Top 7 Best Chesterfield Sofas

best chesterfield sofa

Would you like to buy one of the best chesterfield sofas, but you don't know where to start? Thanks to my comprehensive reviews and tips you will finally decide.


Stone&Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Sofa

I love leather chesterfield sofas and this is one of the best at an affordable price. Thanks to a comfortable leather upholstery and a hardwood frame, it is the best choice after all. Buying this sofa is an optimal choice.

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Homelegance St. 92" Claire Fabric Chesterfield

Without doubt the best cheap chesterfield sofa. Thanks to its polyester upholstery and comfortable cushions it makes the perfect addition to your modern living room. The mid century design is literally the icing on the cake.

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Christopher Knight Traditional Chesterfield Loveseat

This chesterfield couch has a soft velvet upholstery fabric that is really comfortable. Thanks to the easiness of the assembly process, the removable cushion covers and because it is a loveseat, it is a very good sofa for a small apartment.

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Vita Chesterfield Tufted Velevet Sofa

Another good velvet sofa. This sofa is maybe the best chesterfield sofa for dog owners, thanks to the very resistant upholstery fabric. However it is comfortable too and some people take naps in the afternoon on this couch. It is available in three colors, but the blueberry colors is the best choice in my opinion.

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Victoria Classic Rolled Arm Sofa Tri-Tone

This sofa has a strange look. It is rather comfortable thanks to the firm, but not uncomfortable cushions. However with the time the padded cushions will become softer. But this chesterfield sofa won't last long, because the genuine leather upholstery isn't of top quality.

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Divano Roma Classic Tufted Bonded Leather

Another gorgeous velvet sofa again. This loveseat is made of plush soft velvet, the fabric together with the upholstery fabric are what make this sofa amazing. Lats but not least, the perfectly spaced attached tufted buttons.

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Roy Button-Tufted Chesterfield Sofa

The last product in this list.

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To find the right sofa for your room that also ticks all the boxes can be a tricky thing. Normally the first sofa you fall in love with will not, necessarily, be the best choice for you. You will fall in love because of its color or style but there is more to choosing a sofa than what you see on the surface.

Especially when we talk about the best chesterfield sofas, there a few things that you will have to check before you make the final decision. Chesterfield sofas have been one of the safest choices when it comes to couches because they are long-lasting as well as reliable. They will match with almost any interior style but if you are someone who likes minimal design, this is the perfect choice for you.

There are a few things that will help you in choosing the best chesterfield sofas and we have come up with the perfect guide and the prefect reviews for you. Follow this guide and our reviews and you will have no problem getting the best thing for your home.

Stone&Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Sofa


  • Very comfortable
  • Robust back support
  • Great for heavy person


  • Not suitable for dogs

If I had to choose a timeless leather sofa, the Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Sofa would be the choice. It is available in the following colors: black, brown and cognac. It is the first in this list for lots of reasons.

First of all it is made of the best materials available on the market. The hardwood frame is made of quality and durable wood. Also, if you are a heavy person with back problems this sofa will make you feel comfortable. This type of leather is a material extremely easy to clean, most of the time 10 minutes will be enough.

Last but not least, it is right priced. But it isn't be the best choice for families with dogs, because it could scratch quite easily and you will need to use a leather conditioner.

Homelegance St. 92" Claire Fabric Chesterfield


  • Polyester resistant fabric
  • Comfortably firm
  • Great design


  • Tufted buttons

Homelegance is one of the best manufacturers of sofas. This polyester chesterfield sofas is without doubt the best cheap chesterfield sofa. But a good price doesn't mean bad quality. Customers of this couch are extremely satisfied with the comfort level.

The cushions are nor under or overstuffed, a customer defined them comfortably firm. But the design is even better. It looks beautiful thanks to its mid-century design and the almond color. One of the main concerns of people when buying a chesterfield sofa is the bolting.

Sometimes the bolting is hard, indeed in this sofa, it is soft! Some people complain about the tufted buttons because they could sever from the sofa.

Christopher Knight Traditional Chesterfield Loveseat


  • Velvet soft fabric
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great value for the money


  • None

The third chesterfield sofa on this article has the best design amongst the others in this list. Indeed the blue color is spot on. This sofa has a stylish velvet upholstery, that stands out for its softness and comfort. The covers of the cushions are removable and washable, so if you have pets at home you can easily solve a problem.

It is very easy to assemble and because it is a loveseat it is great for small apartments. Thanks to the deep button tufting, the tufted buttons don't cause problems to your back and this sofa has a good back support.

Vita Chesterfield Tufted Velvet Sofa


  • Sturdy hardwood frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very good for dog owners


  • Not good for tall men

Another beautiful velvet couch. This chesterfield sofa is available in three colors: blackberry, emerald and navy blue. Thanks to the sturdy hardwood frame, this sofa could last also 10 years. It is comfortable but not firm, however you can even sleep on it.

