Top 7 Best Futon Mattress for Sofa Use

Futon mattresses are one of the best pieces of furniture to have. But you need to know the best one and also how to choose them. This in-depth guide is a must-read.

This article is about how to choose the best futon mattress for sofa use. The futon mattress is probably one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can buy. We do admit that it doesn’t have the best reputation.

In movies and TV shows, unsuccessful characters have been portrayed as lazy, jobless, futon-owning losers. But because of its affordable price tag and versatility, futons are indeed a favorite among people on a budget. 


DHP 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress

A great guest bed manufactured by DHP, the leader in this field. It is very comfortable to sit or to sleep on it. The microfiber cover is very resistant and the innerspring mattress, too.

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Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress

A cheap solution to a normal sleeper sofa without compromising the overall quality and the comfort level, but sacrificing the design. The high-density foam is specifically designed for back support and made of a breathable material. One of the best sleeper sofas for college dorms and little apartments.

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Classic Brands Classic 8-Inch Futon Mattress

It is a very comfortable futon, even more comfortable of the previous one. Thanks to the removable cover it is the perfect choice for pet owners, because the cover is also easily washable. The cover is the best of both worlds: soft and sturdy at the same time.

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Mozaic Futon Mattress, Full

Finally a good memory foam futon mattress. It is covered by a cotton twill tufted cover that is both soft and durable. It is very easy to change from bed to sofa and vice versa, because it is lightweight. Customers find this futon comfortable and supportive of pressure points. Moreover, it has no chemical smell and it fits all full-size frames.

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DHP 6" Foam Futon Mattress

Another DHP futon, but this time 6'' thick. The black color is beautiful, but you can choose from other colors. The advantage of this futon is the price mainly. However, it is also comfortable for sitting and sleeping. If you don't like very thick futon mattresses this could be the best choice after all. But, like the first DHP futon, it is not simple to convert from sofa to bed. So, I suggest to use it only as a sofa or only as a mattress.

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Royal Sleep Products New Replacement Futon Mattress

This futon mattress is available both in full and queen size and in plenty of different colors. It is a very durable innerspring mattress and under 250 it is of great quality, having the right firmness.

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Mozaic Full Size 8-Inch Cotton Twill Gel Dual Memory

This futon mattress has plenty of firm support, it is soft enough to fill in your body curves. The material used is gel memory foam, that will keep you warm also in summer.

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But the bad reputation of futons shouldn’t stop you from having one. It is a very practical piece of furniture, especially if you are just starting. It is also a good option for a sofa. If you have a guest coming over, then all you have to do is convert your futon into a bed. 

And it is perfectly fine to use a futon mattress as a sofa in your living room. There were not many designs of futons available before but today it is not the same. For sure, you will be able to find one that will suit your taste and style. Futon mattresses are also available in different colors. 

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Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress


  • Extremely inexpensive
  • High-quality and high-density foam
  • Great for college dorms


  • No warranty

Miliard manufactures great and innovative products like this one. It is extremely inexpensive and of good quality at the same time. This futon is available in all the sizes: from twin to king.

My son slept on it every day for two weeks in a college dorm. It is comfortable like the $300 innerspring mattress at home in his opinion.

I was extremely impressed, thanks to the breathable fabric and the high-density foam. If you want to play video games or if you live in a studio flat or a college dorm this is the best convertible sofa.

For small spaces in general this should be your first choice and also for guests room. It is good for all types of people, heavy and tall, too. 

Up to two people can sleep on it. The tri-fold mechanism, in combination with the easy maintenance of this product, is the cherry of the cake.

But I don't suggest using this as a bed everyday. In my opinion, a high-quality memory foam topper should be added.

DHP 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress


  • Very comfortable
  • Innerspring mattress
  • Great as a guest bed


  • Difficult to change from bed to sofa

A futon manufactured by DHP, one of the most known brands in this world. It can be a great alternative to a basic mattress. Moreover you can choose from several options. Most of the customers recommend it as a great guest bed.

Indeed it has all it needs to have to be a good mattress. Thanks to a foam and polyester layering between the cover and coils it offers a great back and neck support and it is very comfortable.

It is an innerspring mattress with a microfiber cover. If you want to use it as a sofa you need to buy a metal frame. I highly suggest metal frames from Walmart.

Classic Brands Classic 8-Inch Futon Mattress


  • Removable cover
  • Great for heavy individuals
  • Folds easily


  • Comes only in two colors

It is a great alternative to the DHP futon. The first advantage of this futon is the removable cover, that can be washed and replaced very easily. The quality of the innerspring mattress is of the same quality of DHP.

