Top 7 Best 3 Seater Sofas for Office Reception

Are you interested in 3 seater sofas for office reception? Because I'm an expert in home decor, I know very well how to make people feel comfortable in an office.

A sofa is one of the most commonly used pieces of furniture almost everywhere in the world. No matter what shape, size, color, or the number of seats it has, you will find it in every home or other indoor spaces such as café, restaurants, or even offices. They are preferred more over chairs because of the comfort the soft cushions provide.

But when we specifically talk about reception furniture in offices, then the demand for 3 seat office sofas as office reception sofa surprisingly increases, especially for an executive salon. Traditionally the office receptions had chairs and if you have been to an interview, they are very unwelcoming and uncomfortable, but they served the purpose, now most have an office couch or an office divano. As times have changed, corporate culture has evolved, and with that, the aesthetics of the office receiving space have also largely changed.

An office is a place that has a highly professional environment. In olden days, offices were all about the boring table, chair arrangements with cubicles lined along the walls. Now offices are being designed in such a way that people love spending time there and lavishing interior helps in achieving the goal. Researches show that the employees working in well-designed offices tend to be more productive than those who don't get equal facilities.

If we compare the sofa designs fifteen years ago with those present in the market right now, we will observe that there is a huge difference. Sofa designing has improved a lot not only in terms of good or stylish looks but also in providing comfort. Today we have the option to choose from l-sectional, settee, couch, armchairs, or even a bench and many similar choices. This comfort is important in making your employees more productive and, at the same time, create a good image in front of your visitor. Reception Office furniture also includes reception area furniture, here we review some of the best 3 seater sofas for office reception and we will guide you to the choice.


  • Fantastic Delivery
  • Great design
  • Great value for the money


  • Back support
  • 1 year warranty

Warranty: 1 year and free return for 30 days

This is one of the most stylish leather sofas I have ever seen, but usually a great design means no comfort, this is not the case. All the customers say this sofa is very comfortable, it is due to the soft leather and the tufted attached seat cushions, this is one of the cases when the comfort meets the style and also the durability, thanks to a sturdy construction it will last for a lifetime, other features I love are the cylindrical cushions and the frame, the solid hardwood will resist a lot, but the top factor of this sofa is the price, it is really inexpensive and it is my budget pick indeed it is also Amazon's choice.

It is a sofa directly shipped from Amazon and it means it will certainly arrive to your office in less than a week, you can choose from the following widths: 74'' and 86,6'' and from a bunch of colors (black, cognac and brown). But there is an aspect I don't like about this sofa, it is too low profile, so if you have a lot of clients who have back problems or are extremely tall I won't suggest this option. It will surely add a professional look to your office.


  • Great value for the money
  • Attractive color
  • Firm Foam


  • Foam might wear away

Warranty: Not specified

It is a highly rated product, it's also in my Amazon's wishlist. This loveseat is on the lower end of the price range, but that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on a lot. Many people do not consider loveseat to be an adequate seating option, but if you have a small office reception, this will be the perfect thing to add. The blue brings the right color to the reception, but there are plenty of colors to choose from, and the solid wooden frame gives it a sturdy feel.

The exposed wooden legs also make for a statement. The fabric is polyester and the foam is firm so that it doesn’t lack in comfort. This mid century themed article has a stylish look, but according to some reviews and to me as a reviewer, it might be the best buy after all. But the foam might wear away with time if you have kids that will visit your office.


  • Loveseat + Chair Sofa Set
  • Springs + High-Density Foam
  • Sturdy Oak Frame


  • Difficult to assemble

Warranty: Not specified

Sometimes as your best office reception couch, you should choose a modular sofa set made by a loveseat + a chair, because it will add more privacy and maybe it will add a touch of luxury to your reception thanks to a reception 3 seater sofa, but the privacy and the classy design are not the only pros this sofa has.