The velvet fabric is plush, but resistant, a great choice for dog owners. In my opinion the color to choose is blackberry, because in a modern living room it really stands out. But, this chesterfield couch is not a good option for very tall people because it is too low profile.

Divano Roma Classic Tufted Bonded Leather


  • Perfect attached tufted buttons
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very good for dog owners


  • Not good for tall men

Another velvet sofa again. Divano Roma Furniture is an Italian based company with years of experience and I am a big fan of their products. This chesterfield sofa is great because of a lot of features. It is a loveseat, a great piece of furniture for small apartments.

First of all, the sturdy construction and the soft cushions make this sofa very good for the low price. The plush soft velvet and the perfectly spaced handmade attached tufted buttons will increase your comfort even more. I suggest the bright purple color, it is really gorgeous.


The Size and Shape

This is a very important step whenever you are buying a furniture piece but when you are buying a sofa this becomes a little more important. Not only do you need to be sure of the size of the sofa but also about the size of your room. Make sure to measure the place where you want to place your sofa, the height of the wall behind, look where the side tables will go. In the next stage, you need to look at the shape of the room as well.

Each room is different, it is not possible that you will always be working with a square or rectangular room and this makes the placing of the sofa difficult. Make sure to consider the shape of the room as well as the sofa when you make that purchase. Since Chesterfields are bulkier, it is important to give them the center space in the room and then design the entire space around them, chesterfield sofas have various designs, so choose the best according to your needs. If you have a small apartment or a studio apartment, go with a corner chesterfield sofa. This will give the room an added depth.



Many people believe that chesterfield sofas do not have many variations and style but that is not true. Over the years, manufacturers have experimented with a lot of different styles and tones and have come up with different pieces. The best chesterfield sofas will still be the traditional ones, but you have a variety to choose from.

Chesterfield sofa beds are available that you can use in your living room to add in extra space for when you have guests over, it can be converted into a comfortable bed at night. Then you can choose from 2 seater sets and 3 seater sets, this decision will be solely dependent on your requirement.


Try Out

This is one reason we never recommend buying the sofas from the online stores because you will not get the chance to try it out. Chesterfields are very comfortable sofas but it is always good to try out the couch before buying. Don’t shy away from paying a visit to the store, sit on the sofa to see if you can spend the next 5 years or more sitting on it. We always say that buying a sofa is a major decision and you should be sure before you make that investment.



A traditional sofa doesn’t necessarily have to come with traditional fabrics and upholstery. The traditional fabric that is used on these sofas brings a lot of worries about the maintenance and the durability, but you do not have to worry anymore. When making the buying decision, make sure you get a sofa that is upholstered in fabric that is durable yet very forgiving. Especially if you have children or pets around the house accidents are bound to happen. In addition, today you have the option to secure the sofa using sofa covers and waterproof covers that ensure that your expensive piece is safe from any damage.



There are a number of manufacturers out there who may compromise on the quality of the sofa, to reduce price. In order to find the best chesterfield sofa, you need to be mindful to look for any indicators that tell you that the quality has been compromised. The frame of any sofa is the foundation on which the sofa has been built; beech hardwood is used in best chesterfield sofas which ensures that the frame is strong and durable.

Poorly Made Frame

But in a poorly made frame, mixed timber will be used and even worse you may also find chipboard panels. This will significantly compromise on the strength of the sofa and it will not last for a very long time. So, if possible, get as much information about the frame as possible.


Cushion Filling

A sofa is all about the comfort it offers to your back and your lower body. It should not engulf your body, but it should not be very hard on the body as well. When you compromise on the price of a chesterfield sofa, you might also be compromising on whole lot of its features.

About Good Cushion Filling

Good density foam should be used in the best chesterfield sofas because with time the cushion will lose the air pockets and only then you will feel the real cushioning. If cheap cushioning is used, over time it loses its density and you will start to feel the wooden frame through the cushions. Even worse since the tufting is supported by this cushioning, the upholstery will start to wear and tear due to the gaps in between.



Cushioning alone is not the guarantee of comfort. It, along with suspensions, brings the best combination to your sofa. Fewer springs and low-grade webbing is used by cheap manufacturers to reduce the cost of the Chesterfield sofas. You will not know about the suspension until you sit or bounce on it once or twice, to see how well it supports your weight. You must have sat in a sofa with springs poking into your back or your bottom, well that is the sort you must not look for.

The best Chesterfield sofas will bring you the comfort you want without letting your back know what you are lying on. The premium webbing used in these sofas will suspend the springs to bear all the weight.

