Top 10 Best Leather Sofas for the Money

Do you finally want to buy a leather classy sofa without breaking the bank? Our team of experts has finally chosen the best online spending countless hours.

My Top Picks


Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Tufted Leather

I love chesterfield sofas and this is one of the best at an affordable price. Thanks to a comfortable leather upholstery and a hardwood frame, it is the best choice after all. Buying this sofa is an optimal choice.

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Rivet Andrews Contemporary Top Grain Leather

The most comfortable sofa in this list and one of the most comfortable. The top-grain leather upholstery for this price is amazingly good. The unattached cushions make it even easier to clean. It is also suggested for families with pets for its durability.

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Rivet Aiden Tufted Mid-Century Modern Leather

One of the most stylish sofas in this article. But it is not only the design that stands out. The soft leather and the attached tufted seat cushions are amazing and they make this couch extremely comfortable.

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Stone & Beam Charles Classic Oversized Leather

Rated by many experts as the best comfortable sofa for heavy people, this couch is literally the best of both worlds. Thanks to a top grain cowhide leather upholstery and a hardwood frame, it is comfortable and resistant at the same time.

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Serta SA-AVO-JB Set Drea Convertible Seville Sofa

A great sofa for a contemporary living room. It is a convertible sofa, it means it can be coverted into a sleeper sofa. It is quite comfortable, however it is prone to peel and it won't last long.

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Victoria Classic Rolled Arm Sofa Tri-Tone

This sofa has a strange look. It is rather comfortable thanks to the firm, but not uncomfortable cushions. However with the time the padded cushions will become softer. But this chesterfield sofa won't last long, because the genuine leather upholstery isn't of top quality.

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Container Furniture Direct Orion Mid-Century Modern

The last on this list is a faux leather sofa.

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You may come across pieces that are particularly made to be aesthetically pleasing, to go with a certain theme, or to provide extra comfort. Some of these sofas may fit perfectly in your small space, and some may demand bigger spaces. But you ought to look for something that is the best value to your money with a guarantee of comfort, durability, and style

The sort of comfort that wool or velvet sofas provide is of no match to what wonderful and high rated real leather sofas can provide. Not only leather couches offer worn-out look but a steady fabric tone. So when you opt for the best leather sofa for the money, pay special thought to leather coating, texture, grains and also the right manufacturers, Serta is one of them. So it's very important to understand the true nature of the leather sofa you wish to buy.

best leather sofa for the money

Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Tufted Leather


  • Very comfortable
  • Chesterfield design
  • Robust back support


  • Not suitable for dogs

If I had to choose a leather sofa, the Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Sofa would be the choice. It is available in the following colors: black, brown and cognac. It is the first in this list for lots of reasons.

First of all it is made of the best materials available on the market. The hardwood frame is made of quality and durable wood. Also, if you are a heavy person with back problems this sofa will make you feel comfortable. This type of leather is a material extremely easy to clean, most of the time 10 minutes will ne enough.

Last but not least, it is right priced. But it isn't be the best choice for families with dogs, because could scratch quite easily and you will need to use a leather conditioner.

Rivet Andrews Contemporary Top Grain Leather


  • Contemporary design
  • Super comfortable
  • Resistant and great for kids


  • Only 1-year warranty

Rivet Andrews offers great products at a fair price, this is one of them. I've collected expert opinion and I came to this conclusion: it is the most comfortable leather sofa! It is made of top grain leather, but it has been specifically treated to become softer and easier to clean.

But this sofa is great for other specifications, firstly the different colors available (black, brown and cognac). Moreover, the cushions can be fluffed, this means you won't have to find strange ways to repair a sagging sofa. They are also unattached, this means it will be a piece of cake to clean.

This sofa is both comfortable and firm at the same time, thanks to a sturdy frame and a soft, but resistant leather upholstery. Some people complain about a strange smell, it is quite normal for a new leather sofa to have it, but it disappears after a month.

Stone & Beam Charles Classic Oversized Leather


  • High-Quality leather
  • Top for old people
  • Sturdy Frame


  • Staples and loose threads

Thanks to an extensive research I came to the conclusion that it is the best sofa for old people. It is available in three colors: saddle brown, charcoal, sod and walnut. It is made of the best leather available on the market, top grain cowhide leather.