First, you can choose between faux leather and polyester, it truly depends on your needs, if you mind more about first impressions go for the faux leather upholstery, instead if you care more about maintenance and sturdiness opt fo polyester.

Obviously, the majority of people care more about comfort than design, the manufacturer has considered this aspect, so in this couch they used springs + high-density memory foam to give you the right back support, some people don't like firm couches, but after a while you won't even care about it.

The sturdiness of the frame made by oak is another point in favor of this sofa set, you don't want to buy a sofa and then change it after 3 years, it will be a waste of money and a waste of time at the same time. There is only one problem, it is quite difficult to assemble, it will require at least one hour to do that.


  • Loveseat + Chair Sofa Set
  • Springs + High-Density Foam
  • Sturdy Oak Frame


  • Difficult to assemble

Warranty: 2 years and free returns for 30 days

We finally arrived at a three seater sofa with 3 cushions that is not in the loveseats category, it is not the biggest sofa though, indeed the cushions are now very spacious, but it will add a bit more privacy and comfort than 2 cushions.

It is definitely my top pick for a tight budget, because it has a great value for the money. Reading some reviews, you will note that most of the people say this couch is a bit too firm, that's true, but at the end of the day, it is quite comfortable for being so cheap.

But it comes with a lot of pros, first, thanks to the bonded leather upholstery it will give to your office reception a classy and professional look, but apart from the design also the sturdiness is one of the pros, it is made by sturdy hardwood that will last for a long time. But I have to write also about one drawback, it is not a good option for very tall people, so it won't satisfy everybody's height.


  • Great value for the money
  • Mid-century design


  • Not so comfortable

Warranty: 1 year and free returns for 30 days.

Novogratz Brittany is manufactured by DHP, the best manufacturer of affordable futon. This multi-position futon is one of the best choices if you want a great design at a super low price. If you have a lot of budget, I surely won't choose this sofa, but for a very low budget, it offers great features, the linen upholstery will give to your office seating area that soft natural feeling and the wood frame will make it sturdier.

If you need a versatile couch that supports multi-position for taking a little nap in the afternoon, it could be a sofa to consider. Last but not least, it has a great design that will add to your office a touch of luxury. Obviously, because it comes at a low price point, you have to compromise something, one is comfort, it is very firm, but it is the most comfortable sofa at this price and you can choose from multiple colors, too.


Things to Remember

When buying office furniture, one has to decide by keeping a lot of things in mind. Such as the number of potential workers in the office, the size of the office in terms of area, the budget, the usability, and so on. Now when we talk about the furniture for the reception area of the office, the reception desk is the most important thing and after that the seating arrangement in the room.

Why Office Reception is Important

A lot of reputable stores like Wayfair, Macy's, Pottery Barn and Amazon have a diverse collection of the best 3 seater sofas for office reception, which are durable and made up of setback foam, these are 5 stars products. Reception can create a positive first impression on the interviewees, customers, and visitors too. It tends to promote your brand values effectively.  Therefore reception furniture should be a matter of serious consideration. The reception area can influence people positively or negatively. According to some studies, a comfortable waiting area is a sign of respect towards the guests and the people who have come to visit. When you provide them a cozy place to sit and wait for their turn, the guests tend to become more happy and inclined towards you. Moreover, your receptionist would appreciate the fact that he/she is being taken care of. So, the choice is yours; after all, your reception area is probably the most used part of your office. 


Consider the Size of the Space

Ensure that sofas you purchase are not too big or too small according to the size of the reception room or the various area. If the reception area is not too big, then try to buy small 3 seaters or those that are armless or wooden, as they occupy less space. If you have allocated a huge area for the reception, then the size of the sofas should complement the entire room (for example in a clinic), contrariwise for a barber it should fit in a smaller area. A reception space should be thought out perfectly as a wrong decision can mess up the company's image. Select pieces that complement one another, the desk and the sofas should have either the same shade of wood used or they should be accessorized with the same colors. The furniture shouldn't envelop the whole room with its size and there should be a comfortable space to move around. A guide about the best sofas for basement will help you in maximizing your available space.