Best Modern Chesterfield Sofas

Cushioning alone is not the guarantee of comfort. It, along with suspensions, brings the best combination to your sofa. Fewer springs and low-grade webbing is used by cheap manufacturers to reduce the cost of the Chesterfield sofas. You will not know about the suspension until you sit or bounce on it once or twice, to see how well it supports your weight. You must have sat in a sofa with springs poking into your back or your bottom, well that is the sort you must not look for. The best Chesterfield sofas will bring you the comfort you want without letting your back know what you are lying on. The premium webbing used in these sofas will suspend the springs to bear all the weight.

modern chesterfield sofa

Modern Chesterfield Sofas are Common Nowadays

Best modern chesterfield sofas can be found at a number of stores. Big stores like Pottery Barn have many options from which you can easily choose from. Leather upholstery will not be the right choice if you are looking for a modern look, but there are several other fabrics that you can choose from. Add a little pop of color to your sofa to make it the perfect addition to your modern room.

Best Chesterfield Velvet Sofa

Velvet is associated with luxury and when this combines with a sofa set, it is the perfect addition to your royal living room or bedroom. Velvet is a fabric that is not for everyone but if you like velvet on your Chesterfield sofa, then the Martha Steward Collection by Macy’s is something that should excite you. This collection is on the affordable side with colors ranging from beiges to purple. Bella Berry Red is one of their best sellers because it brings the right amount of modern touch you want in your room.

All the Pros of this Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

This collection is made with a special no-sagging technology which means that the springs are constructed in such a way that they do not sag beneath your weight. This collection also has removable legs which means you don’t have to worry about damaging them, while you are transporting the sofa. The best Chesterfield velvet sofa will be the one that matches your requirements and your taste perfectly. This also comes with reversible seat cushions so that you can reverse them whenever you want without much inconvenience.

Best Chesterfield Sofa Leather

Leather chesterfield sofas will never go out of fashion. Leather and sofas is an old combination that has seen the tests of time. However, leather is not a fabric that is suitable for all-weather and region that is why people are reluctant in buying it now. But if you live in a moderate temperature zone, then there is nothing better than leather sofas. Leather is a very durable material, it is also very forgiving. It is not the cheapest but if you want to buy the best chesterfield sofa leather you might want to chip in a few extra bucks.

Davidson 119" Tufted Seat Chesterfield Sofa is one of the best leather chesterfield sofas having one downside to it that it is on the higher side of the price range. It is not affordable for all, but the price is justifiable for the features it packs. This is a handcrafted Chesterfield sofa with tufted arms and back. This is a traditional chesterfield sofa and that is quite evident from the colors available. It is available in tan, brown, red wine, and turquoise blue color.

chesterfield sofa leather

Best Chesterfield Sofa Bed

If you are paying a good price for a sofa, why not get as many features as possible? If you do not want to compromise on comfort, finest quality, and your needs, then a Chesterfield sofa bed is the perfect option for you. When you buy a chesterfield, you will be paying slightly more than what you would spend on buying an ordinary sofa and this is because you are paying for quality. A sofa bed doesn’t only play the role of a sofa but it can also fold put to a comfortable bed. This will be the perfect combination for a slightly higher price.

The Sloane Leather Sofa Range is known for its comfort as well as its style. These sofa sets are beautiful as each piece is intricately handcrafted to be the perfect addition to your room. There are a number of other options also available in the market if you are looking for the best Chesterfield sofa bed but it will all come down to how much are you willing to invest and where do you plan to place your sofa bed. 2 seater and 3 seater sofa beds are popular options.

Best Chesterfield Sofa Maker

When you are planning on buying a chesterfield, it is better to buy it from the best Chesterfield sofa maker because several companies are manufacturing low-quality ones. When we talk about Chesterfield sofas, they are known for their intricate workmanship and craft. But today unfortunately many manufacturers have compromised on the quality in order to produce larger quantities. Tetrad is a UK based company that won the best furniture award in 2017 and 2018 in the UK. They make some of the most exclusive Chesterfield sofas and are known for their extraordinary craft. They build only a limited number of sofas each year to ensure that the quality is not compromised at any stage of the process. They use Harris tweed material to make their sofas.

Other Chesterfield Sofa Manufacturer

Halo is another brand of sofas that makes luxury Chesterfield sofas that are of high quality. Most of their sofas come with a frame guarantee of up to 15 years. When you are paying such high prices for your sofas, this is something you will expect to get in return. Macy’s and Pottery Barn also have extensive collections of sofas and they have a few chesterfield options as well. But if you want a high-end sofa, then going with market experts is the best option.

chesterfield sofa maker


If you are looking to buy the best chesterfield sofa, sectionals, armchairs or the best chesterfield chairs, then this guide will take you through all the aspects. You will have to make a few decisions before you make the actual decision of buying the sofa and buying them from an online shop. A good quality Chesterfield sofa will last the test of time.