Old men loves this couch, on average they sit on a sofa at least six hours a day, and they say they have never found a sofa more comfortable. Moreover, it is very durable thanks to the high quality wood. Because it is also a piece of cake to clean thanks to the unattached cushions it is the best of both worlds.

Last but not least the warranty, 3 years for a couch is very good. My only concern are the staples and the loose threads, but they aren't giving problems nowadays.

Rivet Aiden Tufted Mid-Century Modern Leather


  • Fantastic Delivery
  • Great design
  • Great value for the money


  • Back support

This is one of the most stylish leather sofas I have ever seen. Usually a great design means no comfort, this is not the case. All the customers found his sofa comfortable, it is due to the soft leather and the tufted attached seat cushions. This is one of the cases when the comfort meets the style and also the durability.

Thanks to a sturdy construction it will last for a lifetime. Other features I love are the cylindrical cushions and the frame. But the top part of this sofa is the price, it is really inexpensive. However this sofa it is too low profile, so if you have back pain problems or you are extremely tall I won't suggest this option.

Serta SA-AVO-JB Set Drea Convertible Seville Sofa


  • Top pick for budget
  • Sofa bed option
  • Good for small apartment


  • Prone to peeling
  • Only one color and one size

Serta is a well known and established brand so it couldn't not be on my list. The best part of this sofa is the split back mechanism to transform it into a sofa bed. It will be a great piece of furniture in a small apartment, combining versatility, comfort, durability, and style.

It is quite comfortable to sleep on it and it has been specifically designed for back pain problems. Thanks to its futuristic design with the Java color, its perfect width (85,4''), and its sturdy construction this sofa is a good compromise.

But if you have money to spend I wouldn't suggest this sofa. The upholstery fabric is prone to peel and it won't last long, instead if your main concern is the price go for it!


Understanding Leather and Its Types

Leather is a natural product and even after going through chemical procedure, it will retain its original marks like growth marks, scratches, hair pore structure and even fiber density. Retailers will show you different leather samples via the grade category. Resultantly, customers may deem expensive or higher-graded leather to be of best quality and origin but this is not the case every time. Every type of leather has its merit and grade does not define quality. Rather, leather can have varied prices depending upon the finishing process it has undergone after tanning. Leather choice can also be affected by ease of care and appearance. Classic designs like Chesterfield offer great leather sofas. There are different leather types that you can choose from when you need to choose the best leather furniture or the best leather couch 

Consider Tanning

To choose the best leather sofa for the money, you should choose between the chrome tanned leather and vegetable tanned leather. In general, I prefer the first method when cattle hide is tanned with the help of chromium-based chemicals. This method is the most preferred one and is quickly taking the place of vegetable tanning. Chrome tanned leather indeed is softer, but vegetable tanned leather is more natural-looking and environmentally friendly.

Grain and Corium

Then you should choose between full grain, top grain and genuine leather. There are two layers in the cowhide, the corium and the grain, the corium is more flexible and less resistant, instead the fibers of the grain are very sturdy. Full grain leather is the best type of leather available in the market, indeed it is the most resistant and it presents scars and imperfections of the grain so it is used for the high-end stuff. Then there is the top grain leather, it uses a good part of the grain, it doesn't present scars and wrinkles, because they are removed, it is a good compromise between quality and price. At the end there is genuine, it is a marketing operation, it uses the other layers of leather (corium) and it is not resistant at all. In theory there is also bonded leather, but it is often garbage, see this for more informations.

Aniline vs Pigmented

Then you should choose between aniline leather, semi-aniline and finished. Aniline leather bears the original characteristics and thus is less resistant towards fouling. This leather does not have any pigment or polymer coating; rather, it is only dyed to give it a color. You can expect some variation in shade or marks with this leather. This type of leather requires more look-after as compared to other leathers. Also, it is more vulnerable to liquid absorption and sunlight. Then there is semi where pigments surface coating is done to provide better protection against running and spillage and to make it look better. Then there is the finished leather, specifically used for sofas, loveseats and chairs. This leather has a consistent surface appearance and is more durable. Its durability comes from the pigmented polymer surface coating. Technology has brought an evolution in its appearance by finishing it in plain, printed, or embossed form. This type of surface defends against fading, friction, and fouling.