Comfort and Design Go Together

Keep one thing in mind that comfort and style both go hand in hand, as you want to make an impression on the people and at the same time want to provide them a comfortable place to sit. 


Style and Tones

The kind of 3-Seat office reception sofas found in offices, especially the reception area, are usually called tub sofas. The reasons why the tub sofas are preferred for office use is that they can are flexible enough to be moved here, and there are stylish, and also they provide a well-defined seating area. The best three seater sofas as office reception sofas are available in many colors and designs in the market with faux leather or fabric coverings. The standard 3 seat sofa is 35 inches deep and 84 inches wide, it is the standard product. Whether you believe it or not but tub sofas or we must say the three-seat are a crucial part of modern office seating. Whether you want high back sofas or low back sofas, white, brown, or black, plain or designed, stylish, or just for fulfilling the purpose, you will get a variety to choose from.

Darker Tones Are Preferred

It is advised to opt for darker tones when it comes to three seat reception sofas so that they do not get dirty easily. You can also get a customized 3 seater reception sofa to add a touch of creativity in the workplace. The best 3 seater sofas for office reception are also available in coverings that contain stain resisting chemicals to retain their look for a longer time. Because of this leather sofas are preferred.

3 seater sofa for office reception



So complete your reception look by bringing in 3 seater sofas, and if you think that a single 3 seater won't be enough to accommodate people, then you can buy it in pairs, there are a lot of sets. Yes, a lot of manufacturers are now manufacturing three seaters in pairs along with a coffee table, and you will be amazed to see the designs. These pairs are available in contrasting colors as well as in subtle hues, with attached cushions or without attached cushions, and the best thing is that most of them are available at incredible discount offers. What else could be more welcoming than comfortable seating for your visitors, and you never know if one of your guests turns out to be an investor or offers a business proposal to you soon?  This is also one of the reasons that many prosperous companies do pay attention to reception seating and providing a welcoming environment to visitors.



Using the right furniture for your office reception can do wonders, but using the right cleaners. You won't believe, but according to a survey, more than 1000 businessmen claimed that they earned potential businesses because of the elegant, clean, tidy as well as comfortable environment of their offices. Your office defines you and your personality. As we all know that we, as human beings are quite judgmental, we make quick decisions about anything based upon what we see. Good quality furniture and the ambiance of the room is taken as a welcoming sign for the guest. When they feel welcomed by you, the chances of you cracking the deal increases by multiple folds. Therefore with the right type, size, and comfort of your best reception sofas, let your workplace speak and earn for you. When an individual steps into your office for an interview, he will make a decision the instant he sees your office space. You might not be able to talk him into accepting your offer but your office ambiance can do that for you.

Below are some of the questions that people frequently ask when purchasing office furniture.  Go through it properly before making any decision as it can be very useful for those who are buying furniture for a new office or have just stepped in. These points will improve your purchase decision as you would be able to understand the quality and impression of different sofas, their size, design, and how it matters to your guests.


Will a 3 Seater Sofa Fit in a Transit?

If you are worried that will a 3 seater sofa fit in transit or not, then relax. A 3 seater sofa can easily fit in transit or transporter, and most of the time, there is some space left to stack other items too. It depends upon the size and structure of your sofa. However, it is preferred that choose designs that are compact but stylish at the same time. This will not only avoid the hassle during transportation but also save a lot of space in the reception area so that it doesn't look too stuffed. Most of the sofas can be easily disassembled, and this helps in avoiding the wear and tear to a greater extend.

Consider Sofas That you Can Disassemble Easily

Ikea is a brand that has an easy solution when it comes to such furniture. The sofas that can be disassembled easily fit in cars as well. Besides this, if the arm of the sofa or any cushion gets damaged, you can simply disassemble the sofa and send that specific damaged part for repair. This is why you should also ensure that your sofa or couch has a warranty covering transport accidents. 