It is thick and comfortable and it is very good for heavy individuals (up to 210 lbs). The microfiber cover included is soft, firm, and sturdy at the same time. But it easily bounce back to original shape when flat and it folds easily.

Unfortunately, it comes only in two colors: black and brown. Last but not least, it is very easy to clean and if you have pets it is maybe the best futon mattress for sofa use.


Consider the Usage Before You Choose the Best Futon Mattress for Sofa Use

Before you go shopping for the best futon mattress for sofa use, you should first determine how frequently you are going to use (usage) it as a bed. If you are planning to sleep on it regularly or if you are expecting guests to come and sleep in your house frequently, then you will need a durable futon mattress. 

Choose a Coil-Filled Mattress

You may need to invest a significant amount, but a high-quality futon will save you money in the long run. If you want a futon mattress that will last, then you should consider getting one that is coil-filled instead of a mattress that is only filled with cotton. With proper use and maintenance, a coil-filled mattress can last for up to ten years or even longer. When you buy a durable futon mattress, you wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing a new one anytime soon.

Apart from making sure that the futon mattress is durable, you also need to check the other parts of the futon. A high-quality futon is a sturdy one. The transformation from sofa to bed should also be easy and convenient. If a futon is easy to convert from sofa to bed and back then, that is usually a sign that it is a high-quality futon. 


The Best Futon Mattress for Sofa Use Should Look Good

If you are planning to buy the best futon mattress for sofa use, then you need to consider aesthetics. Keep in mind that a sofa viewed as the centerpiece of your living room, so it needs to look good. If someone visits your house, one of the first things that they will see is your sofa. People will also spend significant time with it since the living room is where people usually receive their guests.

You will need to buy a futon mattress that will match the decor and overall theme of your home. The last thing that you want to happen is for your sofa to stick like a sore thumb in your living room. Color should be your first consideration as far as aesthetics is concerned. If you have light-colored walls, then you should get a dark-colored sofa for your living room to get the contrast. 

Consider Size and Firmness

You should also pay attention to the size of the sofa. Your sofa shouldn’t be too big that it dominates your whole living room nor too small that you can’t accommodate your guests. The best futon mattress for couch is one that is not too big and not too small. You should also consider firmness. If you are going to use the futon as a sofa, then you would need to choose one that will hold its shape for a long time.


It Needs to Be Comfortable

If you are going to use a futon for a sofa, then you need to choose one that is comfortable. People spend a lot of time sitting on their sofas. They use their sofas when they want to watch TV and relax. Some people even eat and work while on their sofas. If you like to read, then you can also enjoy a good book while sitting on your sofa. Your sofa, therefore, needs to be comfortable. Some people think that a futon cannot replace a real sofa. This is not true. There are many futons on the market that can compete with the most comfortable sofas available. You just need to know what to look for. 

Other Tips About Comfort

The futon must be comfortable both as a sofa and as a everyday bed. If you’re going to use the futon as a bed for guests who are staying over, then it has to provide a good night’s sleep. It is your responsibility as an excellent host to make sure that your guests are comfortable. The mattress must be soft but not too soft that it doesn’t provide proper support. The comfort of a futon largely depends on the material it is made of. So, you need to make sure that you get a futon made with premium material.


A Futon Mattress for Sofa Use is Good for Health

Do you know that your choice of furniture can affect your health? This is why you should choose furniture that can enhance your health and not affect it negatively. So when you’re shopping for a futon mattress, you need to make sure that it can support your wellbeing. If you’re going to use the futon mattress as a sofa, then that means people will be spending a lot of time sitting on it. You need to keep in mind that the best futon mattress for sofa is good for your health. The mattress must be able to provide support for your back.


A Futon Mattress is a Good Investment

In life, you usually get what you pay for. If you buy a piece of cheap furniture, then you can’t expect it to last or to provide the best experience. On the other hand, if you purchase something with a premium price, then you can also expect premium quality. You can probably find cheap futon mattresses. And you may be tempted to buy one for your home. You need to know, however, that cheap futons don’t usually last long, especially if you’re going to use it every day.

Consider to Spend a Little Bit More

If you are looking for the best futon mattress for sofa, then you need to spend a little bit more. Of course, it is also not advisable to spend an arm and a leg on a futon mattress. But you shouldn’t be a cheapskate either. A futon is already a cheap option for a sofa. And because it can be converted into a bed, then you are essentially getting two pieces of furniture for the price of one. So, the wise thing to do would be to get a high-quality futon that can last for several years. Choose one that will continue even if you’ll use it as a sofa every day.