Comfort Level

Of course, you cannot overlook the importance of comfort level provided by the best leather sofas for the money Quality leather sofas are meant to be extremely comfortable if they are supported with soft cushions and solid wooden frames, so it is difficult to find them under 500, but for the quality they are worth it. For centuries, people have sought leather sofas for comfort, they are 5 stars products. Many psychologists and therapists also opt for leather sofas and couches for their sessions to give the patients that comfortable and safe feeling, maybe choosing the reclining option. However, it is not advisable to get leather sofas for hot regions.   

Consider Heat

Leather tends to absorb heat, especially in summers. If you sit on the leather sofa wearing a tank top or short, the body heat combined with the environmental heat will make it extremely uncomfortable. For such regions, it is recommended to get sofas made with gel leather. The best thing is that it does not heat up upon contact with skin. Also, the comfort level is upscale with a fabric-upholstered sofa, online you could read the reviews, too. 



Real leather sofas are meant to last for a lifetime if they are taken care of. The durability also depends upon the quality of leather. By nature, leather is resistant to liquid spillage, but it is not good outdoor. So if you accidentally spill water or any beverage, it is easier to clean a leather sofa as compared to a fabric sofa. These sofas also do not imbibe much dust, thus saving you the hassle of dusting all the time. Also, quality leather is tough on the molecular level and is naturally impervious against wear and tear. An added feature of the leather has is that it gets better and wears in as time passes. Over the course of time, the leather ages and its color matures, adding to the attraction of the sofa. If you want to extend the life of your leather sofas, you can protect them with removable covers or you can treat them with leather conditioner.  

About Chesterfield Sofas

With these attributes in mind, we would recommend you some relevant leather sofas. Chesterfield aniline leather sofas are beautiful and add a mid-century style to your space. They are one of the most durable sofas out there in the market, with solid trim and wooden frame. The leather is famous because of its ease of cleaning and is made with soft, aniline leather that develops a patina over time.

In the race of best leather sofas for the money, a chesterfield sofa can beat many other sofas with its ability to brighten and upgrade any space. The sofa is a beautiful combination of high-quality leather and solid wood, I have written an article about the best chesterfield sofas. It can provide seating for three people with its reassuring pocket coils and alternative-down polyester filled seats. The sofa comes in dark brown color with customary brass nail head accents and rolled arms.




When you are choosing a leather sofa, along with comfort, durability, and leather quality, do keep in view the streamlined, modest design and theme of your space. Your choices should revolve around attractive and functional sofas. To renovate your modern place, you can always go for an American Leather couch that supports a steel sled leg, plush seating, and a modern track arm. You can choose from over 40 different leather shades.  


So you don't always need an expert's help to choose a perfect leather sofa for you. If you know the leather grades, quality, and some know-how of the durability, you can pick a suitable and attractive looking piece for your home. Furthermore, this article provides info on some more popular leather sofa types for your information 


9 Seater Leather Corner Sofas

9 seater leather corner sofas can be easily created and customized to pass through narrow doorways or up the spiral staircase, but not as a loveseat.  When customizing, you can go for a variety of seat styles that are appropriate concerning your space, from small to medium, to extra-large. The seat size eventually defines the look and impact of the sofas in the space you plan to place them in. Traditionally, sofas with large and deep seats are popular, but you can always go for small seats depending upon the requirement of your family, it could be a bed too.   

Getting them Through the Doorway

When ordering such large sofas, the primary concern is getting them through the doorway or hallway, they are usually sectionals. However, you shouldn't be worried about it as these sofas come with a self-assembly kit so you can always reassemble the separated parts, once they are through the doorway. You can then join the slots in the frame. Leather recliners for home theater, office and media room are a good choice. Some companies claim to use Italian leather, with guaranteed texture, comfort, strength, and quality. Their wood frame is kiln-dried and treated with anti-pest treatment. The no-sag design promotes unique quality, suspension and comfort. These are the companies you should invest in. 

