable reclining sofa with maximum lifetime.


Frame and Structure of Reclining Sofa for Tall Man

You must never neglect the frame and structure of your reclining sofa because apart from size and comfort, this is another factor that determines its lifetime quality and durability. If you choose a size compatible sofa but neglect the quality of plastic fasteners, wood, flexsteel and steady screws, then probably your illusioned comfort will not last long and the recliner sofa might fail to carry your weight for long and get damaged. Therefore, the reclining sofas for tall man must be structurally efficient as well.


Style and Preferences

When buying a reclining sofa for tall man, you cannot forget the matching and suitability of it with your living room or the design and color of your furniture. Being aesthetically pleasing is as important as being physically pleasant. There are plenty of beautiful designs available in the market; you can choose the one that goes perfectly with your theme, be it mid-century or bohemian or farmhouse. Just make sure that the recliner doesn’t overshadow the entire room and takes the limelight away from everything else, also pay attention at the location.


Operating Features

In this technologically advanced world where everything is controlled through electronic operations, how can you struggle with manually arranging the leg support or back seat angle? For your reclining sofa, you should prefer a button-controlled system that will make the operating process simple and easy. If you’re too tired of daily work and have a backache, and lack the energy to set the angles manually, then the facilitated operating reclining sofa will serve your comfort well. With a push, you can open the leg support and lie back on it. Different brands also facilitate you with additional comfort features such as support option, articulating headrest, dual choice of reclining position, and other sleep functions, there are plenty of options.


Why Reclining Sofas Stand Out?

Since it has been established that reclining sofas for tall men are now available at a stone’s throw, the guarantee of quality, effectiveness and maximum comfort is what you will never miss out on. Get a reclining sofa and it will ease your back pain, fit your size, suit your living room and mix in with your furniture designs. This all in one inclusive pack is what makes it stand out among all other reclining sofas for tall men in the furniture market. The only competitor they have are foldable backrest sofas. There are a few significant factors and benefits that add the most value to the product.

​The Best Online Stores

​Stores like Macy's, Wayfair and Lazy Boy regardless of your height, size, shape, or width, design reclining sofas especially for you and they have reviews, too. The sofas are manufactured keeping in view your needs, demands and above all satisfaction. They can easily fit tight spaces and yet retain their charm and comfort.

lazy boy

Benefits of Reclining Sofa for Tall Man

With this highly friendly product, you can avail multiple benefits. You will experience more pros than cons by using this reclining sofa for tall man. It is the best sofa for relaxation rather than sleep, and it also serves as a good hospitable element for guests as well. With its amazing high back and lumbar support, you can easily soothe your exhaustion and back pain. The automated feature makes it even more worthwhile, simply sit down and press on the recline button, the leg support will rise for support while the back support will tilt backward. It also contains a USB port. Moreover, it comes in both manual and electric control versions. One drawback is the cost, but the quality sometimes gets heavy on your pocket.  

​​All the Benefits of a Power Recliner

If you have senior members at home who like watching TV most of the time, then this piece is an ideal item for their entertainment. They will be spared the hassle of looking for a teacup holder because these recliners come with inbuilt cup holders and they give you the luxury you truly deserve. Your aching joints will be soothed, and your blood circulation will be streamlined. Your tall height will be easily accommodated, moreover, with a semi-lying position, you will receive a massage chair for extra comfort. Above all, the reclining sofa for tall man is portable and can easily be lifted and shifted to different rooms. These sofas also save your time of cleaning!

6 Piece Reclining Sectional Sofa

Now we will discuss seating options. If you have a family of tall people who face the trouble of fitting in small sofas and chairs, then you definitely want to buy the best sofa for their convenience. So, you should only look for a reliable manufacturer. Only a good product can relieve you of back pain and exhaustion. The 6 piece reclining sectional sofa can be the best choice, in this respect, indeed it is very large and you can’t use the lift.

Consider Elderly People

The 6 piece reclining sectional sofa is specially designed to accommodate a maximum of six persons. If you have a family which also includes elders who like to stay at home, watch TV, read a newspaper, drink tea and lay back for a long time, then these sofa sets are best suitable to serve your family. A 6 piece reclining sectional sofa will exclusively help you and your family members to break from the daily hassle and enter a realm of peace and comfort. You can place this set at home, in your office, or your apartment in your living room. It is specially designed for homes with tall people of all age groups. Similarly, the soft cushions absorb all your body and back pain regardless of your body shape, size, or height.

6 piece sectional

5 Piece Reclining Sectional Sofa for Tall Man

Apart from 6 pieces, the 5 piece reclining sectional sofa is specially designed for a family of 5 members of all age groups. You can get these sofa sets in all your desired types, sizes, colors and styles. The high-quality sofa manufactured, with fine layers of polyester and microfiber, is attractive to look, easy to clean and much durable to use. You can easily clean it without much hassle and trouble and rub it off with a cloth to make it shine. There are a variety of colors you can choose that will please your sight and give you aesthetic feeling. Brown or grey are the most popular colors in this design.

5 piece sectional

4 Seat Power Reclining Sofa

The 4 seat power reclining sofa is the best one available for you and your family.  Apart from reclining, it comes with extraordinarily accommodating features that relax you. These sofas come with unique, effective and friendly features of power reclining. This allows you to use a few control buttons to set your head or feet angle according to your own choice. The sofa has a very attractive design, style and color range that makes it easier for you to choose the best one that you like.

Some Additional Features

Moreover, there are some additional features that you cannot neglect that benefit your tall heightened family members. There is a built-in storage console in this 4 seat power reclining sofa with the help of which you can keep remotes and chargers without losing them deep inside the leather. The sofa is also available in both faux leather and tan leather that add to its beauty and comfort. The power recliner is a substitute for sofa beds. There are USB charging ports, cup holders and leg and back supports that relieve your joint pain and save the moving hassle. Many different stores like Pottery Barn, Wayfair have their own version of these recliner sofas.

4 seat power

Who Makes the Best Reclining Sofa?

Before buying any reclining sofa, quality and company must always be your top priorities. You should not compromise on quality for a few bucks. It means that if you buy a cheap sofa that temporarily gives you all facilities and relieves you of pain, in the long run, it may disappoint because of the low-quality fabric, leather, wood, and poor operations. There are many cheap reclining couches available in the market due to increasing competition, but any sofa under 300$ should not be preferred, the best ones are over 500 pounds.

Some of the Best Online Stores

The sofa qualities must be uncompromised as they must focus on customer comfort and relief. No matter if you are tall, short, bulky ,or thin or you like a variety of designs and shapes, online stores have considered all your demands and have customized the best sofas for you. Companies like Macy's, Joybird, and Ikea offer high-quality recliner sofas; you can also find the best reclining sofa for tall man at Walmart and Amazon as these are internationally recognized e-commerce platforms, that provide you all the furnishings you need.

Reclining Sofa Battery Pack

In order to use your power recliner sofas for long, you must have a quality reclining sofa battery pack. That is because these sofas are not attached to your household electricity; rather, they are powered by batteries that come with the packing. For a long-life, you must buy a quality reclining sofa battery pack to power your man recliners once or twice a week. A good battery pack ensures a better battery life and less hassle of charging. These are not expensive but come at reasonable prices compared to the traditional sofa price. If you compare manual with power recliner, you will always be tilted towards power recliner because of the convenience they bring.

Before buying a good power rocker recliner, you must consider these above mentioned features. These reclining sofas are a revolution in the furniture industry, and these advance each day by focusing on your demand and comfort. Once you invest in a good reclining sofa, you will spare yourself the hassle of constantly changing and repairing.

battery pack