Why Do 3 Seater Sofas Only Have 2 Cushions?

Often people wonder why do 3 seater sofas only have 2 cushions? Here is the answer. Usually, the people who will use the 3 seater sofa in the reception area won't be familiar with each other, especially in an airport or in a lounge room, indeed it is not your living room. In such a situation, sitting very close to each other would be awkward for them, and they won't feel comfortable at all. Therefore a three-seater with two cushions is perfect for such professional places. This would be an unsaid thing that the sofa will accommodate only two people at a time. 

However, most of the time, the size of the cushion is too huge that more than two people can easily fit in without being too close or uncomfortable. So yes, again, it depends upon the size and structure that you choose. Try to buy a sofa with large cushions so that if you have to accommodate more than two people at a time, they don't feel uncomfortable.

2 seater

3 Seater Sofa with 3 Recliners

For professional indoor vicinities such as offices, 3 seater sofas with 3 recliners are the best option, they have a very good rating in my opinion. If you are concerned about the health of your employees, which is a very good thing then reclining 3 seater sofas are all that you need. Reclining furniture is very famous for the number of health benefits it provides. Reclining sofa provides people with a comfort zone while at work. It is also a good source for reducing stress. It allows the body to recline by resting your spine, supporting the back, and uplifting the legs.

Moreover, it helps in improving the overall posture. It can also improve blood circulation and gives lower body relief. Even though it is not commonly placed in the reception area, but should be placed in the resting room of the office so that employees can rest or take a nap, especially when they are not well and still working. However, in some of the offices' recliner sofas are even placed in the reception area. So yes, a reclining 3 seater is not suitable but perfect for use during office hours.

3 Seater Brown Sofa

Brown is a commonly used colour in offices. When we talk about office furniture, the very first thought that comes in our mind is that it should be sophisticated. Not everybody likes colorful furniture in the office but if you have an art studio, the color choices are infinite. Just imagine a red table with a bright orange chair, all the color choices will make your space even more inviting.

Why Brown Stands Out

The color choices are very different in corporate and public offices. Brown is the color that people usually prefer. First of all, brown, grey, and beige are neutral colors, and they go perfectly with all settings. Stains or spots can't be spotted easily in brown. Its maintenance is very easy and affordable. Because of all these factors, all that we can conclude is that a three-seater sofa brown is the best choice for an office reception area. However, if you find brown boring, then go for black, midnight blue, or any other darker shade that complements the overall interior of your workplace.


Is a 3 Seater Sofa Cheap?

Are you worried about the cost? You don't need to do that. The 3 seater sofas are available at very affordable rates in the market. One of the most common reasons why people place the 3 seaters in offices is that they are not as expensive as they are thought of to be. You can surf the internet for 3 seater couches that are cheap or on sale and many options will be right in front of you to choose from, you could filter them by price.

If you are someone who is very brand or quality conscious, then wait for annual sales so that you get the quality you have been longing for at affordable prices. West Elm, Article, Wayfair and the online shop Pottery Barn have the best collections when it comes to 3 seater sofas, they have fast shipping and they have good support (you can browse them online from your computer), too, but also the store Amazon in India is a viable choice. Besides this, if you are still running out of budget, then you can even buy 3 seater chairs, but it would lack that comfort element and won't even look as stylish as sofas do. So it's better to wait for some time or try to find cheap sofas with good quality from the local market. 


To elevate your office space, add a 3 seater sofa set to your reception area. It will not only add more to the beauty of the entire place but also help in improving your brand image. Moreover, it will leave a good impression on those who visit your office for any particular reason. Having a well-designed office is as important as a well-designed home. Make your office environment more productive by paying attention to these little details that are often overlooked or considered unnecessary. In addition to reception furniture, ergonomic furniture for employees is equally important to improve the productivity of your team.