Leather Sofa 94 Inch

Leather Sofa 94 Inch is yet another popular item. Known brands like Wayfair, Pottery Barn and Macy's offer a variety of 94 inch sofas, they are full of them. The online shop Wayfair offers ideal sofa sets for watching movies with friends or accommodating the guests for a sleepover and also very good products. Their attractive looking sofa collection will light up your living space. The supple touch and soft appearance invite you to use it for spending your evenings on it. The upholstery is made of top-grain pigmented leather, or if you have a particular choice, you can get them customized for a redefined, casual look. Some sofa sets feature pillow-top, foam-filled arms, and tufted seats. With easy-to-lift technology, the mattress can be rolled out.

Leather sofa 94 inch by Macy's is also very popular. Sectional Sofa with chaise, one power recliner, and articulating headrests, this is just one combination that they offer. Brands like these have extensive catalogs from which you can choose the configuration you want and the style you want. You can easily get a Leather sofa 94 inch customized for your own space. These leather sectional sofas are the best one the market.

94 inch

Leather Sofa 98 Inch

Leather sofa  98 inch is suitable for a small lounge. Wayfair, West Elm and Overstock are dealing with a number of these leather sofas. Aniline Leather Chesterfield Sofas are perfect for taking naps during rainy evenings, have family gatherings near the fireplace or for casual chitchats. These sofas are made with modern perfection and industrial aesthetics. Upholstered with quality leather and foam, it is standing on a solid wooden frame. Other features include square arms, tight back, that is usually better than loose, and tight seat, and coil spring seat.  

Genuine Rolled Arm Sofas

In this category, Genuine Leather Rolled Arm Sofas are also very popular. These attractive looking classic sofas feature supple spring support, wrapped in foam with down feather fill and fiber, hand-applied tack trim, fine-looking button-tufting,100% genuine top-grain leather, and classic rolled arms. This is premium, heritage design that gives an air of eternal well-worn elegance to any space. These elegant leather sofas are enough to put a daunting impression upon the onlookers. The look of your space is completed by including this as a centerpiece. However, you can opt for a classic coffee table beside it and voila! You can find a similar leather sofa 98 inch on the internet or visit the market to check for variety.

Moreover, we provide you few tips that can help you retain your leather sofas for long.

98 inch

Will Radiator Damage Leather Sofa

Will Radiator Damage Leather Sofa? We are habitual of placing furniture as per our visual appeal and convenience. In doing so, we often forget the impact of items in our living room, upon each other. With leather sofas, one has to be very careful. If you have a radiator or heating vents in your place, then you have to think twice before placing leather sofas beside them, because the heat can damage the leatherRadiators and heating units can ruin the texture of the leather and dry it out if exposed to heat for a prolonged time.  

Additionally, it can also fade the pigments, in some cases, and you may end up with discolored patches in on your sofa. The worst-case scenario may result in cracked and dry surface of the leather, slowly tearing away. A fire safety hazard is another reason not to place the sofa near the heat source. Even if you have kept some space between the sofa and heat, the sofa may get pushed towards it with the force of sitting and lying, without you noticingSo, it is always advisable to keep some distance between the sofas and the radiator.  At least a 6 inches distance should be maintained; this is the minimum distance between the two.  


Will Bonded Leather Sofa Last Long

Bonded leather, blended leather or reconstituted leather, as the name suggests, is a result of leather scrapes that could be thrown away. The scrapes are ground to form a fibrous backing or sheet and then sealed with polyurethane sealantBecause of the grinding method, its durability is less than the original leather. Continuous usage deteriorates the surface, body heat, and oil play a vital part in the process. Grit and dirt are the cherries on the top, and shorten the life of the leather. So if the question, will bonded leather sofa last long, arises in your mind often, then the answer is no. 

How to Take Care of

Constant usage by kids, guests, and pets can decrease its appearance and lifespan. However, if your leather sofa is taken care of, it can last for up to 3 years max. You can follow certain tips to maximize its life. You should clean it often to get rid of dust and body oilsWhile cleaning, make sure not to use harsh chemicals. After cleaning, apply leather conditioner to preserve and protect the surface. Also, like real leather furniture, avoid placing it near heat or out in open sunlight.  

Check my guide about how to repair bonded leather sofa peeling.

bonded leather


We believe these tips are enough for you to buy a good leather sofa, considering the style, comfort level, durability, and leather type. Taking care of your quality leather sofa does not demand much hassle but for the bonded leather sofa, you need to put in extra efforts.