Best Futon Mattress for Sitting

In choosing the best futon mattress for sofa, you need to get the best futon mattress for sitting. If you are planning to sit on it every day, then it has to be thick enough to provide comfort when you watch a movie or lounge with a book. Can you imagine sitting for long hours on a thin mattress? Just thinking about it is making your back hurt, right?

You need to save your back, so you need to get a thick futon mattress. The right material also matters. Futons are either made with pure cotton or a combination of cotton and other materials. Cotton may be gentle to the skin, but you need to know that it gets hard over time. So a blend of cotton and foam is a better choice for futons as far as comfort is concerned. 

Futon Made with High-Density Foam

If the budget permits, then you should consider getting a futon made with high-density foam. This type of futon does not contain cotton. It is made of several layers of foam in different thicknesses. The end product is a lighter futon that keeps its shape for an extended period. Because of the density of the material, it provides the utmost in comfort. 

How Comfortable are Futon Mattresses

If you’re asking how comfortable are futon mattresses, then you need to know that the answer to your question depends on several factors. As a general rule, the thicker the mattress, the more comfortable the futon. Futons come in different thicknesses, so if you want to make sure that you are getting a comfortable sofa, then get a futon with a thick mattress.

Thickness alone does not determine the comfort level of a futon. There are other factors at play. The material used in making the futon also matters. Modern futons are made with an innovative material that is designed to provide comfort.

Other Things To Take Into Consideration for Comfort

How a futon is made is also a factor. Some thin futons with excellent craftsmanship are far superior to thick ones as far as comfort is concerned. If you get irritated or develop an allergy from your futon, then that will also affect your comfort level. So you need to choose a futon made with hypoallergenic material that will not cause any allergic reactions. It’s probably not right to expect that a futon will be as comfortable as a regular sofa, but some quality futons come close. You also need to take into consideration your own idea of what a comfortable sofa is.


Who Makes the Best Futon Mattresses

Who makes the best futon mattresses? This is another tough question to answer. No particular brand dominates the futon market. But futons that are designed and made in the US are known to be of good quality. Europeans, such as Italians, are known to create some of the most luxurious and comfortable couches and beds in the world. They also make high-quality futons. But premium quality comes with a premium price as well.

What About Japanese Futon

But what about Japanese futons, you may ask. Futons, after all, are a Japanese invention. Japanese futons are practical and straightforward. When it comes to quality, they are also top-notch. Japanese are known for their exquisite craftsmanship so it’s safe to say that their futons are some of the best in the world. You can also get high-quality futon mattresses from Korean and Chinese brands. Keep in mind that futons made in Asia usually are designed for Asian bodies. You may want to keep this in mind before you get an Asian-made futon. 

It’s not useful to be brand-conscious when you are shopping for a futon mattress. You should stick to choosing a futon based on comfort-level, durability, and price. Where it’s made from and what company made, it should be secondary considerations. 

Best Futon Mattress for Back Pain

If your back hurts after sitting on a sofa for a long time, then there must be something wrong with your sofa. When you look for a futon mattress for sofa, you should make sure that it will provide excellent support for your back because the best futon mattress for back pain is one that offers the best support. If a futon doesn’t produce excellent support, there’s a tendency for the spine to curve unnaturally. When this happens, the pressure is exerted on the hips back, and even on the shoulders. The pressure can turn into pain later.

Do Not Choose a Soft Futon Mattress

Pain may not develop overnight but as you continue to sit on the sofa day in and day out, you will notice that pain will start to develop. The problem with back pain is that it gets worse. It may even reach a point where the pain becomes debilitating. Do not choose a futon couch mattress that is too soft. That can only worsen your condition. 

When you are shopping for the best futon mattress for back pain, you need to know that there is no one mattress for all. Different people have different back support needs. So, it's a good idea to test a few futon beds before you commit to one. 

Best Futon Mattress Full Size and Best Futon Mattress Topper

Getting the best futons mattress full size is the way to go if you want to have a comfortable sleeping option in your living room space. When you convert a linen full-size futon into a bed, it can be comparable to a queen-size bed. This means that two (or more) people can sleep on it. If you are planning to get a full-size futon mattress, then that means that you have plans of using it a bed regularly either for yourself or for friends and family members. Then you should choose a futon mattress that offers the comfort of a real bed.

How to Make Your Futon Mattress More Comfortable

If you want to make a futon sofa mattress more comfortable, then an option is to get the best futon mattress topper for a sofa set. This is the same kind of toppers that are placed on top of a regular mattress. Choosing the best futon mattress toppers is just like shopping for the best futon mattress for sofa use, you need to consider comfort first. You may want to consider getting a futon topper sets that is made with memory foam.